Friday, 16 November 2012

Scary Photo of Matthew McConaughey...

D Matthew McConaughey we know

McConaughey had to shed some pounds just because of his role in a movie that he is going to feature in. Matthew is acting the role of an AIDS patient in the new movie,"The Dallas Buyers Club".

D New movie look

He has shed 38 pounds for this role. The 43 years old who is 6feet tall stated that, the weight loss process made him realised that his diet had more impact on his weight loss than his exercise regime did. He went all the way down  to 143 pounds from his previous weight of 170 pounds. Matthew said he feels so happy about it.

That is sure interesting, so peeps its not all about the execise, rather is what goes into your mouth, try to discipline your mouth. *winks*

Justin and Selena Went On A Secret Date

It seems these two lovebirds can't do without each other. Lat week, it was rumored that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are calling it quits to their relationship, with Selena deleting all his messages in her phone and blocking his number.

It seems Selena was so angry with him, and reports going round it that this sudden break up has to do with another woman in Justin's life.

However, the duo was spotted heading to LA comedy club, "The Laugh Factory". Well this should just mean one thing, Selena wants to give Justin a chance. As it stands now, no one knows the true state of things. aww, young love.
D love birds leaving together

Wife Of Vanguard Reporter Freed Atlast..

Mrs Marian Onoyume, wife of Vanguard Reporter has been released after being kidnap on Monday. Her captors demanded that a ransome be paid before she will be release.

Ransom of #200,000 was paid today after much negotiation. After which the kidnappers kept their side of the bargain and released her.

The husband, Mr Jimitota Onoyume, in a statement today, confirmed the release of his wife.

Well we give God thanks for his mercies.

Kim Kardashian Kept Her Promise....

Guess you all are wondering which promise right?
Kim K was invited to attend the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina, and she promised attending it. Through to her word, she did attend.

Trust Kim to always create a fashion impression, leaving guests no option than to stare at her.
Guy stare with style please !!!

She did justice to that gown, i must confess...

Happy Birthday Oge Okoye...

Nollywood celeb Oge Okoye is a year older today. May all that you so desires be yours.Amen.

Sheer Lace Power

Kirsten Stewart wore this revealing gown to Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 premier. So what do her fans think of it?

Is it Swagilicious or Sheer Crazy?

Tailor Lautner, Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson
These Hollywood celebs are coming to the end of the Twilight saga. Well guess we will start seeing their faces in other movies.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sexy Beyonce...Looking Hawt

Beyonce shared this picture from her September birthday cruise on her Tumblr page. This Celeb marked her 31st birthday on Semptember 4 in South of France.

Guess this is hawt right?

So Much Money; Rihanna Turns Private Jumbo Jet To A Tour Bus...

The 24 year old multi award singer sets of on a world tour in a unique way. The tour is tagged 777 tour, which sees the singer turning a private jumbo jet to her private tour bus.

She invited some of her fans and members of the press to join her in the trip. It has been reported that, she will perform in seven different cities across seven nights...hmm that sounds interesting.


The tour is promoting the star's upcoming album "unapologetic". She wants it to be a rock and roll adventure and at the end of which will be one of the coolest things she has ever done. good thought gal, its actually unique.
Doing what she knows how to do best

So thoughtful of her to have included some of her fans.

Are These Leaders of Tomorrow?

OMG...Leaders huh
Hehehehehe....this is something o..
Question that should arise from this picture is, why are they sleeping? Probably there is no teacher in the class and am sure they must have been seriously stressed out.

God help us.