Friday, 24 May 2013

Sister Of One Of The Terrorist Was Escorted From Her Property

Michael Adebolajo's sister was escorted from her property in Remford yesterday in conjunction with with the crime committed by her younger brother.

Michael Adebolajo a British citizen of Nigerian descent was one of the terrorists involved in the gruesome murder of a British soldier at Woolwich.

Blessing Adebolajo 32, smiled as she made to enter the waiting unmarked police vehicle. However, it is understood that she is not under arrest rather she will need to be questioned as a result of her brother's crime.

              Suspect's sister: Blessing Adebolajo, 32, smiles as she gets into an unmarked police car outside her home in Romford, Essex, yesterday morning

People who knew Michael are still in shock over what he did as he has been described as a jovial individual, though smokes marijuana occasionally but he is just a normal bloke. Blessing's house has currently been under search by the police

                                    Search: Police and forensic officers enter the top floor flat in Romford, Essex, where Adebolajo's sister Blessing lives. Neighbours said he used to live at the property
                         Search: Police forensic teams check the gutters of the home where Blessing Daniels lives in Romford yesterday

It has also been revealed that Michael was in a group of extremists who fought with the police outside the Old Bailey in 2006. He had been arguing that he had the right to "behead those who insult Islam".

                        Previously: Michael Adebolajo was in a group of Muslim extremists who fought with police outside the Old Bailey in 2006. He had been arguing that he had the right to 'behead those who insult Islam'

Some people are just out there complicating the lives of  Nigerians....

Rita And Rob Has Finally Moved On...

Rita Ora, the radioactive singer was once in a relationship with Robert Kardashian, however their relationship couldn't stand the test of time.

Back Then: Rob and Rita
Their break up led to nasty stuff being brought to the public via twitter. However it seems Rita has finally moved on as it has been confirmed that she is in a new relationship with Calvin Harris.

Hungry for love: Rita Ora and Calvin Harris were seen carrying a bag of confectionery home with them after a meal out at Hakkasan
Rita Ora with beau Calvin Harris
Rob also is in a relationship with beautiful Kim look alike, Naza Jafarin. They have been dating for awhile and is rumored that she gets along with Rob's family.

Following his break up from his relationship with Rita, Rob sought solace in food, and now the pounds have piled up and he is working real hard to shed them off. Good luck in that buddy..

Finally It Has Been Confirmed Jim+Nadia


For a while, these celebs got us thinking if they were dating or they were just friends. However with Jim's Jamaican girlfriend in the picture, no one could say for sure the extent of their relationship, if it was a platonic relationship or something else.

A reliable source of mine was told me she saw them in a hotel where they lodged together and though i decided not to published it until i get my facts right, and finally they have come out themselves to publicly tell who cares to know that YES they are dating.

The declaration was done via twitter through love notes from the duo.



Well am so happy for them and wish them the best...Hoever this might just be another celebrity stunt from them...

Prostitutes Burn Awake In Delta State

                             jehovah witness building

It has been reported that some harlots at a popular Ezenei-cable point in Asaba, Delta state descended on some Jehovah witnesses who went to their bar to preach the gospel.

Eyewitness reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday and this is not the first time that Jehovah witnesses are paying them visit to share the word of God with them. However, luck was not on the side of four male witnesses on that fateful day.

The Jehovah witnesses has gone to the hotel without a female companion and in the middle of the preaching, a scantily clad prostitute identified as Chinasa raced out of her room with a bottle of stout and cigarette to drag one of the preachers with the intention of having sex with him.

The preacher struggled to free himself from the sex worker even after being dragged to the room. Arguments ensued between the sex worker and the preacher. His colleagues decided to save him, but the situation went out of hand, as the other prostitutes teamed up and seized their bags containing Awake and Watchtower magazines and allegedly set them ablaze.

It was reported that the prostitutes gave them serious beating and accused them of sleeping with them without paying for their services.

Hmm May God forgive them...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Check Out Khloe Kardashian's Slender Figure

                                     Hypnotic: Khloe Kardashian wore a stripy dress to an alcohol brand launch in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday

Khloe was determined to lose some pounds and she did achieve results. She is the biggest of the Kardashian sisters, and people feels she maybe kinda jealous of her sisters, however she is proud of her body and happy for her latest achievement which is shedding some of the weight.

She made heads turn when she attended an alchol brand launch in Los angeles on Wednesday. The outfit did justice on Khloe's figure, showing her sexy hourglass shape, her heels designed by Kanye West gave the outfit a sexy finishing.

                                         Ready to talk: The 28-year-old tweeted about taking part in an online chat following her appearance

She sure looks FAB...

The Desperate Housewife Graduate With A Master's Degree

                                          Grinning from ear to ear: Eva was clearly over the moon following the Northridge graduation ceremony

The Desperate housewife graduated from California State University, Northridge. She who currently holds a B.Sc degree in Kinesiology added another feather to her cap, as she bags a Master's degree in Chicano studies.

                          A woman of many talents: Eva also holds a Bachelor Of Science degree in kinesiology from Texas A&M University
Eva Longoria 38, has proven she is not just a pretty face. She told fans that,"you are never too old or busy to continue your education".

Her folks and close friends where there to celebrate with her.

Proud parents: Eva's father Enrique Longoria, Jr. and mother Ella Eva Mireles were there to cheer her on
Eva with parents; Enrique Longoria jnr(L) and Ella Eva Mireles
                               So much support: Eva had a big group of her nearest and dearest at the ceremony, and they were escorted around by a bodyguard      

Congrats to you dear...    

Boko Haram Sect In Niger Republic

It has been confirmed that two explosions occurred at an Army barracks and a company involve with Uranium exploration. Reports revealed that the suicide bomber is the only that died as a result of the explosion while two others sustained injuries.

For now it is not clear if this has any connection with Boko Haram. However, Niger Republic shares large borders with some of the troubled states; Yobe and Borno, and most people have fled from their home in these states  to seek refuge  Niger Republic following the consistent attack from Boko Haram.

Boko Haram members also fled to Niger Republic to avoid been caught or killed by the Nigerian Millitary.

Confirming this report is the governor of Agadez state, Colonel Garba Maccido in whose the incident occured.

Mel B And Hubby Engages in PDA

                                            Practical: Mel didn't seem to think it was an issue that she was wearing high heels aboard the boat

The American got talent judge, Mel B looked pretty sexy when spotted with her hubby Stephen Belafonte aboard a yacht.

They had no time for anybody as they were lost in their own world. The 31 year old star was seen romancing her hubby, not minding onlookers.

                          Darling: Mel was seen showering her man with love as they soaked up the sun
                                  Tight tush: Mel B showed off her shapely bottom in a skimpy bikini as she sunned herself

                           Saucy: Mel B was seen getting rather amorous with Stephen Belafonte aboard a yacht in Cannes on Wednesday
                                    That's matching! The star made sure her heels matched her kaftan and bikini top

 Awww... this is so cute!!!

Man Attacked By Islamic Fanatics In Woolwich, South London

Confrontation: Two women talk to the killer next to the car (right) while Ingrid Loyau-Kennett confronts the other attacker (right, centre). The soldier can be seen lying dead (left)
The Deceased British soldier can be seen lying on the floor
 A British soldier who was on off duty was attacked by two Islamic fanatics on broad daylight. The deceased were repeatedly stabbed and eye witnesses reported that the attackers shouted,"Allah Akbar", which means "God is great" in Arabic, before carrying out their attack on the soldier.

Savagery: One attacker with a meat cleaver (circled) in hand walks towards his accomplice (also circled) as their victim lies dead in the road
The attackers circled
Terror: Holding two weapons in his hand, the man launches into his diatribe, just yards from where the body of the murdered off-duty soldier lay
One of the attacker with meat cleaver
One of the attacker made some utterations for all who cares to listen that the reason they killed the soldier is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers.
"Remove your governments, they don't care about you. You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start bursting our guns? You think politicians are going to die?
 No, is going to be the average guy like you and your children". He said in a video.
After the attack, the men waited for 20minutes for the arrival of the police and in trying to attack the police officers,  they got shot by the police officers. Both men have been placed under arrest after being treated for gun shot wounds.

On the ground: The two attackers were shot by armed officers when they arrived at the scene around 20 minutes after the soldier was murdered
Attackers shot by policemen
An incredible moment occured when one of the attacker was confronted by a woman cub scout leader, Ingrid Loyau-Kenneth 48. The attacker told her they want to start a war in London tonight and she replied,"right now, it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose".

One of the attacker confronted by a courageous lady
 Tight security has been placed at the scene of the incident. The Prime Minister had to cut short his trip to Paris after hearing about the death of the soldier.        

This is so bad...may his soul rest in perfect peace... Is this one an extension of Boko Haram?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I Met Her When She Was Five..Now She Is A Pregnant Lady...

                              'When we first MET': Madonna gifted Kim Kardashian with several iconic pieces of her jewellery when she was a little girl

Well Madonna was shocked to see Kim Kardashian after meeting her for the first time in 1986, when Kim was just 5years old. They later met at the MET Ball, where Kim had to remind her of their first encounter.

Madonna actually didn't know that she had once met the reality star, Kim had to take her down  memory lane, where she(Madonna) actually gave her several iconic pieces of jewellery when she was a little girl.

The seven time grammy award told Extra's Jerry Penacoli;
"I met her years and years ago when she was a little girl, believe or not. She told me she was a huge fan of mine, and it was during the time i was wearing all of the rubber bracelets on my arms.
I took off all of the bracelets and gave them to her, and then i completely forgot about it. She reminded me when i saw her the other night. Now she is a pregnant lady."
'I met her years and years ago when she was a little girl': The 54-year-old pop queen gave a five-year-old Kim an armful of her iconic rubber bracelets
Madonna in 1986

Ooops...Mirranda Kerr Bares Her Breasts In Modelling Shoot

                                         Keeping covered up: Miranda poses up on the shoot in barely there black jumper which almost reveals everything...

Her professionalism and long years in the modelling industry didn't prepare the Victoria Secret model for what happened to her during a modelling shoot.

                                           Oops! Miranda shows everything as her top falls down during the shoot                                       

30 year old, mother of one decided to go without a bra for a windy shoot in Miami which resulted to her accidentally baring her breasts when a gust of wind made her gown to slip off her shoulders.

                                 Quick cover up: After years of showing off her cleavage for Victoria's Secret it is ironic that Miranda reveals all on a make-up shoot                                          

She quickly tried to cover up, but then the deed has already been done..well she is a model but i don't think her Hollywood hubby, Orlando Bloom would find it funny though...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nicki Minaj Gives Lil Wayne Lap Dance

                                     Grrr: Nicki finished off her 'ghetto-fabulous' look with a studded jacket and a straight black wig with fringe, which she topped with a Chanel baseball cap

Nicki Minaj unleashed her wild side on stage. She gave Lil Wayne a raunchy lap dance as they performed High school at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

Lil lap dance: Nicki bumped and grinded against the tattooed 30-year-old rapper as her back-up dancers straddled nothing

                             Wow! The big finish to Nicki's explicit twerk fest involved her completely bent over suggestively fanning her fingers between her legs                 

Do you know...i just hope Lil Wayne doesn't suffer a seizure from this

Obama Won't Be Visitng Nigeria

              Nigeria Excluded From Obama’s List

As the president of America proposed tour draws near, it has being confirmed directly from the office of the press secretary in the white house that President Obama won't be visiting Nigeria, rather will be paying visit to Senegal, South Africa and Tazania from June 26th to July 3rd.

This is the second time the President is excluding Nigeria from his tours, the first was in July 11, 2009 when he paid a visit to Ghana.

Well obviously he has his reasons, however this is so embarrassing as Nigeria is rated as the Giant of Africa. Where are we heading to?

Its A Boy!!!!

                                             Date night: Wayne took Coleen to the Neighbourhood Restaurant in Manchester that night after the team celebrated winning the Premier League
Wayne and Coleen welcomed their second child and second  son to the world in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Wayne quickly took to twitter to share to his wonderful fans;

                            Making it a double: Wayne announced the good news on his Twitter page in the early hours of Tuesday morning

Fashion designer Coleen also took to twitter to express her joy..

                      Happy days: After going into labour late on Saturday night, Coleen was delighted to announce the arrival of her second son 

We are family: Wayne and Coleen Rooney, who already have three-year-old Kai, announced the arrival of their second son Klay in the early hours on Tuesday morning
Kai, Wayne and Coleen
Congrats to them....


Monday, 20 May 2013

Now Would You Like This Kinda PDA

Well everyone have their individual preferences when it comes to PDA, and PDA is so romantic that you wish you can be in that shoe sometimes. However PDA do have limits please.

Amber Rose got an odd show of affection from her fiance, Wiz Khalifa. Guess he couldn't resist licking his baby momma's head.yuck.

Tasty sample: Wiz Khalifa licked fiancee Amber Rose's buzzed scalp at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, on Sunday
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
   Wonder who will love to have her boyfriend lick her head..*smiles*