Friday, 19 April 2013

Now Would You Rock This If Pregnant?

Kim Kardashian has been setting some maternity style, some of which are bizarre and some good. However for this particular one, i reserve my comment.

Stepping out in a lingerie-like camisole that exposes her baby bump, well i leave you to your judgements because "another man  meat na another man poison".

However, i love the hair-do, red lipstick and for the outfit, kinda if the bump wasn't expose.*winks*

Meet Justin Bieber Of The Kitchen

Luke Thomas
 19 year old Justin Bieber look alike, Luke Thomas is Britain's youngest head chef. Luke began cooking at age 12 and has been trained alongside top head chefs, he runs his own restuarant, Luke's Fine Dining at Sanctum on the Green, near Marlow in Berkshire.


Luke has worked in numerous restuarants and hotels among which are Fat Duck and 7* Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Well this is so inspiring and tentacious wishes him best of luck in all his endeavours.

Check Out Genevieve Nnaji's Daughter

This is obviously what is meant when the pharse 'chip of an old block" is used. Genny's daughter who resides oversea.

For some one as secretive as Genevieve, am sure she is not prepared to see her daughter's photo up on the net. Well don't be mad Genny, its just one of the perks of being a celebrity.

However, her daughter is pretty no doubt it.

Terminally ill single mum gets dying wish

Elegant bride
Kayleigh Duff 23 has being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, a disease that sent had dad Keith to an early grave at age 37 in 1998.

Kayleigh was demoralised when she was told that her hereditary gene defect had developed into cancer, this news was made known to her last February and she immediately started her chemotherapy session in March. She drew up a list of things she want to do before her death.

One crucial thing she really wanted, is to get married eventhough she didn't have a partner. However, her optimistic best friend Katie Birch had to cheer her up, making her realise that an absence of a partner doesn't mean she won't get her dying wish.
Best Friends Forever: Katie Birch and Bride
Best friend Katie, who is a wedding planner made sure Kayleigh had her fairy tale wedding. Kayleigh was pampered by hair and make up artists before being whisked to Whitstable castle in Kent in a vintage Jagua and waiting for her at the castle is a dashing model, Danny Wisker booked for the day as her groom.

Bride with dashing hubby
Guests at the reception included her mother Beverly Cox 46, grand parents, Sharon 70 and Ian Day 71 and of course her two year old son Kai. Guests drank champagne while Kayleigh posed for pictures.

Bride with mum Beverly Cox
Bride with lovely son Kai

Family; Bride with son,mom and grand parents, Ian(L) and Sharon Day (far right)
 So thoughtful of her friend, may all be well with you dear Kayleigh and for your sweet friend, Unmerited favour will be her portion.

Could This Be Finally Over?

Kim Kardashian and estranged husband Kris Humphries must appear at court today for a settlement conference. TMZ are reporting that he could be forced to come to a straight divorce as per Kim's preference as he is getting the feeling that he might not get any money from Kim.

Already he is being faced with monetary sanctions for not being present at the last hearing, and therefore has already got the judge offside, and if he loses, he will have to pay costs that could amount to around a million dollars in divorce fees since there is no evidence yet that his mariage to Kim was fraudulent.

It has been reported that Kris felt his marriage has hit rock bottom after thier honeymoon at Amalfi coast that she never wanted to take. Also Kim flipped out when Kris wanted to move his belongings into her home.

Well can wait to get the final judgement so they can both go their separate ways.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hehehe.... All In The Name Of Modelling

Well modelling is good, don't get me wrong and i undestand that every one wanna look "modelicious". However, one has to be healthy

At the Rio De Janeiro's fashion week, some pretty models were seen looking incredibly slim, some models back side had visible cellulite while others lack muscle tone. This is as a reult of skipping work outs and staying slim by eating very little.

Slack muscles are as a result of eating too little and no exercising, and according to ex fashion editor, models eat tissue paper to stay slim. hmm canyou beat that?

Is There Romance Between Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith
Waow how time flies and every child grows into a teenager and the perks that comes with it throws parents of balance. Their lovely children don't want to be seen as a baby anymore but as an adult.

In a recent interview with Wonderland magazine, Jaden Smith, 14 year old son of Will and Jada Smith, spoke spoke about his relationship with Kylie Jenner 15, daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner. He described his relationship with the "Keeping up with the Kardashian" star as pretty awesome and called her one of his best friends.

Speculations about their relationship came after Kylie was spotted at a Justin Bieber concert in London last month, where Jaden was performing one of his opening acts.

Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber
Usher, Justin and Jaden

Kourtney Kardashian Is 34

D Birthday Gurl!!!
The reality star, Kourtney and Eldest child of the Kardashian turned 34 on Wednesday, and to celeberate her birthday, the happy and supportive family all headed to a bowling alley in Hollywood on Wednesday night.
D Kardashians

Sister Act 3- D Kardashian's Sisters

Sister Act 2 Kim With The Jenner gals

D Kardashian Sisters With Friends
Happy Birthday and many more years of achievements!!!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Serena Williams Looking Fly

The World No 1 and 31 year old tennis star pose up for her sexy photoshoot in Miami.

Hawt babe!!!!! *winks*

Nadia Buari The Pink Lady

The Ghanian beauty posted some cute photos on her instalgram page and i must say that she looks cool.

Infact i agree with her when she said pink is not just a colour, rather an attitude...Looking good girlfriend..*winks*

What Could Be Wrong With Her

Rihanna cancels another show on her Diamond World Tour due to an undisclosed illness. It seems the 25 year old has been strucked again with Laryngitis.

Rihanna's health has been an issue throughout the tour and has been reportedly warned to slow down on her heavy partying and drinking if she wants to fulfill her touring commitments.

Well take it easy riri gurl..*smiles*

Beyonce On Her World Tour

Queen Bey has begun her world tour, with an opening night in Belgrade, Serbia on Monday night. Beyonce has 64 more shows on the tour as Serbia gig was the first she has performed out of her 65 shows.


Topless Picture Of Angelina Jolie Up For Christie's Auction

A 12 year old picture of beautiful Angelina Jolie will lead a sale of photographs at London auction house, next month, May.

The photo features the actress as a 25 year old throwing back her hair and showing off some of her many tattoos. Obviously, she was still married to her ex hubby, Billiy Bob as one of the tattoo is a drawing of her ex hubby's name which has now been erased.

The photo which has never been seen is expected to fetch between 25,000 and 35,000 Pounds during the auction.

Another photo also for the auction, features Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt around a family table. This photo was taken in 2005 before they were officially an item, and the  photo is expected to fetch between 8,000 and 12,000 Pounds.

Both photos were taken by celebrated photographer, David Lachapelle.

Tonto Dikeh To Feature In BBA Season 8

Representing Nigeria in the forthcoming BBA Season 8 is Contoversial actress and singer, Tonto Dikeh. She was chosen by MNET to represent Nigeria.

It sure gonna be fun to have Tonto in the house, however it is too early to judge, lets wait for it to start before passing judgements.

The celeb has been recieving congratulatory messages after the news was released. Goodluck to her.

I Think She Scored

Kim Kardashian has being known for making some bizzare fashion statement, being that she is pregnant. She is usually seen spilling out of whatever she is wearing.

owever the reality star scored a card when spotted looking good in these outfits.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Check Out Beyonce's Sexy BOD

The delectable Hollywood celebrity and mother of one showed off her sexy curves that most ladies would kill for during a photoshoot for her new H&M Campaign.

Her photos would be featured on billboards and editorial adverts worldwide and will see her billed as Mrs. Carter in H&M.