Tuesday, 5 June 2012


It was indeed a remarkable and colorful celebration as the Queen of England marked her jubilee celebration. this was done to round up her tour she had been doing...more strength queen. Lots of celebrities especially musicians were there to celebrate with her, some even perform to the admiration of the guests..

Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Harry and Prince Williams

Cheryl Cole with Gary Barlow

Jessie J

Kylie Minogue doing her thing

The Legend Grace Jones

Monday, 4 June 2012

BBA News Hour

Last week eviction show saw Mildred from Ghana, Eve from Botswana, Eve from Botswana out of the Big brother downville  house while Keitta from Ghana was upgraded to the Upville house as he had the highest vote to stay back in the Big brother house..hmm what an elevation,,,So Big brother has decided to separate the only legal couple? that is a wonder opportunity for Zainab as it is a known fact that she has a crush on Keitta, hmm can't wait to see the outpouring of love, the flirting no go be here oo.





the Upville again carried out their nomination ritual and DKB who is a comedian as well TV presenter from Ghana as well as Zainab a model from Sierre Leone who was upgraded from downville to upville. kai this kain Ghana comedian wen dry sef,,,mtscheww...

Zainab (Sierre Leone)

The duo from Angola, Esperanca and Seydou voluntarily left the Big brother house finally thus making them second couple to have left the house voluntarily, although it has been on the mind of Esperanca for long time but her partner is always quick to encourage her to fight but then the lady is tired . she actually feels sorry for her partner who is still willing to be in the house, Seydou on the hand isn't please with her decision and declare his partner decision as unfair and threatened that its gonna be chaos outside the house...well calm down bro BBA aint the end of the road and don't do anything stupid....


Seydou and Esperanca in the diary room


WAOW...20year old Olivia Culpto from Rholde Island was recently crowned Miss USA. She topped 51 contestants to covet the crown. She will in turn represent United States in this year's Miss Universe Pageant.and during her speech she made it clear she embrace all beauty queens, transgender or yummy..

I give you Miss USA

am shy but happy

i can't believe this

check me out

she sure loves purple as she struts the run way in different shades your theme queen*winks*


A wild leopard was on a rampage before being shot dead. before its death it was reported to have injured 13 people in an oil company residence close to an Indian village...hmm, wonders how it managed to gain entrance into the compound in the first place? Forest guards actually came to the rescue and were able to tranquilize the leopard, the action which further agitated the leopard to pounce on the crowd the more, which gave the security no option than to shoot the,that was an adventure....


Wow was just back from my Sunday service and relaxing in the comfort of my room when a friend pinged me to know if i have covered the news of the plane crash as she wants to hear the details and i was like WHATTTTT???
ya was indeed a dark Sunday for everybody even though you weren't a victim or close relations to any of the victims..The first thing that came to my mind was hope Boko Haram haven't carried out their promise of storming Lagos and trust me i wasn't the only one thinking in that thought, some were even thinking it was armed robbers, while some gas explosion. But had to later know that it was just technical fault of the plane itself.

Dana Airline, a commercial aircraft crashed yesterday at Iju, Lagos and claimed about 170 lives, and another painful part is, the plane crashed into a building and thereby destroyed properties as well as claiming lives.
well citizens have been placed on three(3)days mourning period but is that really enough? well i urge all to use this medium to rethink our stand with our Maker because i can't begin to imagine what was going on in the mind of the victims at the last minutes of their lives....May their souls rest in perfect peace...AMEN.

Random pictures of crash scene