Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I have longed planned for this trip because of a wedding i intends attending in Port Harcourt and there is just no way i could miss it as the bride happens to be a very good friend of mine and the groom also a friend.

Prior to September, i have checked Arik and Aero, thinking which to patronize that won't put hole in my pocket as i have already budgeted a certain amount of money for the trip inclusive of all expenses to make.

Well don't really know what happened, as i found myself in Agofure Park in Mile two to board the first bus to Port Harcourt. Though wasn't lucky to get first bus, i got second bus with an option of AC.

The trip was tiring because it has actually been long i traveled due to work, and there was traffic as a result of stop and search handled by the Nigeria Police and bad roads especially on the Benin-Ore road. I left Lagos 08:30am and got to Port Harcourt 07:30pm, can you beat that?

Well the hassles and troubles of the trip was immediaely forgotten as i saw my friend who happens to be the bride looking happy, elegant and refreshed. Her hubby's brother quickly took i and the make up artist (Magdalene) to our hotel room (IPS Guest house) in Delta campus of University of Port Harcourt.

The room was neat, clean and lovely with the necessary basic amenities of a guest house. We were later joined by two of our other friends who also came from Lagos, and it was all fun, lots to talked about, hmm, and i have to say that despite meeting old friends once again, i sure made new friends.

The wedding itself was superb, the couple was looking splendid and there were lots to eat and drink likewise good music to dance to. The official couple later took us to an after wedding party at Tuscany hotel at Nkpolu, hmm you need to check out my dance steps.


The official couple later took us to an after wedding party at Tuscany hotel at Nkpolu, hmm you need to check out my dance steps.

Well we all went back to our hotel to sleep at 12:10am, but for those of us that have to traveled back to Lagos, the sleep was short as we had to hussle for first bus, which we got but there was no AC, hmm you can't begin to understand how long the journey was. It was sleep and gisting all the way and i have to say that i enjoyed my trip back to Lagos more because my friends where with me. I was just looking forwar to our stop for refreshment at Ore because i was madly hungry and needed to stretch my legs and of course take some food, all these i did immediately we got to Ore.

Got home 06:10pm, whew and was glad i made that trip.

The PHC-LOS trip was short compared to my LOS-PHC trip and i don't know why but it is usually normal.

I thank God for journey mercies and for successful wedding celebration.



Monday, 24 September 2012

I love travels

I sure do love travels, whether i am the one doing the traveling or not, be it travels within the country or abroad. This medium would relate people's traveling experience, exciting or boring, and also point out ideas, tips, likewise dishing out advice to intending travelers.

Do you know you can have that exotic holiday you have always dreamt about? yea you sure can if you plan well and relay what you want with a seasoned and experienced travel consultant/planner.

I am here to answer all questions that you have pertaining your travel, be it for educational, holidays, tours, business, leisure etc.

I am also here to guide you in your visa processing and all that you need to know about packaging your documents in order to get your visa.

For your exotic trips, flight inquiries, hotel bookings, i am here for you. So peeps feel free to drop your questions with me in my email and i will treat it accordingly. also your comments are highly welcome.

Another interesting feature to watch out for is enjoying stories of my clients's trip and taking cue from them to plan yours.



I am still here

Hello sorry have been out for some time, that's because i have been doing some soul searching, brain storming and restructuring all to satisfy my fellow friends out there*winks*

Well this is gonna be more interesting and mind blowing as it is fully packed with stuff you will learn from and knowlege you will get free of charge.

its all about travels and what you can benefit, likewise how to plan that trip that you think is too expensive.