Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mrs Carter Went Gaga In London

Beyonce's first night in London made fans hungry for more from her, and despite her strict ban of photographers, fans still got good snapshot of her which has went viral on social media.

She dazzled on stage and completely nailed it with her choice of outfits. Well done Lady...*smiles*

Angelina Jolie Looked Stunning At Age 16

The beautiful and sexy actress obviously is a natural beauty as she had been beautiful right from time. Not much has actually changed, she never did have the puppy fat that most people do have as teenagers, however she was on the wild side.

This is a lady that doesn't care about people's opinion. She once kissed her brother, James Haven on the red carpet and had a bisexual relationship with a Calvin Klein model, Jenny Shimizu.

Well over the last decade, she has tamed her wild ways and now a UN goodwill ambassador, mother of six(6) children, of which 3 were adopted and have an Oscar award under her belt.

There is something about those sexy, sultry eyes of this sexy lady, am sure if i get Brad Pitt, he will tell me about it..*winks*

Mother and Daughter Looking FAB

Jada Pinkett
Willow Smith

Jada Pinkett and daughter Willow Smith decides to embark on a girl's day out leaving the boys to their own stuff. Mum  an daughter took a trip to Hawaiian island of Kauia. The 41 year old mother and 12 year old daughter was spotted enjoying the waves on the island.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith
The boys weren't with them as they had to embark on a trip to Japan, not for pleasure but to promote their upcoming film, "After Earth".

Jada has also been up and an doing promoting the new documentary she and her daughter Will produced together, called "Free Angela and all political prisoners".