Friday, 1 March 2013

Kim Kardashian; Then and now...

2008: Kim During Dancing with the Stars
 Back in 2008, Kim Kardashian featured in "Dancing with the stars", however she didn't win the competition.

Kim posted a picture of her during the Dancing with the stars competition. She did comment that she was skinny compared to how curvy she is now.

2008; Dancing with the Stars

My Face Is Surgery Free !!!!!

30 year old Singer and American Idol Judge, Nicki Minaj has come out to blast critics that are saying she has had series of surgeries on her face.

Before She became Famous
During an interview with Extra on Thursday;
"I never had surgery on my face, when people see my make up, they think all types of crazy things that I'm doing to my skin, but its make up."

 However she made no mention of her rumoured booty implants, that made her bottom more curvaceous. hmm guess that one aint a rumour! 

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What Is Going On There????

Well i need an explanation of what is going on in the photo above. The picture was posted by toolz on her Instalgram page.

Wow: Harry Syles Takes A Fall On Stage!!!

The One Direction Band mates
Hehehehe..the handsome One Direction star recieve a blow to his crotch while on his band, "Take Me Home world tour.

Harry is used to recieving gifts from His fans, however, He recieve a gift that went wrong in all ramifications.

A fan threw a shoe, probably as a gift onto the stage during the concert at Glasgow Scotland, and Harry questionly asked while he has been given only one show.

Harry asking why He was given just one shoe
In an attempt to rectify the situation, the fan decided to throw the other show, only for the shoe to hit him below the belt.Ouchhhhh.

Its painful menn!!!
The 19 year old singer quickly grasped his crotch in pain before collapsing onto the stage with his band mates rushing to his aid.

Caring Band mates checking to see if he is ok
The band mates were quick to reassure the loving crowd that He(Harry) was fine after exclaiming "Man down". He was able to regain himself and continued with the show.
I am good!!!lets continue with the show
Following the incident, 14 year old Jade Anderson admitted to have threw the shoe at him but it wasn't intentional. She quickly apologised to Harry on twiiter;
"Harry Styles i am the one that threw the shoe at you, i never meant to hurt you."
Jade Anderson with her mum Angela Anderson
Well she almost face arrest as the police said she committed a criminal assault, however, Harry and one of his band mates signaled the police officers to let her be and should be allowed back in to continue with the show.

Watch Video Below;

Wow...well glad it didn't turn into a casualty.

Beyonce Looking Good!!!

Beyonce shared some of her photos on her tumblr page;

Taken life easy is what the Hollywood celeb is trying to portray, after the rat race you just wanna be you, playing pranks like a child. Funny picture though, especially with her mixed esemble and her pout. She didn't even have a make up on her face.

Well with her hubby, it is all about being with the one you love.                                     

Three Females Undergraduates Recieved Beating For Alleged Stealing

It has been reported that 3 females undergraduates students were beaten yesterday to a pulp by an angry mob of market women at the popular Asaba Ogbegonogo market, in Delta State for allegedly stealing underwear from a boutique.

The suspects are popular customers to the market and as such were trusted by the traders however, the trust was breached when  200L Mass communications student (names withheld), was accompanied by her friends to where they could buy good pants, and after the suspects paid for two packets of mixed coloured pants, they allegedly remove three other packs in the process.

Luck ran out on them, when a trader quickly noticed the removal of some packets from where they were displayed.

They immediately got descended on by the angry market women who raced to the scene of the incident.

Hmm it is well with all these students!!!

Bollywood Actress Neha Dhupia Looking Elegant!!!

Beautiful Neha attending the Wills Lifestyle Emerging Designers Launch;

She looks cute but then what do you expect? They have high percentage of pretty ladies..

Kim K Looking Sultry and Fly!!!

Kim K  posted some photos of her looking sexy on her Instalgram page;

Looking good and hot is Kim personal business...thumps up to you!!!

Check Out Davido's New Music Video:Gobe


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Photos OF Tattoos on Justin Bieber.

Sometimes i don't get what is the craze about tattoo, other than the fact that is more or less a drawing on one's body.

Justin got a new tattoo "X" on his left arm just below his "owl design".

On his left calf, He has an image of a praying hands and roses.

He also has the image of an owl on his left arm.

He has a "Believe" tattoo on his forearm, A Japanese Kanji symbol for music on his right arm and an image of Jesus on his left leg.

Image of Jesus on his left leg
The word Believe on his fore arm
Japanese symbol for music
Well to all the tattoo lovers enjoy!!!!

Red Is The Number

Red is not just a colour. Its a colour that speaks volume especially on Ladies. It gives the lady this confidence in an alluring way.

You even start wondering what gave you the boldness to do what you would ordinary not want to do. I usually do not have a favourite colour, because my mood varies and what i wear at a particular point in time some how portray my mood.

However when some one want to get me something and he/she ask what colour? I just find myself saying RED!!!
Kate Upton
Kate Upton really nailed the outfit i must confess, the colour and not forgetting the plunging neck line. Thumps up.

Genny and Banky W Looking Fly!!

There were both attendees at the surprise birthday party of Omotola. The sure look good in the pix.*smiles*

It seems these two Nollywood Divas Have Ended Their Rift

Either they are playing professional colleagues for life or they have ended thier long time rift.

Genny posted this lovely photo of herself and Omo sexy at Omotola's surprise birthday organised by her hubby.

Am happy atleast it tells us that the rift has ended or coming to an end. Invitations tells alot about your friendship with some one, if people don't value you, they hardly send an invitation to you. Thumps up to them.

Kim Kardashian Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine

Kim K pose for Cosmopolitan magazine fews days before her pregnancy status was revealed. Kim admitted in the magazine that she and her beau Kanye are planning to tie the knots. She is looking forward to that despite her background of two failed marriages.

It has been suggested that Kim may want to leave the show,"Keeping up with the Kardashians", following the birth of her first child with Kanye West. Kim said Kanye has taught her a lot about privacy and with Kanye not wanting to appear in the series, then  she might follow suit.

Well on this note, Kim is continuing with the show and will see it through atleast to the 10th season.
"As everyone knows we are extremely proud of the show and all of us are staying on through atleast the season 10. The show remains to be my number 1 priority and its a big part of my life, and i love every moment of it.

It has given me such rare opportunity to show more of my life with you all and has brought my family closer to each other. Am looking forward to the new season and beyond."

Talking about privacy, didn't Kim and Kanye breached it when they pose nude for French fashion magazine, L'Officiel Homme? 

Shamelessy sexy

Monday, 25 February 2013

My Beautiful Selena Gomez!!!!

Sultry Selena
Well i clearly don't know why i just like this young lady. Selena looked elegant in her outfit worn at the Oscar after party.
Elegant chic
Vanessa Hudgens with Selena Gomez
You look good girl, ride on.*smiles*

Check out Toolz and Wizkid Photo

Toolz posted this photo of her and Wizkid on her instalgram page with the caption "He loves me really...right?".

Well they look cute in the pix but don't know if he (Wizkid)loves you*winks*

This Is More Than Big Bold and Beautiful!!!!

Brazil fashion week saw plus sized models storm the runway to present the Plus Size Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

The models also displayed bridal wears for larger framed women

Also, they displayed swim wears for the plus size women

Now this is all about confidence in yourself as an individual irrespective of your body size. Believing that you have all it takes to walk a room and stand before a crowd. I must applaud their effort.

Check Out Justin Bieber's Rumoured Girlfriend

Rumours has being going round as to who is Justin Bieber's new girlfriend following his split with Selena Gomez.

Well this has been cleared as the identity of the rumoured girlfriend was unveiled after the duo was spotted at the BRIT Awards after-show party, and during a date in Justin's Rolls Royce.

17 year old British singer, Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke has obviously caught the eye of Justin. Guess this will boost her musical career, as she has been working hard to break even.

Even her friends were shocked to see her with the singer. Ella tweeted a photo earlier today after being seen with the sensational singer.

Aww..Justin and Selena has always looked good together, but then life goes on....