Friday, 19 October 2012

T-ma Business trip in Nairobi, Kenya

Business trips are somewhat hard to plan, you just want to pack your bags, board the plane and jets off to attend a business function. You are definitely not thinking about pleasure, as you just wanna be done with the trip.

However, out of the blue, you find yourself seriously enjoying the trip and wishing you can even prolonged the stay, just because the people you met in the country of your visit gave you a warm reception, treated you with courtesy, respect you, their food was superb and delicious and above all accepted you as if you are part of them.

That sure what happened to my dear friend, she just wanted to go for a business function, but found herself enjoying the trip. Well that's the thing, always keep an open mind about your trip.

T-ma as i like calling her Left Lagos for Kenya with Kenyan airways on business class  and arrive at Juomo Kenyatta International airport and after going through security checks, boarded airport shuttle to their hotel "Sarova Panafric Hotel, Kenyatta.

About  the hotel, she said its nice with a warm reception.

Pictures of  The Hotel (Sarova Panafric Hotel)

T-ma boarded business class on Kenyan airways and said their service was superb

She had a wonderful experience at a restuarant called Carnivore at GRA which is called Mountain in Nairobi.

According to T-ma, "The concept is to have a feast of beast in the jungle. The interir decoration has a jungle feel starting from the entrance to teh sound track playing at the entance with a decoration of natural swamp around and huge cats pacing the restuarant. Meal served is a variety of barbecue bust meat e.g Ostrich, Crocodile Bull balls, Lamb, Turkey, Chicken, Gizzard, Liver, Pork, Beef etc. Alongside these, they were served salads and meat sauce as appetizers and part of teh appetizers was a stick of fresh corn, toasted potato and fresh jungle juice. You are served with a variety of bush meat as the main course every two minutes till you drop the flag placed on a numbered wooden stand. You would eat meat till you almost throw up and once the flag is down, you are served a dessert. She had vanilla ice cream as  dessert".

T-ma recommended this place for travelers  and said its a sure place to visit in Nairobi.

Woaw what a wonderful experience in one of the African countries.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Applying for South Africa Visa, is like every other visa application process, except that a yellow card certificate is required of you, and absence of this results to you not having the visa.

On entering to South Africa, a visa is considered to be a visitor"s permit and the permit validity period is calculated from the date of entry into the country and will be set out under the headings "conditions" on the visa label.

South Africa Visa requirements varies from country to country, but since we are Nigerians,  i would state that pertaining to us.

A fee is usually charge for the visa and visas are not issued at Souh Africa ports of entry, rather airline officials are mandated to always insist on visa before allowing passengers to board.


1. Travel document or passport with validity of at least 30 days after the intended stay.
2. Your passport must have atleast one unused page for entry and departure endorsements.
3. Two identical colour passport photographs on whitwe back ground showing complete face.
5. Payment of the prescribed visa fee which is non-refundable.6. Copies of passport data page as well as well as that of existing visas and previously issued visas.
8. Introductory/Recommendation letter from an Employer, where applicable, signed with contact details ( full 9. Verifiable hotel reservations/bookings.
10.Return flight ticket
11.Copy of international vaccination card ( yellow fever card) duly and fully completed by a health practitioner. Yellow card can be gotten from the international airport.
12.Proof of financial status (six month recent bank statement) or financial support from Employer (with six month bank statement) in a case where the Employer is sponsoring the trip. In the event where the applicant is travelling in private capacity, the bank statement submitted should reflect the salary deposited into the applicant's bank statement.
13.Sponsored trips should always have a letter with full details of the sponsor and contac details as well as copy of identity card/passport data page.
14.Birth certificates for minors/children traveling with parents. Where applicable, a consent letter(s) with copy(ies) of parent's identification card /passport data pages attached to the application.
15.Marriage certificate where applicable and if intended stay will be more than 90 days.

Remember that you need not stress yourself with the submission process as you can contract some one to do that for you thereby easing the stress of you.

We are here to assist you in your application process.

For more informations/clarifications, please contact us via email
Please drop your comments on the box inputing also means of communicating with you e.g email, phone numbers..

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Enjoying South Africa at Makanyane Safari Lodge

Makanyane Lodge is a lodge you will never forget in a hurry. When you want a personalised attention, then this is your best bet, as it has accommmodation for a maximum of sixteen (16) guests.

There are so much activities to engage in at the lodge, Aromatherapy services in your private deck or their bush . If you are the reading type, you can easily visit the library to pick up a book to read as the wildlife around you beckons on you.

Makanyane is situtaed within Madikwe game reserve which happens to be South Africa second largest game reserve and the reserve is a joint venture embracing the North west parks and the tourism board, the private sector and the local communities.

Their suites is superb, with their glass walled bedrooms that allows uninterrupted views of the waters and the surrounding bush, you will never want to lose the opportunity of staying in this lodge.

 One major thing you can't afford to miss is their food and drinks befitting for a king. You are treated like royalty and pampered like a baby. For wine lovers , this is the best place for you.


Do you desire a  trip to South Africa, and you are looking for where you can get the best? Then this is for you. For more informations on how to package your trip to this beautiful country, 
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As i have lots to offer you irrespective of your budget.


Some countries adhere to the Schengen agreement and their territory is in the Schengen area. Schengen countries are those countries that have sigened a 1985 Schengen agreement abolishing border checks/controls and harmonizing provisions, thus allowing a visa to visit all participating countries.

This is rightly stating that passports will only be checked and stamped if arriving from or departing  to a non Schengen countries.

Thus Schengen visas allows travels within the entire Schengen area.

. Austria
. Belgium
. Czech republic
. Denmark
. Estonia
. Finland
. France and Monaco
. Germany
. Greece
. Hungary
. Iceland
. Italy
. Latvia
. Leichtestein
. Lithuania
. Luxembourg
. Malta
. Netherlands
. Poland
. Portugal
. Slovakia
. Slovenia
. Spain
. Sweden
. Switzerland.

Schengen Visa Application
1. A complete filled visa application form
2. Original passport(International passport) valid for 3 months prior to departure and passport needs to have atleast two blank pages.
3.Payment of visa fee
4.Photocopies of Passport data page, and visa pages of passport, preferably two copies
5.Two(2) passport size photographs with white background
6.Travel medical Insurance from a recognized Insurance company that will cover the duration of your trip
7.Proof of flight ticket which indicates your return trip
8.Proof of hotel accommodation.
9.Verifiable evidence of sufficient fund for the duration of your stay
10.Three last pay slips from your company if you are working
11.Letter from introduction from company if you are working
12.Company's Identification card.
13.Personal bank statement showing balance over the last 3 months
14.For a business client, Certificate of registartion of business is required.

Submission of documents is done at the VFS office located at the following states;
 VFS global services,
38 Lobito Crescent, Wuse 11
VFS global services,
Plot 94 Lekki Epe express way
Lekki Schemen 1

Operating hours
Application submission
Monday - Friday 08:00 - 15:00

Passport collection
Monday - Friday 10:00-16:00

For more informations, don't hesistate to contact me and also we take the stress of you by helping you apply for your visa without stress. REMEBER, IF YOU HAVE ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS, YOU ARE CONFIDENT OF SUCCEEDING.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Wow i love this Island..even mere saying it brings you joy that you can't define. Seychelles is an Island country located in Africa, some people refer to it as collection of Islands north of Madagascar and a long way east from the coast of Africa.

Seychelles is known to be the Island of love and renowned as one of the most romantic honeymoon destination and beautiful place on earth.

They have much to offer visitors, from their water sport to their delicate dishes and warm reception, fishing, snorkeling, boat trip, Island hopping, exciting night life among others.

Nigerians do not need to get a visa to visit this beautiful Island, just a transit visa per se. Visitors are issued visitor permit on arrival into the country after they must have provided a return ticket back to Nigeria and proof of accommodation during stay and with sufficient funds, minimum of USD150 per day. If you intend staying longer than anticipated, you are required to apply for extension one week prior to date of expiry.

Their climate is always warm and without extremes.Between the months of October and March, the sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid. Months between May and September brings drier, cooler weather and livelier seas.

You desire a trip to Seychelles, then send us a message and we will get back to you

Destination Honeymoon

I really did promise educating you all about choosing destination honeymoon venues, what you should look out for.

First of all do, do you have visa to that country of interest? although there are some islands in Africa that don't require you having a visa before you get into their countries. That is what we will be looking out for now.

Secondly, why did you choose the particular country? is it because of what you have read, being told or out f curiosity? what ever is the case, your honeymoon should be carefully planned and mapped out so that you can look back and smile and be glad that you made the right choice, seek the right counsel and above all worked with a good and seasoned travel consultant.

Thirdly, which i feel its the most important stuff, is your budget. like the saying ,"better thing na money kill am". But that doesn't mean you can't have all the fun you want for your honeymoon vacation or any other vacation with low capital? its all boils down to good planning and reasoning. Also like the saying "wetin you dey find for sokoto dey for your shokoto" can apply here, just because your colleague or friend went to Paris or USA etc, you will now want to do same, NO, please there are good tourist sites in Africa that if you go there, you will so enjoy your self and give a word of mouth to others.

I will be using this medium to educate you all about some cities in the world that you would love to visit and enjoy the time of your life.

The Maldives is one of the World best honeymoon destinations and since we know that honeymoon is a celebration of love,in an intimate, secluded and of course beautiful setting, Maldives promises to give you the best for your honeymoon with their diverse ways of making you experience the magic in their Island.

With their wonderful tropical climate, chilled out Island atmosphere, beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Maldives is the best choice.

Spending your honeymoon in this beautiful city won't cost you much if you meet with the right holiday consultant. If you don't have, we are always happy to help you get the best trip ever at your budget.

 Visa Requirement
Guess what? No visa is required of you. You are entilted to 30 day transit visa. This means that you can spend one month on this beautiful Island without needing a visa just your travel ticket. However you MUST NOT exceed the 30 days given, defaulters faces the penalty. From Nigeria, you can use Emirate or Qatar to visit this beautiful Island.

When to Travel
Maldives peak season is between November and April when it is usually hot and dry as you expect more rain from May to July and September to November.

Thingss to Do
There are lots to do in this beautiful Island. From the Diving Maldives, Water Sports, Excursions, Spa and Wellness amongst others.

Maldives boast of beautiful resorts you can think of and for all class of travelers. Thus you don't have to worry about stretching your budget.

Do you want this exclusive trip? Then look no further, we are here for you. We are renowned for packaging exclusive trips for our clients.

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