Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Now Who Said Kanye Aint Interested..

Preparing for their little princess: The rapper is preparing to welcome his first child into the world with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian
Kim and Kanye
Words have been spreading round that it seems Kanye is tired of his relationship with his baby mama and he is freaking out which is why they are hardly seen together.

The guy just might have other ways of expressing himself, maybe he is the quiet type. although Kim step dad, Bruce Jenner admitted that he has seen Kanye just once, as Kanye seems not to always be around and maybe it is as a result of his busy schedule.

However, haters will have to chill as Knaye is seriously making preparations for the arrival of his daughter due to be born next month. Removal vans were spotted outside the rapper's posh bachelor pad. Guess the rapper is ready to move into the $11 million Beverly Hills home he bought with his baby mama earlier this year.
Goodbye, bachelor pad: The musician is said to be preparing to move into the $11million Beverly Hills villa he bought with Kim earlier this year

For sale! The fourth-floor unit on West Houston Street hasn't officially been listed, but the star's agent held a tour of the apartment for some of the city's top brokers late last month

Kim is so excited to be having a girl and she said Kanye has really wanted a girl.

Not long now! Kim, pictured at her baby showed this weekend, discovered she and Kayne were expecting a baby girl on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Kim at her baby shower party

Well congrats to them in advance..

Monday, 3 June 2013

Hehehehe I Must Pout...

Transformation: The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones, has changed her look dramatically since coming to stardom nearly two decades ago
Lil Kim
Everyone wanna go for the pout pose this days to get that sexy look. Well some people do get it wrong and at the end they look like an imbecile that has saliva drooling from their

Lil Kim was spotted try to pose for her delighted fans and she decided to give them the pout style;

Fancy dress: The Lady Marmalade star was still in costume from her earlier performance at the Hot 97 Summer Jam

Now don't get me wrong, she is a sexy celeb...*big smile*. A lot has change in her life in terms of her looks. You know she was one of the best female rappers before the likes of Nicki Minaj came on board.

Kim @ January 2005
Kim later on that same year

In her prime: The chart star's modern look is far removed from her appearance at the MTV VMAs in 1999
Kim in 2009

As for me Lil Kim rocked the lace o..ya that's lace material abi?

New Video; India Arie-Cocoa Butter

Nice video, i must say

Mercy Aigbe Looking Glam In Ankara Print


The Nollywood actress, i must confess did justice to the African print, and the hair style..i think i just may copy it

Czech Mother Produce Country's First Quintuplets

Ms Kinova's birth went 'without complication' and she and her brood are in intensive care
Alexandra Kinova
23 year old lady, Alexandra Kinova has given birth to the country's first quintuplets without IVF. The 5 babies, comprising of 4 boys are a girl are doing well and doctors in attendance have reported that the babies have 95% chance of having a normal life, which is good.

Mrs Kinova already had one son and with the help of her older son, the quintuplets have being named-Daniel, Michael, Alex, Martin and the girl was named Terezka.

The chief doctor, Zybnek Stranak, said the delivery went smoothly without any complications.

Anticipation: Ms Kinova is attended by the hospital's surgeons during her Caesarean
Alex in anticipation of her delivery
The birth created a lot of attention;

Special delivery: The four boys are called Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin and the girl is called Terezka

Five of a kind: The babies are the first naturally conceived quintuplets to be born in Prague
Babies being tenderly taken care of
Mother and babies have been placed in intensive care unit and being monitored by the nurses

Tender loving care: The quintuplets and their mother have been placed in an intensive care unit, although all are said to be doing well
The mother wasn't aware that she was carrying 5 babies until last month. However she was first told that she was carrying twins but in March she was told that she was actually pregnant with 4 children, then last month she discovered she was having quintuplets, this new piece of information moved her to tears.

Mrs Alexandra is ready to nurse all four babies just as she need with her first son which she breastfed for almost a year and half.

Happy for you dear, and we bless God for safe delivery...

Angelina Jolie Makes First Appearance After Double Masectomy

Supportive: Angelina Jolie goes ahead with missing her aunt's funeral as she turns up to support Brad Pitt at the premiere of his movie World War Z in London on Sunday evening
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Brave Angelina Jolie made a first appearance after her preventative double masectomy while showing support to her partner at the movie premiere of his new movie,"World War Z", at the Leichester Square, London. " I am here for Brad, Am so proud of him".

More Photos;

Closer than ever: Angelina recently stunned fans by revealing she has undergone a double mastectomy after being told she carries the BRCA1 cancer gene
You Are My Everything, they seems to say
Big cheers: The couple were met with rapturous applause as they made their way to the Empire cinema in Leicester Square
Here We Are
Together: The Salt actress lost her aunt Debbie Martin, 61, last week following a battle with breast cancer just a fortnight after undergoing her own operation

 Her fans were so excited to see their diva, well and strong;

'Our hero': The fans gathered around to give Angelina a warm welcome as she opened up about her recent surgery
Caring fans

United: Angelina grinned as Brad planted another big kiss on her cheek, showing off his delight at her being there
Aww..this is so sweet
Well so happy for them, and good to see her looking strong and healthy. Well done gurl...

Itz A Girl..D Double K Are Expecting A Girl...

The much awaited news of the gender of Kim's unborn baby has been revealed. The was revealed on the recent episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".

The Kardashian ladies couldn't wait to hear the news as they all were all present in the doctor's office.
Aww so much love..except one major person missing.

Kim K

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Kim and mum Kris Jenner
Kim Kardashian
Sisterly Support; Kourtney and Khloe

Kim also had her baby shower, and after much pleading to her baby daddy, Kanye, that he should make an appearance no matter how brief, Kanye decided to attend but came almost to the end of the celebration with a hood covering his place.

Undercover father: Kim's baby daddy Kanye West made what looked like a reluctant appearance at the end of the event
Kanye West
hmm this guy is something else!!!

Fresh New Update On BBA The Chase

It is no longer news that two housemates have been evicted, one each from Diamond and Ruby house respectively. The show is still on and a lot has taken place.

A sex tape from one of the female contestant, Pokello from Zimbabwe has gone viral, and viewers especially those from Zimbabwe are saying she shouldn't have been allowed to represent their country after the sex tape scandal.

Also a photo of Annabel while bathing has also gone viral, Annabel is from Kenya. This is just one of the reasons this reality show pisses me off..yuck


Bolt from Sierra Leone and Namibian Dillish have both admitted that they can't stand each other and they are both in the Diamond house. Bolt is leading the list of nominees for possible eviction, others following suit are Hakeem, Dillish, Betty, Feza and Annabel.