Friday, 2 November 2012

Tuface Idibia acquires two breathtaking houses

Our celebs are really doing well and am so happy for them, they are always trying to achieve something for themselves in order to be comfortable. They are really doing well, some are doing collaborations with foreign artistes, producing quality movies while others are buying posh cars, acquiring posh houses also.

Which ever one they are doing, i say well done, because it is definitely not easy for one to be recognize.

 Both homes are equipped with central audio systems, automated light switches, open plan living spaces among other stuffs....Congratulobia Tubaba

Random Halloween Pics

D Kardashian Clan  ( can you identify who is who?)
Kirsten Stewart
Robert Pattison
Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine
Katy Perry

Matthew Morrison
Are the pics glam or not? which we have our own Halloween hmm..would be so interesting sha, am sure some dress like boko haram people, hehehehe

Shahrukh Khan Turns 47 Today, Hooray!!!!!

Happy birthday to one one of my favorite Bollywood actor, hmm wish i was there with him...*winks* and *coughs*

Selena Gomez Sexy Shoots


Selena looks so grown up and beautiful as she covers the december edition of US Glamour.

Isnt't she looking glam? This is a true definition of baby la hawt!!!!

Mother beats son to death and sets body on fire

It has been reported that a mother beats son age 7 to death just because the son was finding it difficult to learn the Koran off head.

Sara Ege 32, is alledge to have beaten Yasmeen Ali like a dog with sticks and set dead body on fire to clear evidence due to the fact that little Yasmeen couldn't recite passages from the religious texts. hmm no b small tin o.

Yasmeen dealth was previoulsy believe to be as a result of a tragic accident due to the fire out break in their home, however, post mortem examnation has revealed that the the lad was already dead before the fire outbreak. Prior to this sad development, Ege has been accused of abusing the child, always fond of beating the lad with hammer and the likes.

So far, the mum has denied murdering the son and the father also has denied ever witnessing the wife beat the child. hmm oh serious.

The trial continues, i do hope justice is found for the child and may his soul rest in peace Amen..
Yasmeen Ali
Sara Ege