Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wonderful gifts from Army to Churches and Mosques.

The Nigerian Army unveiled and presented vehicle stoppers to some churches and mosques as part of its responsibility in curtailing the suicide bombing issue at worship centers.

The device was presented in Abuja by the Chief of Military Affairs, MAJOR Gen. Bitrus Kwarji.It was designed to stop any vehicle from all angle at any speed. He further added that the devices will be distributed to representatives of Christian and Muslims body.The essence of the vehicle is as a result of the fact that most of the attacks are been carried out loaded with Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) and its mode of operation is easy as a suicide bomber drives his vehicle straight to its target and explosion occurs.hmm no be small thing o.

So with this device, the suicide bomber's vehicle is automatically stopped as it disallows bombers from reaching their targets.
Major Gen.Bitrus Kwarji(L) presented the device to Pastor Monday  Okonkwo

Very Rev Monday Okonkwo of Methodist church and Executive secretary of the National mosque, Abuja. Alh. Jega received this behalf of behalf of the religious body they represent and expressed their gratitude to Nigeria Army and promised to be security conscious in order to complement the efforts of security agents in curbing the terrorist attacks.

Maiduguri; Gunmen kill indians and injures three!!!

It seems fire will not cease in northern Nigeria as Gunmen on Wednesday killed two Indian traders after demanding money from them. they later fled in an umindenttified vehicle and chanting Alhahu Akbar which means God is great. 

The gunmen went away with money from the attack and spoke person for the Joint task force, Lt. Col. Musa Sagir, said investigations has commenced on the matter.hmm na so so investigations commence we dey hear, i neva hear investigations finish 4 naija, hmm na wa ooo.

An eyewitness said the gunmen continued firing shots into the air to scare people away and it took the Joint task force 30minutes to get to the scene.

Could this be the end for Scott Disick?

Well it seems Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend will have to take the exit door soon as his criminal past has just been unraveled couple with the fact that two weeks after the birth of his daughter, Penelope, Scott went for a weekend party with models that didn't include the mother of his two children. Despite the arrival of their baby, Kourtney and Scott relationship isn't going sorry K but that your boyfriend is sure something else.

It has been alleged that Scott normally videotaped girls he had sex with when he was a teenager and would steal from them also.Model, Brittany Reichek who dated one of Scott's friend has confirmed this story and further explained to Star Magazine stating that "Scott and his friends will posed as wealthy stockbrokers, pick up girls from club and get drunk with the ladies. After which they will head to their parents home which they claimed is theirs and have sex with them. Later they will go through the ladies handbags and steal their valuables-cell phones, cameras, cash and even credit cards".

According to star magazine, a representative of Scott has denied this allegations. And this is like adding salt to injury as Scott and Kourtney are struggling to make their relationship work..WISH U WELL K.



It seems our loving actress really wanna be wild, as story has come up that Kirsten Stewart 22 cheated on her twilight boyfriend Robert Pattison 26. Guess who she committed this Hollywood sin with? Rupert Sanders 41, who has two little children with model wife Liberty Ross, 33 and happens to be the film director of Snow white and the Huntsman, and Ross who played Queen Eleanor- Stewart's mum in the box office hit directed by her hubby,oh oh this is so bad.

The twilight couple actually attended the teen's choice award and Robert has once hinted he wishes to marry Kirsten and in April, TOLD Vanity fair that he doesn't even understand why people cheat.well am sure he will try to understand now.

The twilight actor has since been in shock and hasn't said anything on the matter, while the film director has since been devastated as news of his infidelity with Kirsten has hit Hollywood media.

This is sure gonna make Kirsten career to suffer if not properly handled, although she has taken to twitter apologizing to her boyfriend and expressing an undying love for him(Robert), and she is deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment this must have cause people close to her and even her fans."this momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person i love and respect the most, Rob, I love him, I love him, i am so sorry" . hmm ya rite na now day break!!

Rupert has also apologized that he is so distraught about the pain he has caused his beautiful family and that he loves them and prays they get through this together.hmm lemme invite u to mountain of fire ministries so u can pray well.
Kirsten and Robert

Kirsten and  Rupert
Rupert and Liberty

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Man shot wife dead in Enugu

Matthias Nweze, a native of Umuida, Enugu-Ezike in Igboeze north local government area of Enugu State has been reported to have stabbed his wife to death. The incident occurred at about 11pm last Saturday when Mr Matthias actually thought robbers has invaded his compound as his generator switched off  twice on its own. He immediately got up and took his pump action gun and pointing it towards the generator, he fired continuous shots into the darkness without him knowing that his wife was around the place.

He only realized he had shot the wife when she screamed saying the bullets has touched her. frantic efforts to save her proved abortive as she has bled profusely from the bullet wound. She was later pronounced dead after been rushed to New Testament Hospital Ogrute, Igboeze North council headquarter.

The corpse has been deposited in the mortuary for autopsy and police has commenced investigation on the case.
which kain investigation dem dey find? anyway u neva can tell o..dis is naija

Monday, 23 July 2012

Rain!!!!Rain!!!Rain!! go away!!!

I actually thought i was  the only one complaining about the rain of this year, its actually something else when you think about the whole situation. Some people really suffers it more if their area doesn't have proper or no drainage system. As soon as it rains, woe betide who ever is staying in an area that has  poor or no drainage systems, as there is something you will be involve in. You either have to bail out water from your house or force to deep your precious feet in the dirty and muddy water while holding your shoes in your hands as well rolling up your trousers or skirts.
Flooding in Jos has been reported to have killed 35 people and about 200 homes have either been submerged  or destroyed as a result of the flood. This was confirmed by the head of Red Cross in Plateau State, Manasie Phampe. He explained that the flood was due to rain water and water that overflowed from the Lamingo dam sweeping across several neighborhood in the street. He likewise reported that they where still searching for more bodies as many people have been declared missing.
hmm can't wait for harmattan o....


Usher loses 11 year old stepson two weeks after been involve in a boat accident that left son to be place on life support as his brain was dead. He was run over by a personal water craft on Lake Lanier on july 6. Usher stepson, Kile Glover was later removed from life support on Saturday 21st July after doctors confirmed to parents that he will not recover from injuries sustained. Usher and ex wife Tameka Foster who were in the middle of a bitter custody battle over their sons Usher Raymond  4 and Naviyd 3 have been said to have put their differences apart due to the devastating news. may his soul rest in perfect peace amen and sustainable grace for his folks to bear the loss
Kile Glover, Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster

Happy birthday to the birthday gurl!!!!

 It was a double celebration for Selena Gomez  as she marked her 20th birthday same day with the teen choice award. Boyfriend Justin Bieber was there not only for the award but to celebrates with his girl. Justin took girlfriend to celebrate her birthday as well as their award haul as they were both recipient of the teen choice award. The birthday girl was presented with delicious cupcakes as she received her award on stage, the cakes was pass to fans and members of audience.yummy i wish i was dere..ehen b4 nko?

Hollywood Teen Choice Award

it was really a mind blowing event as Hollywood celebs attends the teen choice awards and indeed it was a colorful celebration as Hollywood showed what they know when it comes to fashion.

scroll down for pics
Lea Michelle
                                                  Justin Bieber
Kendall and Kylie

Selena Gomez  

Taylor Swift
Demi Lovato

Jordin Sparks
Well babes it seems we have lots of styles to steal from these pretty damsels huh! copy well sha  *winks*