Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy Birthday Duchess!!!!

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton turns 31 today. Tentacious is wishing her more fruitful years ahead as she grace tentacious random photos page.

Check out some photos of the Duchess;

Happy birthday once again Duchess*smiles*

Mummy Blue Ivy La Hawt!!!!

Sexy Beyonce may have welcomed her baby daughter Blue Ivy last year, but the celeb still looks hot and sexy.

 A leaked version of the upcoming GQ magazine shows the star parading her killer curves in a daring ensemble. Fans have reacted when they saw the leaked photo on twitter, commenting on the star beauty and physique. Beyonce told People magazine after being crowned 2012 Most Beautiful Woman;
"I feel more beautiful than i have ever felt because i have given birth. The best thing about having a daughter is having a true legacy. The word " love" means something completely different now".
 That is something to ponder on hmm.

Check out Rukky Sanda Photo

Nollywood actress Rukky wanted her fans to see her endless legs and she did succeed.

The babe got it sha.*winks*

Miley Cyrus Climbs Into Bed With Harry Styles...

Miley cuddles up with giant cut out cardboard image of Harry
This aint fair Miley. Did i hear some one say that? Well it is definitely not what you think from the picture above. hahahahahaha.

Miley could be very playful when she wants to be. That isn't the real Harry, rather it is a cut-out cardboard image of the One Direction star, Harry Styles. Even her younger sister, Noah also shared in the fun.
Miley and younger sister, Noah puckers up to the cardboard
After posting this picture on twitter, twitter went into a frenzy as comments kept pouring in about the photo, some commented that this obviously means that Miley has a crush on Harry. Well Miley has quickly responded that her fans should relax and that she did that just for fun as she is happily engage to her beau Liam Hemsworth.

Check out Nicki Minaj Photos

What can you say about this daring lady? The bootylicious rapper

Atleast she is pretty *smiles*

WOW: Officials Arrests Five Goats In Osun State

Wonders will never cease to end in Nigeria. Animals are no longer free from arrest, they can now be arrested just like we humans for violations.

Residents of Dele-Yesa area of Oshogbo in Osun State were surprised when on Tuesday, 5 goats were arrested by the officials of the State Waste Management Agency OWMA.

The state coordinator of OWMA, Mr. Henry Ogunbanwo has stated that the reasons for the goats arrest were due to them violating environmental laws. The goats will be charge to court for prosecution says the coordinator.

It seems the residents had been previously warned and cautioned to monitor their domestic animals in order to avoid public disturbance.

This is just the beginning as the new administration of the state will not condone dirtiness and environmental hazards. The state coordinator also said that the officials will be on the look out for any animals violating the premises, and when they are found, they will be arrested and charge to court for prosecution.

Owners will also be charge in accordance with the provisions of the laws. So owners beware and don't say you were not told.

Omotola and Son

Nollywood diva Omotola Jolade Ekeinde strikes a pose with her son, and trust me i love this photo.

Mi likey *winks*

Oprah Winfrey To Interview Lance Armstrong On January 17

Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey
Make a date with Oprah as she exclusively interview Lance Armstrong. The interview will air on Oprah's next chapter on Thursday January 17,(9:00-10:30 pm ET/PT) on OWN ; Oprah Winfrey Network.

Oprah has hinted that Lance will be addressing the alleged doping scandal, accusations of cheating, charges of lying about the use of performance-enhance drugs during his career.

Lance Armstrong 41, is an American former professional road racing cyclist. He has won the Tour de France, a record made seven consecutive times between 1999 and 2005. But in 2012, He was disqualified from all his results from August 1998 for using and distributing performance-enhancement drugs and was banned from professional cycling for life.

Well you want to hear the answers? Then make a date with the world leading TV Host Oprah Winfrey.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles No Longer An Item

Harry Syles
Taylor Swift
Seems the Love birds had a lovers spat that led to their break up, as lots of stuffs was said. Taylor however is trying to play cool without a care in the world about the break up. Well i do hope she maintains this disposition as she will be needing it with time to come.

Harry has been busy after the break up, however he didn't waste time getting over it because a handy sexy blonde is now in the picture.

Sexy blonde Hermoine Way, comforted Harry during the break up and they have been  together, Hermoine is not just beauty alone, rather, she is beauty and brains. She started Newspepper, which is an internet video production and also works as a video correspondent for "The Next Web". She also stars in Bravo reality show, Starts UP: Silicon Valley with her millionaire brother.

Hermoine Way
Taylor and Harry had a very short romance as they only dated for one month.
Short - lived romance

Omoni Oboli Dressed in House of Marie Piece

The Delectable actress was dressed in House of Marie Piece for Allure Magazine.

Check her out,



One word...BEAUTIFUL..*winks*

The Double K Acquired A Home!!!!!

The double K, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West surprised everyone when they acquired a luxurious home that cost them $11 million, this is clearly the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The stunning Mediterranean style mansion sits in a private gated community in the exclusive California suburb. The house which is a 10,000 square feet has a gym, movie theater, full hair and make up salon, bowling alley, basket court, indoor and outdoor pool and also a nursery for their baby.

Check out photos,

Their wonderful news has come with lots of offers, the couple has been flooded with lucrative and mouth watering offers from various media houses just to get the first photos of their baby. Also it has been reported that Kim had been offered $250,000 to host a pregnancy website. hmm it is good to be rich and famous o*smiles*

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pregnant Kim Karadshian Looking Hawt!!!

Pregnancy they say make a woman glow. Some women really do not have time to look good just because their pregnancy is usually difficult, while some go about their activities without no hitches.

Kim Kardashian 32, is one lady that is not ready to give up her famous curves to pregnancy. I am looking forward to seeing her heavy in order to know how she will fashion styles for pregnancy.

She was spotted in Miami on Sunday night looking sexy and in her outfit which gives you no choice but to give her a second look.

The lady sure know how to stand out in a good outfit with minimal makeup and accessories.

Despite how flawless she is, she has confessed to using Bio oil which its reasonably cheap to afford, 8.95 pounds. The Bio oil keeps her looking youthful, prevents wrinkles around her eyes and stretch marks all over her body.

Kim who is known for making her private life public has surprise every one when she and boyfriend Kanye turned down $3m offer for the first photos of their yet to be born child. So many media outlets have been flooding lucrative offers to them concerning their baby photos.

Well am really surprise but then this is Kim we are talking about, she may have something up her sleeves.