Friday, 29 June 2012


Willow Smith,11 daughter of Will and Jada Smith apologises to her fans over fake tongue piercicing. Her fans criticised her over tongue piercing when she posted a picture of herself with a pierced tongue this week on instalgram.
She has quickly apologised to her fans and making them realised it was a fake tongue fiercing and not the real stuff. A source stated that it was a magnet, just a teen playing around with accessories.ok o na so dem dey start. 

 The young singer has had her hair shaved and for the past weeks have been seen dyeing her hairs with several different colors.
Pink Willow

The Smiths


I so much love this celeb and i don'y know why? when asked how she intends shedding post baby weight, she politely answered that she isn't in a hurry to start some gruelling weight loss pattern, rather she is going to take her time to lose the weight and what she is after, is to make sure her baby is healthy.Well from all indications, she sure did took her time, attending to her son Luca while going for exercises in the gym and going for pilate classes.
Hillary Duff and Hubby Mike Comrie welcome their first child and son Luca Cruz Comrie on March 20.
The singer/actress flaunted her post baby curves in a two piece bikini while holding son Luca on a family holiday in Mexico. She was joined by sister Haylie and her parents, Robert and Susan Duff.
Hillary Duff with son Luca

Hillary, son Luca and hubby Mike   
Hillary with mum Susan &sister Haylie


That is the question i keep asking guys? Why do some young guys like dating older women? well am sure some one is gonna answer me with another question. on shoot!!Why do ladies date older men that are old enough to be their father? well, i have to conclude that every one have their own preferences when it comes to dating. It is definitely no news especially among the celebrities. no biggie huh.
Well one hollywood star that is popping in that direction is Harry Styles, the 18 year old pop star of One direction band. He once dated 32 year old TV presenter, Caroline Flack who is fourteen years his senior, they broke up January, a news his teen fans where happy to hear but now fans are getting to realise that older ladies are his preference as it has been revealed that he once dated 32 year old radio presenter Lucy Horobin when he was just seventeen.hmm i guess his band mates would admire his conquests.
Harry Styles 18

Caroline Flack 32

Lucy Horobin 32

So what will you as an older sibling do or say if you find out that your 18 year old brother is being link to an older lady. say the truth ooo.


Its sure no news that 19 year old Miley Cyrus is engaged to her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, 22. Miley Cyrus who is so happy being a fiancee and also loving the 3.5 carat diamond engagement ring given to her by her beau, they got engaged early June.
Miley pose with her beau Liam and their dog Ziggy for a family photo. Miley and Liam dated for three years before getting engaged and despite the fact that some of their fans feels they are too young to get married, others feel they are matured and should go ahead.well as for me maturity doesn't have to with age because some older guys are not just matured when it comes to committments, so for them to have taken this big step, i believe they will make it. On the contrary though, they should know marriage is entirely differerent of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. so congrats to you.
Liam, Miley and their dog Ziggy

Thursday, 28 June 2012


I don't know who have seen this picture and who have heard what resulted to this kind of horrific scene.It is so hard to believe that humans could be so wicked and with hardened heart to their fellow specie.
It is a known fact that Enugu state is currently boiling with serious cult fights and recently two cults have clashed resulting in rival cults killing themselves, although attempts have been made to try to cover it up. How can this be covered up. ehnn?

This picture is so horrible and it could be seen that after killing the victim, they went ahead to behead him, cut open his skull and thereafter removed his brains. urgghh what a sight. infact all my four years in Human anatomy didn't brave me up when i saw this gory sight

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Well no matter what people keep saying, The kokomaster is still trying to be the master of the game even as far as extening his title down to UK.You know like Oliver, from the Novel 'Oliver Twist' who asks for more food, the kokomaster is really asking for more, just that the kokomaster is asking for more  CASH.hahahaha.Oliver twist has so far been fetching D'banj cash, as he has remixed the song over and over again with different artistes, Estelle, Denaeo and Skepta.Oliver Twist has so far made D'banj to be among the top 10 UK chart.
Kudos to you D KOKOMASTER