Friday, 28 December 2012

Taylor Swift Named Most Charitable Hollywood Celebrity of 2012

Taylor Swift
The 23 year old country musician was awarded this honour by, which released its list of top 20 celebs Gone God of  2012, this week.

Taylor topped the list following her donation of $4 million to the Country Hall of Fame.

Miley Cyrus 20 came second and was recognised for her work with non profit animal activist group, Saving Spot!Rescue.( The organisation finds homes for dogs in kill shelters). She also worked with Save the music Foundation, the Starkey Hearing Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Miley Cyrus
Third Position was to Channing Tatum, the magic Mike star and was recognised for his work with the Rainforest Foundation.
Channing Tatum
Lady Gaga came fourth and she actually started her own non profit organisation, The Born This Way Foundation.
Lady Gaga
Justin Bieber rounded up the top 5 and was honoured for his work with Pencils of Promise and his Believe Charity Drive.
Justin Bieber
Notable celebs that completed the top 20 list are; Robin Roberts, Pink, Lebron James, Selena Gomez, Ian Somerhalder, Jay Z and Beyonce, George Takei, Ben Affleck, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Ryan Seacrest, Demi Lovato, Carrie Underwood, Olivia Munn, Sofia Vergara and Drew Brees.

Well it shows they value charity work, however, i do hope there is sincerity of heart and not just doing it in order to be recognised. In any case i say well done to them.

Happy Birthday Uche Jumbo

Today marked the birthday of Nollywood celeb Uche Jumbo. Tentacious is wishing  her more wonderful and fruitful years ahead.

Am sure she has lot to be thankful for this year, She got married to the love of her life Kenney Rodriguez, amongst others that she alone knows of.
Uche with hubby Kenney Rodriguez on their wedding day
Happy birthday dear.

Mummy on Fire!!!!

Sexy: Kimora Lee Simmons
Kimora Lee Simmons is the lucky Hollywood celeb to grace tentacious random photos page. The 37 year old fashionista showed off her sexy bikini body while splashing in the waters of St Barts.

St Barts happens to be a memorable place to her, being that she got married to her ex husband Russell Simmons on the Island when she was just 23 years old.

And now 14 years later, she returned to the Caribbean Island with her three lovely kids for a wonderful Christmas vacation. ooh that is so cute*smiles*.
Ming Lee and Aoki Lee with their mum

Family photo with three year old son Kenzo

Mario Balotelli To Sue His Baby Mama

Mario with ex girlfriend Raffaella
Mario 22 has called in lawyers to sue his former girlfriend, Raffaella Fico 24, after she accused him of being irresponsible and not interested in his new born baby daughter, Pia. Click link to read about Raffaella's accusations

Mario feels so angry because to him there is a limit for everything and he can no longer tolerate his honor as man to be offended and being falsely accused of serious misbehavior.

He has called his lawyer to take necessary legal action to defend his honor that has being damaged bu Raffaella's accusations.

Mario's adoptive parents, Franco and Silvo has also joined in to attack Raffaella, using an open letter in which they wrote that they believe that their son is not irresponsible and undignified as Raffaella claimed.
Mario's adoptive parents, Franco and Silvo
Raffaella is said to have collected a five figure sum from Chi (The same magazine that published the first images of baby Pia).
Chi magazine that piblished baby Pia first pictures
Wow this is so complicated, they should try to resolve this whole drama, chuck in their pride and focus on their daughter.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Bizarre National Constume From Miss Universe.

Well what did the organizers expect before? The various beauty queens were trying to portray where they come from, however i guess the judges weren't expecting so much drama from their constumes.

I love this concept because every one came from somewhere and there is something peculiar about your culture especially a country with diverse cultures.

Guess what? Miss Nigeria was also counted among those that wore outrageous constume but then they do not know the rich culture of Calabar, which is the capital city of Cross River State.

However, i must confess some of the costumes were kinda funny but i love that of Miss Nigeria, well call me patriotic, ya am gonna accept that.

Check out the photos.

Miss Venezuela

Now what did this model think she is carrying on her head? well hoped it wasn't too heavy on her. Her attire is made of chocolates pieces and the box contains chocolates

Miss Israel
Well this kinda depict her like some one from the river, you know like mermaid.
Miss Nigeria
Yeey she is from my country and i do not see anything wrong with that."straight face", however the colours are just too bright.
Miss Peru
Am sure she is from a royal home, well i could be wrong. Her costume speaks of richness of her culture. hmm but it looks like the outfit is heavy on her.
Miss Canada
Well she actually tried to portray how accommodating Canada could be but it seems she missed her own country flag as it can't be seen. hmm.
Miss Denmark
This another mermaid costume and i reserve my comment.
Miss USA
She dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and she was also crowned Miss Universe. I guess this wasn't one of the points that made her got the title.

Check out Nicki Minaj Random Photos

Nicki Minaj is the hollywood celeb to grace tentacious random photos today. I reserve all comments from this celeb outfit to you my lovely peeps. Check out more photos of her.

Janet Jackson Got Engaged Secretly

Wissam and Janet
The 46 year old pop star got engaged to her long time beau, who is Qatari billioniare Wissam Al Mana. They have been dating since 2010.

Her 37 year old beau is the managing director of Al Mana Retail, which represents A/X Armani Exchange and he is also a share holder in the Saks Fifth Avenue.

Wissam plans on sparing no expense for their spring nuptials in Qatar a she is flying in all of Janet's friends and family on private jets.

Janet whose networth is estimated at $150 million has twice being married. In 1985, she married her childhood friend and singer James Debarge, the marriage got anulled after eloping months earlier.\

Janet and James
Her second marriage was to music video director, Rene Elizondo Jr in 1991 but they got divorced in 2000.
Janet and Rene
Two years later , she began her on and off seven year relationship with record producer Jermaine Dupri.
Janet and Jermaine