Friday, 4 January 2013

First Asian Model To Star On The Cover Of Italia Vogue

Fei Fei Sun
 Chinese model Fei Fei Sun 23 has broken recors in the Asian modelling world and this has equally helped her cv. She has starred in campaigns for Valetino, Calvin Klien and Dieselas well as featuring on the cover of Chinese Vogue and Elle.

She made her international catwalk debut when she worked for Mulberry and upcoming designer Nathan Jenden in 2009, also featured on the cover of i-D magazine. From there she has worked with top modelling companies and became well known.

Kudos to her...

A 4 Man Gang Raped A Girl In Warri

Rape is becoming a trend in the society at large, late december of 2012, a 23 yr old medical student was ganged raped in a bus in India, an incident that led to her death. And now here in our own country, Nigeria, a lady believed to be in her mid twenties was raped by 4 men around Cemetery road in Warri, Delta State.

The victim is reported to have boarded a taxi cab with four passengers from Odion road to her residence at Aguowe street of Mac Demot road. gathered that, the driver suddenly took a detour and headed towards cemetery road. The victim noticising this, quickly challenged the driver but was rebuked by the other passengers, who drew a dagger and threatened to kill her if she raised an alarm.

They took her to an uncompleted building where each of them took turns in raping her. She was raped continously until she became unconscious.

However, they were not lucky as  three of the suspects; Akpofure, Seih, Obrakpor has  been arrested by the Quick Response Squad of Delta State immediately the case was reported to them while trail is currently on to get the fourth suspect, Ebeme. 

The arrested suspects confirmed the crime and a blackberry phone used by one of the suspect to record the act was recovered.

Hmm God please help your children.

Keeping up with the Double K

The double k- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has recently revealed that they will appear on the on a new reality show on E!. This will be done in order  share with their fans the pregnancy and their adjustment to parenthood.

Despite Kim complaining about how difficult pregnancy is, she still has time to think about business and keeping fit. However how work out pants this time around did more work than it is suppose to do under the paparazzi's camera flashes.

The revealing outfit showed that Kim apparently isn't putting on any underwear under her work out pants.


Well what does she expects? She has always been some one every paparazzi is looking for, And now that she has much more bigger news, she should be expecting more from them.

19 yeard old iCarly Star Buys $2.65m Hollywood Hills Home

19 year old Miranda Cosgrove who made fortune as teh star of hit children's tv show," iCarly " recently acquired a $2.65m home in the Hollywood Hills.

Call it a waste, but i call in investment and am sure that is what she also has in mind, because after 2 or 3 years or even less than 2years, the young star will want to resell it to make cool profit as her colleagues in Hollywood usually do.

The beautiful property happens to be a pefect place for her to stay while pursuing her degree at teh UCLA campus. The property is spacious with three bed rooms and three bathrooms and a 12,669 square foot lot. It also features en-suite bathroom for every room and a walk-in closet that provides adequate room to store her shoes.
Check it out

Beautiful and posh are the words to describe this property.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dana Air Is Back

Dana Air is back to work, they resume today after giving a go ahead to function in the Aviation industry. They commence their duties today with Lagos- Abuja service after which they will explore the other route they are known for and maybe new routes will also be added .

The airline had to undergo thorough aircrafts investigation, likewise safety audit following the ill fated crash of one of its aircraft, that killed 163 people and destroyed properties worth millions of Naira in June Last year..

Well we might see it as not fair due to the devastation it caused the families of victims involved, however business travelers are saying that this new development would give room for Arik to bring down their fares that went over night just because they felt they do not have too many competitors.

Sneak Peek Into The Kardashian Family

Kourtney Kardashian
 Kourtney Kardashian 33 reveals post baby bikini body after losing 44lbs after giving birth to baby penelope. She admitted that it was hard to lose the weight the second time but she had to turn to Tracey Anderson's 90-minute-dancer-focused work outs and small portions to lose the weight.

Well am sure losing post baby weight would come easy easy for her younger sis Kim 32, who is 3 months pregnant. Kim still have the zeal to take out time to do work out sessions at the gym because she wanna be healthy while pregnant.
Kim Kardashian
 However thousands of comments have been left on her instalgram photograph of she and a friend on twitter. Twitter users criticised her for being in a club while pregnant. Some one branded her a "no fit mother".Hmm i reserve my comments.
Kim Karsdashian with a friend
Meanwhile little brother, Robert indirectly criticises his sisters for giving birth outside wedlock, saying though he is proud of his sisters, but he will be married before having a baby. This statement was made while hosting the CIROC Vodka New year's eve countdown at STK Miami on Monday. Wonder how his sisters would feel about this statement, despite how close they are to their brother.
Robert Kardashian

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hehehehe..How would The Double K Child Look Like?

People won't cease to amaze me, well blame it on computer. Morped image revealed that the couple baby would really look cute.

With her flawless beauty and his handsome features, what will one expect before. combine the celebs photographs to see what their baby would look like and they came up with a beautiful and kute baby


so whatdaya think peeps? aint the baby cute *winks and smiles*

P Diddy Celebrates Son's Birthday

P Diddy with daughters with son trailing behind
 The 43 year old rapper, real names Sean Combs celebrated his eldest child 20th birthday on New year's eve on his luxury yacht which is reported to have cost him$72.3 million in St Barts.

Justin is Sean Combs first child from a relationship with his high school sweetheart and designer, Misa Hylton-Brim. He is presently attending UCLA on a scholarship and will be playing football as well.

Also at the party is P Diddy six year old twins, D'Lila star and Jessie James Combs, alongside their mom, Kim porter whom P Diddy splitted from way back in 2007.

P Diddy with twins and their mum Kim Porter
 P Diddy tweeted a snap of his son Justin at his one year birthday, nineteen years ago
The celebrant at his one year old birthday

P Diddy luxury yacht

What A Surprise Christmas Gift

Leane Carter

21 year old Leane Carter gave birth on 25th December,2012( Christmas day) even though she wasn't aware that she was pregnant. Leane woke up at 2:30 am on Christmas day with what she felt was severe period cramps and as it became so severe, her mum advised they go to the hospital.

While in the hospital, she went to the toilet and felt the need to push, with this, her mum hurriedly called in a staff and they asked her if she was prgnant. Leane was wheeled in and for the first time realised she was pregnant when she was giving gas and air while she was pushing.

She gave birth to her son Joseph at 8am on Christmas day. Baby Joseph weighed 4lb 2oz, Medical staff at Queen's Medical centre where Joseph was born believe he(Joseph) did not suffer lasting effects fro this suprise birth.

Miss Carter said she had no physical symptoms through out her pregnancy and only became bloated November, 2012. To her, it was such a big suprise and she is happy and grateful to God that her son is okay.

The baby's father, Scott Curwood, was equally shocked. However, he is excited about the birth of their son.

Hmm this is one story you hear and wonders about the the wonders of God because, it is God and God alone, for a woman not to know that she was pregnant and finally put to bed a baby without hitches. She didn't go for the regular ante natal check up to ascertain the fitness of her child, yet the baby is doing well.

This story actually made me remember a story similar to this back then in the University, a student didn't realise she was pregnant not until her seventh month. Although she thought of terminating the pregnancy but was advised not to so she doesn't endanger her life. She later gave birth to a baby boy and her baby is very much okay.

Now how many young ladies that isn't married want this kind of suprise? say the truth.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Make Some Noise For The Double K

The Double K- Kim Kardashian 32 andboy friend Kanye West 35 are expecting their first child . The rapper made this news on stage during a concert in Atlantic city on Sunday night as Kim watched.

Overwhelmed with happiness, the rapper said "stop the music", then announced,"make some noise for my baby mama right here", with a wide smile.

The duo has been dating for the past eight months and were last seen together on Christmas day when they attended a basket ball game to watch Kim's brother-in-law Lamar Odom play with his new team, The Clippers.

Kim who is reportedly three months pregnant is apparently still married to estranged husband Kris Humphries and their divorce has been prolonged due to Kris insisting on a court case.

After the news of Kim's pregnancy broke out, her excited family took to twitter to express their excitement.

Congrats to them..wonderful New year news