Friday, 7 December 2012

TYSG: Rihanna @ 15 years old

TYSG (The Young Shall Grow) of Tentaciuos,  has featured some notable celebs, and this is turn of Rihanna, Hollywood celeb. Rihanna tweeted a photo of herself at 15 years.

Rihanna @ 15 years old
She looks so calm and innocent. From the photo, one can't even tell if she loved tattoo that much, or if she would be so famous. She said " her life has never been the same since she took this pic @ 15" true.

At age 15, she had a one chance meeting, where she sang for Evans Rogers of Syndicate Rhythm Productions after school and that meeting brought her to stardom.

However, ever since her rise to stardom, she has being surprising us so much. she is just a girl full of surprises, no wonder han fans loves her so much.

Rihanna @ 24 years old

Chris Brown Performing in Lagos Soon

Well guess Chris Brown fans in Nigeria will hapy with this news. Chris Brown is billed to perform in Lagos this festive season.

Date: 22nd December, 2012
Venue: Eko Hall, Victoria Island, Lagos

Hurry to book a reservation, more details will be communicated soon.

Guess Who The Double K Ran Into?

When i say the Double K, I hope you guys know who am talking about huh? Anyway, for those that don't know, I am talking about Kim and Kanye.

Yea the double K ran into the Boy Boy Records mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs. They ran into him while watching the Knicks play in Miami. Guess both guys (Diddy and Kanye) are fans of the Knicks, as both flown from their respective cities to Newyork to watch their team play. And Kim was there to show support with her boyfriend. Do you know loyalty?

The Double K rose up to greet the high profile mogul. With Kim giving him a hug while the guys shared a manly handshake.
Kanye shooks hands with Diddy
Kim gives Diddy a hug

Hollywood Celebs La Hawt

Samantha Barks

Lorraine Kelly
Amanda Seyfried

Anne Hathaway

Melanie Sykes

Kate Garraway

Laura Bailey

Ellie Goulding

Helena Bonham

Isla Fischer

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pregnant Duchess Has Being Discharge

The Pregnant duchess who is less than 12weeks pregnant and hospitalised on monday following a severe morning sickness,  has being discharge this morning to go the royal palace.

The Prince was happy to take his pregnant wife home. The happy duchess emerged from the hospital looking relaxed and holding a yellow bouquet while giving a brief but pleasant smile to the waiting press before being driven away by her husband to the royal palace.

She sure looks better now. Congrats to the couple

Genevieve @ 2 year old.

My wonderful actress  and one of the actress,, i love so much, Genevieve Nnaji 33 posted a photo of herself on her instalgram page with the caption, "Back in1981"

Genny @ 2, 1981
Now @ age 33, she has accomplished so much. Am sure she will look back and thank God for seeing her through the years.

Genny @ 33, 2012
Keep rocking gal

Koutney Kardashian Looking Kool

So love this celeb outfit, from the hair style, to the cute gown anf down to the shoes, omg, i love the shoes. Love the fact that she looks so natural and sexy. Kudos to you.

Meanwhile little sis Kim shared a photo of hesrself with her fans on twitter. Took the snap after her work out at the gym, even though she doesn't appear as some one that just worked out a sweat. Always wanna be Kim no matter where she finds herself.

Forbes: World Most Powerful People

Forbes has released a list of world most powerful people, this am sure its not an easy work because they have to thoroughly search for who will fit this position and some how i think they did an excellent job.

Below are the list for the first 10.

1.  Barack Obama

Aged 51, and recently won the 2012 US election, thus given him more 4 years to push Americans forward.

2.  Angela Merkel

Aged 58 and has served as Chancellor in Germany since 2005.

3. Vladimir Putin

Aged 60 and is the President of Russia, was reelected in March for a third 6 year term as president.

4.  Bill Gates

Aged 57 and world second richest billioniare. He is a mentor to most business men and entrepreneurs.

5.  Pope Benedict XVI

Aged 85 and Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

6.  Ben Bernanke

Aged 59 and Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

7.  Abdulahh bin Abdul Aziz al Saud

Aged 88 and King of Saudi Arabia.

8.  Mario Draghi

Aged 65 and president of European Cental Bank.

9.  Xi Jinping

Aged 59 and General Secretart, Communist Party of China.

10.  David Cameron

Aged 46 and Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

A Nigerian will get there one day hopefully.

Convenant University Expels Over 200 Students

The Chancellor of the University, Bishope Oyedepo, last saturday authorised the expulsion of over 200 students.

This decision came as a result of indicipline, lackadiasical behaviour shown by the students when he paid a surprised visit to the school over the weekend.

He noticed that some students were not paying attention even while their vice chancellor was given a speech in the church chapel. Also some students where outside the chapel, gisting and just playing around.

The students noticing that the Bishop was around, took to their heels and ran straight to the chapel. Some of the male students were not even on tie.

After the speech, the VC instructed all students to wait behind as a search needs to be conducted in all the halls as to know the students that didn't attend the service. It was later gathered that over 200 students have been expelled due to this unruly behaviour, out of which two were caught smoking marijuana.

Why go to the school, when you can't abide by its rules? Convenant University is known for its strict rules and any student aspiring to go there must first be prepared to abide by its rules and regulations.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Young Shall Surely Grow...

Elegant Khloe Kardashian childhood clip was released where she was seen singing in the clip, Just maybe Khloe had nurtured the desire to be a singer. The clip was realease during her apperance in Jay Leno show Tuesday night. The clip was handed to John by Kris Jenner, Khloe's mum.

Baby Khloe
Khloe who is currently  one of the new host on X Factor, looks stunning in her elegant black gown as she joins Jay Leno in his show.

She did justice to the gown that accentuates her killer curves, also with her spiked pump which gave her the wow factor. I Love This.


Solange Knowles Looking Fly...

Love the hair do, nude lipstick as welll as her peachy dress and shoes. beautiful.

Check out Kim K Photos

Kim K is sure looking fly, love the chic style but don't get why she has clustered blings hiding the expensive gold rolex wrist watch which estimates will be from $20,000 to $100,000. So much money i guess.

Shocking News: Enebeli Elebuwa Is Dead...

Nollywood actor, Enebeli Elebuwa 65, is dead. He died in an Indian Hospital where he was recieving treatment for his stroke in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The actor really fought gallantly. Its quite a shocking news, because people felt he was recuperating. He will be greatly missed by his family, colleagues and fans. Well God knows best. May His soul rest in peace Amen.

How True Is This Advice Given To Miranda Kerr By Her Grandma

29 year old Victoria secret model, Miranda Kerr has being married to her actor husband Orlando Bloom 35, since July 2010.

When asked during her interview on the Late Late Show, what is the secret to her beautiful marriage, she in response divulge her Grandma secret advice to her. She said her grandma told her not to forget that men are alwayas visual and so she should put a little make up on every day and always have on clean and nice underwear, and with that she can keep her husband.

  She, who usually don't feel nervous when strutting the runway, has revealed that she sometimes have nervous feelings if her hubby or friends are in the audience because on the runway she is parading herself in full view of the audience and not her husband alone. However, she gives her hubby a private show at home from time to time. With this info, Craig Fergusson of the Late Late show branded her as the "the most awesome wife in America". that's sexy huh

Well obviously she did follow granny's advice, being in the modelling industry and a lingerie model.
Well peeps do you agree to that piece of advice?

Grand Mother Braves Up To Alopecia In An Unusual Way...

Granny with her unique hair do

Ann McDonald 60 had Alopecia( Hair loss from the body, usually occur on the scalp) which resulted to her drastic hair loss three years ago. Having gotten tired of changing wigs and hats, she was inspired to create the overlapping floral design on her scalp which cost her 720 Pounds.

She wasn't used to being bald as she had once had a head full of black locks, however it was a out of the blue decision, rather Ann had done thorough investigation before having the courage to tattoo her entire scalp which she prefers to changing wigs and hats.

The entire process took over two sessions to complete; 12 hours and 3 hours sessions respectively.
Ann at aged 35

Tattoo @ completion