Thursday, 19 July 2012


Young dad Mark Ellis suffered a stroke and a locked in syndrome- a medical condition that leaves sufferer with an alert brain but dead body. Mark was 22 when he suffered a stroke in August 2010 and just two months after his marriage to wife Amy 32. He was placed in an induced coma and according to his doctors were unlikely to survive. But to the amazement of all, just 8 months after, Mark left the hospital and was learning to talk, walk and move again after taking cues from daughter Lola Rose.
Mark who was working in a mobile phone shop before the stroke actually did complain of migraine few weeks before the stroke, after seeing his doctor at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, and given a paracetamol,but as the day progresses, the condition was getting severe, Mark went back to the hospital and was sent to Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital for an MRI Scan which showed evidence of stroke the day Mark complained of migraine. wow so devastating. Mark who is 23 is determined to get better as he is showing high rates of improvement. kudos to his baby Lola who has brought him happiness, what a miracle.
Mark with wife Amy and baby Lola

Mark with baby, Lola

Mark taking the baby steps again


Well daddy Tom is still trying to carry out his duty as a father to his daughter despite his split with wife Katie Holmes, 33.Cruise 50, who flew from California to NYC instantly carried out his daddy duties after one month separation from daughter, Suri. They sure did enjoy themselves just been together after the separation, Cruise will have no contact with estranged wife. Katie got primary custody of daughter while Cruise was given meaningful visitations. Although Cruise is sad, he is trying his best to a good daddy to his daughter. kudos tommy tom but scientologist?yuck!!


A bomb was discovered in Reliance hotel at Emina Crescent off Amore Crescent, off Toyin street, Ikeja. It was discovered by one of the hotel's staff. The housekeeper went in to clean the clean the particular room after three men who lodged there the previous night checked out this morning. The hotel is situated close to St Leo Catholic Church and directly opposite Assemblies of God church.hmm wonders what was their mission, The hotel immediately alerted the anti bomb squad who later came to defused the bomb after much work. Thank God their plans failed.


After much anticipation, Beyonce finally uncovers 6 months old Blue ivy for every one to see, well i do hope she meets her fans expectation.Mummy Blue was spotted with her new plaited braids which she dressed in a bun on top her hair and a gold loop earrings to accentuate the look. She was looking elegant as she cradles baby Blue in her arms while on a shopping trip to Bergdoft Goodman in Manhattan.
Wow at last 
 Beyonce in 2001 with her Braids
Awww so cute
Ever doting mum