Friday, 28 December 2012

Mario Balotelli To Sue His Baby Mama

Mario with ex girlfriend Raffaella
Mario 22 has called in lawyers to sue his former girlfriend, Raffaella Fico 24, after she accused him of being irresponsible and not interested in his new born baby daughter, Pia. Click link to read about Raffaella's accusations

Mario feels so angry because to him there is a limit for everything and he can no longer tolerate his honor as man to be offended and being falsely accused of serious misbehavior.

He has called his lawyer to take necessary legal action to defend his honor that has being damaged bu Raffaella's accusations.

Mario's adoptive parents, Franco and Silvo has also joined in to attack Raffaella, using an open letter in which they wrote that they believe that their son is not irresponsible and undignified as Raffaella claimed.
Mario's adoptive parents, Franco and Silvo
Raffaella is said to have collected a five figure sum from Chi (The same magazine that published the first images of baby Pia).
Chi magazine that piblished baby Pia first pictures
Wow this is so complicated, they should try to resolve this whole drama, chuck in their pride and focus on their daughter.