Friday, 1 February 2013

She May Not Be Petite....But She Is Sexy

Khloe Kardashian-Odom
The Reality TV star , Khloe Kardashian 28, may not be as petite as her two older siblings but she is pure sexy. She revealed in a recent interview that she finally learned to love her body after figuring just how to highlight her figure.

Guess someone is on same page with me about her looking sexy despite her not being petite. To be frank,  this is my favorite of the Kardashaian sisters...Ride on gurl you sure look FAB..*WINKS*

Call It Ridiculous..She Calls It Moving On....

Liberty Ross
Guessing who she is? Well this sexy model is Liberty Ross whose estranged husband Rupert Sanders was involve in a scandal with Kristen Stewart.

Well this picture seems like her perfect revenge, letting her estrange hubby knows what he is missing, don't condemn the lady please,she is a model and was a model before she got married to her hubby, Besides, posing nude for a photoshoot is part of who they are.

Kirsten Stewart & Rupert Sanders
The 34 year old model and mother of two beautiful kids, just couldn't live with her husband's infedility with actress Kirsten. Although, she tried reconciling with the husband even went as far as attending counselling with her husband late last year.
When the going was good: Rupert Sanders & Riberty Ross
Well seems the mistrust when so deep that she felt the only way out is to divorce her husband and father of her kids.

Reasons for their divorce was cited as irreconcilable differences, however Liberty pentitioned for joint physical and legal custody of their children - 8 year old daughter, Skyla and 6 year old son Thompson.

Before The Scandal: Happy Family
So sad they had to divorce...well wish them well...i hope they come back again.*sad face*

Who Rocked The Outfit Best?

This Particular outfit is one of Victoria Beckham's collections, (Victoria spring/summer collections). I love the simplicity, colour and calm sensation evolving from it. This is clearly an outfit that will speak for you in terms of your mood as at the time you wore it.

The dress is estimated to be 1,650 pounds;


Victoria Beckham
Katherine Jerkins

Victoria first wore the outfit to the Vanity fair party in Hollywood in Feb, 2012. That same month, the beautiful model(L) wore it during the New York Fashion week.

Katherine Jenkins, the Welsh Singer now decides to step out in this beautiful piece which enhances her curves and giving her fittings in the right places.

Now who rocked the outfit best?Judge sincerely o..*smiles*

Check out Tonto Dike Music Video For Her Song Itz Ova

Well peeps its finally here...try to encourage the poko baby...*smile*

Seems Someone Is Hungry

Charming Nollywood star and one of Glo's ambassador, Chioma Akpotha posted photo of a meal i do enjoy. (unripe plantain porridge), making poor me to salivate and imagine things.*sad face*

Getting ready
Its Ready!!!!!
Well Mrs C, i wouldn't mind an invite to join in the feast, because it is so tempting...snails, unripe palntains, hmmm...*winks* . This is  real healthy living food

Random Photos Of Beyonce At The Super Bowl Junket

Beyonce answered critics concerning the lip sync scandal by giving a sterling live performance of the American National Anthem.

She really did look glam and elegant and just wanna share her photos;
Delectable Beyonce

Beyonce with mum
Beyonce with Miss America, Mallory Hagen

Beyonce sings the National Anthem Live at the Super Bowl

Sexy Bey
Breathtaking Bey

Beyonce is sure a beautiful and glamorous lady...*thumps up gurl"

Khloe Assist Kim To Unveil Baby Bump

Kim Kardashian treated her fans to the first glimpse of her baby bump.

Khloe Kardashian-Odom and Kim Kardashian
The 3I year old celeb was assisted to unveil the bump by her sister Khloe as seen from the playful photoshoot above. A caption accompanying the picture reads,"Well hello there!#PoppedOuttaNowhere!".

A Message From Chidi Mokeme...

Nollywood Actor Chidi Mokeme posted a picture message on instalgram via his twitter handle.


I decided to share it because the message is a good point one, and something to ponder on. Like a photographer once said back in my university days,"you can't snap a monkey and expect a beauty queen"...


May this month favour and bless all my wonderful readers and supporters...You guys are the reason i am still trying to blog...Love you all plenty..What ever you couldn't achieve in January , will be easily achieve in this month. Remain Bless.*Mwaaah*

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wow For The First Time...

We all know Kim Kardashian is pregnant, but has any one seen a photo that will show that this pretty celeb is pregnant?

I for one has been longing to see a photo of her with body changes and for the first time i am truly seeing the baby bump advancing steadily.

Ya now i can see the pregnancy curves, is any one seeing what am seeing?

Lindsay Lohan Unveils Two New Tattoos

Lindsay Lohan
The troubled 26 year old Hollywood star unveiled a new tattoo, which is believed to be a triangular tattoo complete with script beneath it. The script reads ,"what dreams may come" on her upper right arm as she arrives Los Angeles court for her probation hearing on Wednesday.

Her second tattoo is a statement which reads,"I leave before being left, I decide". This was written in capital letters on her right hand beneath a red star.

Tattoo 1:"What dreams may come"
Tattoo 2: "I live before being left, I decide"

Both tattoos were has its own inspiration and origin. Her first tattoo is inspired by a play, Hamlet while the second inking is a quote made famous by fifties silver screen icon and fashion model, Brigitte Bardot.

It is well with this young lady...

Movie: Anchor Baby

Omoni Oboli tweeted this photo.


Seems we should be expecting this movie that features our very own Omoni Oboli. Good job sure its gonna be great.*winks*

Khloe Kardashian Isn't Maternal...

Liza Morales
Lamar Odom's ex has taken a swipe at Khloe maternal skills. Khloe Kardashian is married to Lmar Odom and she is a step mother to Lamar's two kids,Destiny and Lamar Jnr. However Lamar ex, Liza Moarales (Starter Wives Confidential Star) isn't convinced that Khloe will make a good mother.

Lamar Jnr,Destiny,Lamar&Khloe
Khloe and Lamar Odom
Well she isn't bothered about Khloe's mothering skills as far as her kids are well taken care of and so far there hasn't been any hitches about that.

On response to speculations that she looks like Khloe, she made it clear that she is 100% Puerto Rican and she has been here before Khloe, in other words, Khloe has a resemblance to her and not the other way round.
"I don't see it, we both have dark hair, we both have a cherub face. I don't think we look alike,  but i have heard it. Imitation is a form of flat".
Well for me i know Khloe will make a good mother because she is good at heart and when you are good, everything around you tends to be good.

Ibinabo Fiberesima's daughter Looks Cute

Zino who is the daughter of president of Actors Guild of Nigeria and Popular Nollywood actor Fred Amata, clocks 5.
Looking cute
She is so beautiful and i can truly see clear resemblance to the mum.

3 Students Killed By A Drunken Lecturer

A Lecturer from Kogi State Polytechnic alledge to be under the influence of alcohol while driving knocked down n HND1 female student, Miss Taiwo Edilola Omolala as she attempts to board a commercial motorcycle.

According to eye witness reports, the deceasesd got stucked under the lecturer's wheel as he dragged her along the express way. Miss Taiwo's body was later pulled off the road.

However, in an attempt to escaped being lynched by the angry mob, he hit and killed two other students who were waiting to board a cab at the opposite direction.

Confirming this accident is Mr. Luke Yakubu who is the public relations officer of the institution, however, the State Police Spokeperson, ASP Ajayi Akinsanmi said he is yet to recieved confirmation of the accident.

May the souls of the deceased rest in peace and we pray God give their parents the grace to bear the loss, while we await justice.

Hehehe...Cocaine In Diaper...

Two ladies, Priscilla Pena and Michelle Blassingale, have been caught smuggling six and the half kilos of cocaine hidden in "diapers" under their pants.

The ladies were returning back to New York aboard a JetBlue airliner from Santo Dominigo,after visiting the Dominica Republic.  However, customs and border protection at JFK were alerted when drugs-sniffing dogs started to go wild.

Their luggages were quickly searched but there was no trace of drugs in them, the officers began a pat-down of the two ladies and discovered the cocaine filled diapers around the ladies hind quaters.

The ladies were quickly read their rights and taken into custody.

So far Pena has been release on a $150,000 bail bond , while Blassingale is being held in jail by a Brooklyn federal judge.

Hmm women dey vex

Pathetic: 3 Men Has Been Arrested For Gang Raping A 13 Year Old Girl

I just wonder what Nigeria is turning into, rape everywhere.

The Nigeria police force has apprehended a 3 men gang for gang raping a 13 year old girl and impregnating her in the process.

The girl (names withheld) happens to be a JSS student. She was invited to the house of one of the suspects, located at 19, Majaro Street, Mafoluk, Oshodi Lagos.

News of the girl's pregnancy came as a result of an illness that led to her parents taking her to the hospital only for them to find out that their daughter is pregnant.

The girl's parents quickly reported the case to the police. The 3 suspects namely, Achonam Emenuwa 32, Godwin Udoh 22, Emenike Orji 20 has since being arrested, and charged to Oshodi Magistrate court, however the case has been transfered to a family court as ordered from Oshodi Magistrate court.

The girl who is now 5 months pregnant narrated her ordeal to PM NEWS, stating that Achonam called her to his house to buy drinks for his visitors, who are the other two defendants. On getting to the room, they ordered her to strip naked and started fingering her private part. She said they also sucked her breasts before forcefully having sex with her one after the other. She was instructed not to tell anyone otherwise she will be killed by them.

Emenuwa who hails from from Imo State and a married man with five kids confessed to committing the crime because his wife is away in the village nursing his fifth child, and blaming the devil for his crime.

Emenike from Abia State and Godwin from Akwa Ibom also confessed that they had sex with the girl, however they were lured by Emenuwa to commit the shameful act.

The girl's father right now is confused on who is the actual father of the baby, meanwhile the suspects are pleading with him and promising to compensate him monetarily and also take care of the baby and his daughter.

Hmm this is rubbish and i just hope justice is carried out. 13 year old girl has now been turned into a soon to be mother. Why do we go about disturbing the devil and at the end we lay blames on him? Is that the new white lie among criminals? When ever a criminal is caught, he/she quickly blame the devil...Hmm and come to think of it, Emenuwa is blaming his wife absence for the crime...We need Justice.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Someone Is Living On The Edge...

Ya and the person is delectable Rita Dominic..Rita posted a photo of herself on Instalgram with the caption "Living on the edge"...

Well take it easy lady.....

Hmm...Hollywood Reality TV Show Won't Kill Us...

It seems hollywood celebs especially those in the reality tv show business are trying to outwit each other in who can broadcast what.

Snooki of "Snooki and JWOOW Show", followed Kourtney's footsteps of broadcasting live her delivery, however Snooki kinda outwit Kourtney because all was shown, it was more reality and less staging.


Am Pushing....It Hurts... He is
Baby's First welcome cry
Baby Lorenzo cleaned up and tagged
Momma and son moment
A Kiss for mama
Wow...this is huge but come to think of it? Snooki had on full make she had all the time in the world for that? Well maybe she had already done the makeup before her water broke or the contractions hit her...aint answering for her though...But then it still looked stage eventhough it is real.

Happy Birthday Gurl!!!

Banky W is wishing his beautiful sister happy birthday. Shared a photo of his beautiful sis on twitter and on his instalgram page. Banky actually want every one of his fans to help wish his sis Deedee a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you pretty gal, even though i don't know your name *winks*

Notable Nollywood Celebs At The Dstv Nominee Party

Random photos of Notable Nollywood celebs that attended the nominee party organised by Dstv; I must comment that they all look fab.

Ini Ehiagwina
Uche Rodriguez

Ireti Doyle
Helen Paul
Uti Nwachukwu
Rukky Sanda
        Genevieve Nnaji

Omoni Oboli