Thursday, 2 August 2012

Kareena Kapoor vs Katrina Kaif....who will it be?

Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor
Seems a major war is currently brewing but not the actual type you might be thinking but the war of preference as paint giant Berger has approached both Bollywood celebrities to be their brand ambassador.

The managing director and chief executive officer, Abijit Roy while speaking in the 88th annual general meeting, said the company is looking for acquisitions both within and outside the country, and that in the overseas market, they are looking at acquisition of technology while in the domestic market, any acquisition moved should be driven by the possibility of increase market share". And with regards to brand ambassador position, "He said they are still talking and could be either of the two selected Bollywood celebrity". well may the best gal win.

Mayor of Mumbai objects to Erotic Jism 2 posters


Mayor of Mumbai acted fast in giving the order for the posters of Jism 2 to be removed from public places. This was done in response to letter the mayor received from Vidya Chavan, a member of the legislative council,(MLC), stating that the posters are vulgar and should be removed. However it seems this is having another effect as it made Jism popularity to increase as Pooja Bhatt tweets, "you are not a BRAND till a political party has used you for their two minutes of fame. Gracias NCP for giving Jism 2 cult status".hmm tru talk lady..anyway wonders what they will do will the left over posters, hmm it sure will be recycled huh.

Happy Birthday to you Sir...Mr. Emmanuel Anozie

These birthday cakes are for the man that met and fell in love with a woman of integrity and they both gave birth to a  very good friend of mine, a lady i met in school during my Basic days in university of Port Harcourt and the friendship soared despite the distance between us now. So daddy though you may not know me but am sending this little token of mine with a shout out to you and  singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. and your daughter Queen Anozie is also sending a big shout to you on behalf of the family. May you live long to reap the fruits of your labour, AMEN......hip hip hip hurayyy

You are distracting me urggh!!!!

hahaha what message does the pictures above is trying to pass across?
Well seems recently engaged Miley don't wanna leave fiance Liam alone. Even as Laim is on set in Philadephia rehearsing for his movie Paranoia, Miley seems to be everywhere with him and not giving Liam time to memorise his lines, a source said.hmm miley nwam, no be so dem dey do am o folo folo no dey good ooo.

Meanwhile a police unit was dispatched to Miley's residence last night as they got a call at 6;05pm to report possible home invasion with possible shots fired, only for the LAPD unit to arrive there and discovered Miley wasn't even around as she was in Philadephia with fiance Liam.

The unit had to believed some one pulled a prank on them and described the caller as a "911 abuser" be small oyibo be this oo. Well the prankster would be arrested and likely to face serious criminal  charges if ever caught. hmm anyway kudos to LAPD,at least it shows they know their job and they do it dilligently.

So sad..Death two days after fairy tale wedding!!!!!

It is rightly said that temptations usually comes when one is planning a wedding and couples are usually advised to commit their pre wedding and post wedding affairs to God in prayer as no one knows what lurks in the corner. It is so traggic for a partner to lose his/her life just few days after marriage as the person didn't even live to enjoy marriage life.

Over the weekend i heard of a guy that lost his life in Port Harcourt three weeks after his wedding to electric shock, leaving young wife to become a young widow, so painful.One starts thinking which evil forces is after him or her and start wondering if the marriage was meant to be and why your pastor didn't forsee this evil and forewarn you about it? But then no one can question God right?

Newly wed Philip Cleary, 34 died in a motorcycle accident just two days after his wedding. His motorcycle failed him and he collided with one car before hitting another.waow. He was pronounce dead at the scene of the accident. He now has fans in his death, as hundreds of people have taken to his facebook page to pay tribute to him.kai so bad. Mr Cleary was originally from east Hull and was the managing partner of the Citadel partnership, a health and safety consultancy for the construction industry. may his soul rest in the bossom of the lord.

Phillip and Gemma

Accident Scene

Monday, 30 July 2012

Bollywood Celebs spotted in Mumbai International Airport.

Some Bollywood celebs were spotted in Mumbai International Airport. either getting set to depart the city or arriving into the city. Paparazzi did their job of snapping them and their pictures has been rated, celebs are always expected to look their best at all times no matter how in a haste they might be.

Now peeps which among these are your favorite Bollywood actor/actress and did they impress or disappoint you? you can do your rating yourself
Gauhar Khan

Dia Mirza

Amitabh Bachchan

Salma Khan
Abhishek Bachchan
Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood; Anushka Sharma and John Abraham, both awarded with best bikini body

According to, Anushka Sharma and John Abraham was declared winner of the best bikini body after a poll was conducted. According to the survey, Anushka got 11 percent votes while John got 20 percent.

Anushka was born in May 1st 1988 and she is a formaer model and actress. Her first role was in Aditya Chopra  Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi(2008) where she starred alongside Sharukh Khan and ever since then she has continued shinning and getting to the peak in Bollywood.

John was born in December 17,1972 and he is a film director as well as actor. He made his first acting debut in 2003 with Jism after modelling for numerous advertisements and campaigns.

well they sure look fit and fab right?