Thursday, 14 June 2012


A school girl by name Stacey Comerford 15, suffers from Klein-Levin syndrome which happens to be a rare condition. A condition that affects 1 in 1,000 world wide and leaves sufferer frequently tired and cause them to sleep for up to 20 hours or more than. She started experiencing symptoms early last year before being diagnosed in March
Stacey Comerford, 15, from Telford, Shropshire, suffers from Kleine-Levin syndrome and has recently come out of her longest episode, which lasted two months.

This condition has left Stacey to have missed exams and even her birthday. At first the mum just didn't know what to do but she usually have this deep feeling within her that something was wrong with her daughter as Stacey always feel so tired quickly. Even doctors actually termed her a 'moody depressed teenager' as brain scan could not detect any brain tumor. According to Stacey's mum, there is usually no signs for any of her episodes as her mother termed her sleeping mode due to the fact that the daughter could fall asleep anytime, anywhere and wakes up maybe 20 hours later or more and her longest and recent so far is two months and during her episode she just wake up to use the rest room or to get a drink but in a sleep like state and when she wakes up she doesn't remember anything and actually thinks she has woken up to see the following day, unknown to her that she had actually slept for hours or even weeks . hmm no be small thing oo can you beat that? 
However thorough investigations and tests were  carried out at Birmingham Children's Hospital where it was confirmed that Stacey is suffering from Klein-Levin Syndrome also known as the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.
 Stacey Comerford
 Stacey however is happy to have known about her condition and now easy for her to explain to friends instead of them just thinking she is a dull, moody teenager.
I encourage you sweery the Lord is with you and will give your mum the grace to assist you.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


History sure did repeated itself when a bride last Saturday wore same dress her and grand mother wore on their wedding day respectively. Another irony is that these ladies wedded on same date being June 9.That is one special tradition i will love to keep.

 The dress was first worn by the bride's grandmother,Dorothy Simpson, 74, in 1959 and was bought for just 30 pounds. It was later passed down to her daughter Catherine who now wore it on her own wedding in 1984, the dress as at 1984 still had its appeal and beauty. Daughter confessed to have loved the dress.
Bride's grand mum on her wedding day

Bride's mum on her wedding day
 According to the bride's mum, she picked June 9 as her wedding date as she felt it gonna b a double celebration as her parents were to marked their silver wedding anniversary. The bride though wish her own daughter will wear the dress but she said she won't force her but would just give it to her as a choice.thumbs up to that.
Bride,Bride's mum and Bride's grand mum


You know some parents could be so cruel that you begin to wonder why they decided to be a mother in the first place? I believe that is why newly married ladies are expected to know what it takes to be a mother both  in good and bad times so you prepare yourself when you finally have a child whether the child is healthy or not.
The essence of pre-natal care i believe is to be able to observe pregnant women so they are in good health, likewise their baby in other that their baby is delivered hale and healthy. Also maturity must come into place when you are thinking of being a mother because without having to experience motherhood, every one knows motherhood is not a day's job and every woman should try to be prepared for it.
Darlene Armstrong

Darlene Armstrong a disabled 16 years old was rushed to a hospital in Chicago after social services received an anonymous call to come to Darlene's rescue. On careful observation, doctors were able to discovered that the patient who is suffering from cerebral palsy and could neither walk nor talk and measured just 3'10" and weighed 23lbs has been starved for a long time.
Rosetta Harris
Darlene's mother Rosetta Harris ,50 ,pleaded guilty to putting Darlene's life in danger, though Rosetta who  have no prior criminal records, was sentenced to 18 months of probation and ordered to undergo strict parental classes.
Darlene along with her younger sister, 15, have been taken into protective custody.

I know its not easy to take care of a disabled child or an adult, that is why we need to pray for God's grace because i too have cared for someone though not disabled but required the full attention of every one in my family, it was something please do not cast judgement but carefully ponder in your heart if you can do like this woman or you will do the opposite...needs your comments on this.

Monday, 11 June 2012


This is just one other story you hear and you thank God for your life because to matter how bad your case, someone somewhere would prefer to be in your condition than their present condition.
Little Liu Jiangli who is six(6) years old was born with a rare condition that saw her being covered with lots of hair all over her body when she was born and that was just the genesis, as the condition gradually grows worst.

This condition is known to affect one in a billion and this has led to her parents abandoning her at just two years old and also difficult for her in making friends as people are either scared of her or mock sorry sweery.
Liu currently lives with grandfather of one of her cousins and he has since stand as guardian for this little wa for the parents oo
Well done grand pa, God will strengthen you to take of her and Liu dear don't worry all will be well..well peeps i really want to get your comments on this little girl. Do you think her parents were fair in what they did to this child and before you throw stones try to place yourself in their position, what would you have done?