Friday, 31 May 2013

Kendall Jenner On The Road To Become A Victoria Secret Angel

Hardwork sure pays and victory is sweet. Kendall Jenner 17, younger sibling to the Kardashian sisters has always aspired to be one of the Victoria secret angels.

Angel in no time: Kendall Jenner showed off her bikini body as the new face of Agua Bendita swimwear
Kendall Jenner
She has taken a role as the new face of Agua Bendita swimwear and that is a plus to her achievements making her inches to achieving her dream of becoming a well know swim wear model.

Amping up the basics: The reality star kept it simple with a cropped top and leggings and added some flare with her eclectic extras

 Way to go gurl!!!

Toolz Looking Nice On Snapp Advert Billboard
Nice one!!! From Up to Down: Adaora Oleh, Toolz and Mercy Dolapo Oni
 Toolz, the delectable OAP, sure looks rock gurl!!! And I can also see Adaora Oleh, Co-host of MTN Project fame..and Mercy Dolapo ladies look amazing...*winks*

Fresh Updates On BBA The Chase

After a gruelling task in the Rubies house for Head of house (HoH), Selly, the petite Ghanian that has been seen keeping to herself was picked by Biggie to be the new HoH as she was the last woman standing eventhough she finished same time with Sulu. Guess Biggie has a reason for choosing Selly.


Well Selly is up for possible eviction this sunday among four other housemates, and if she survives it, she will take up head duties from Beverly.

I do hope she survives the eviction and use their new position to come out of her shell. Well done gurl..

The Divas Takes A Bow

After the completion of one season of the popular America Idol, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj quits to focu on their music career.

Mariah 43 confirmed she will leave after just one season which she was reported paid $18,000 for. Her decision to leave is based on her decision to undertakea world tour following the success of her latest single,"Beautiful".

Randy Jackson also has left the show, but it is unclear if Keith Urban is still on the show.

Goodbye : Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj

 No one knows for sure if Mariah's decision to leave was due to the feud between she and Nicki, they just couldn't get along and it was so obvious that even President Obama had to comment on their spat. Viewers rating of the show dropped drastically.

They just couldn't get along: Randy, Mariah, Keith and Nicki

It has been reported that Jennifer Lopez may be returning to be among the judges in the new season and they are hoping she will helped raise the ratings like she had done before.

Lynnnx Has Been Sued, N 10 Million For Assault And Battery

Lynnxxx is facing Assault charges due to a case filed by one Mr. Richard Bennet, a UK based Nigerian business man. Lynnxxx is currently facing litigation at the Igbosere Magistrate court for alledgly beating up Mr. Bennet.

Mr. Bennet reported that Lynnxx whose real names are , Chukie Edozie assaulted him after he (Bennet) mistakenly spill his drink on a lady while strolling around the club. The lady in questioned slapped him and emptied the contents of her glass cup on him.
"Edozie, on learning what had happened, grabbed me by the lapel and later broke bottles and threatened to kill me if i do not apologised to the lady who i learnt was his relation".
Bennet is said to owned two bars in Nigeria and UK and actually came to the bar where the incidence has occurred in order to relax with his nephews. He also claimed that Lynnxxx and his remained at the gate even after the club was closed due to the incident.
"They waited at the gate and later regrouped, forced themselves back to the bar to brutally assault him with several blows to my head and body".
 However Lynnxxx management released an official statement concerning the incident, which took place at N-Tyce nite club, March 8, 2013
Please disregard this false accusations against Lynxxx as this is an attempt to blackmail and tarnish his Brand image. 
This is not the only attempt this people have made as they have made all sorts of allegations to the police aswell of which the police has disregarded due to lack of. Evidence or reason and stories that don’t match.
The incident was withnessed by alot of people including Uti, Gideon, Segun Demuren of EME and dozens more. They where all livid at the situation and repeatedly asked for the guy to come outside and apologise and he was being hidden and shielded inside the club by the owner.
Eventually he was confronted inside the club and was guarded by bouncers who pushed people and scuffled to try. And sneak him
out. Lynxxx never layed a finger on this man and neither did any one in his camp.

This is just a cheap attempt to target lynxxx and his image and shall be dealt with as the police are ontop of The matter.
Please disregard such lies and false posts as if such an incident occurred, it wouldn’t take a week to get out. All allegations are simply made up too stir up bad press against Lynxxx who only stood up for what was wrong.
 Also, the punch reported recently,
A copy of the medical report from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja where the claimant was admitted said, “he was seriously beaten up by a group of people, and was hit with iron rod in the head, with severe pain and bruises over his body.’’
The counsel for the claimant, Mrs. Tina Wils-Ubong, of the Festus Keyamo Chambers, however said Edozie had been served papers inviting him to answer to the offence, which he refused to accept or acknowledge.
She said the Keyamo Chambers was still making efforts to serve the defendant papers.
Wils-Ubong informed the court of the Chambers intention to file an ex parte.
The magistrate, Mrs. A.F Botoku, however, said it might not be necessary as the court had written the state Citizen’s Mediation Centre, where the matter could be resolved between the two men; and if this failed, it would be returned to the court.
None of the parties to the matter was in court, except the counsel for the claimant.
The matter was adjourned till July 2.
 Well for now we leave everything to the court and suitable evidences to clear whoever is innocent and reprimand who ever is guilty.

Ethan Hawke Reveals That Angelina Jolie Was Born To Make Men Weak

Now i can safely concur to that, as the Hollywood diva is so sexy in all ramications, she makes action movies interesting and looks so hot when she is handling a gun. Her romantic scenes are something else.

Ethan Hawke 42, who happens to be Angie co-star and rumoured life in lover has revealed on "Bravo Watch What Happens", that Angelina Jolie was his best kiss. "She makes you forget your name". be small tin o chai..

Sexy memories: Ethan Hawke revealed on Bravo's Watch What Happens Next that Angelina Jolie was his best kiss, 'She makes you forget your name'
Ehan Hawke

The duo featured in the 2004 thriller,"Taking Lives" where they shared a passionate on-screen clinch. It was rumoured as at then that to be having an off-screen romance that was as hot as their fictional sex scenes.

Hot couple: Angelina and Ethan shared a passionate on-screen clinch in the 2004 thriller Taking Lives
Ethan and Angelina from the 2004 thriller, Taking Lives

Well you have heard it directly from the horse's mouth...

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ebube Nwagbo Dazzles As She Covers New Edition Of Style Fashion Magazine

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I have to admit that she looks hawt!!!

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Fresh Updates On BBA The Chase

According to the theme of this year's season of BBA., The Chase, someone is obviously being chased after.

South African model, Koketso is the belle of the moment as she is being chased by three male housemates..hmm..fine gurl no be beans lol..

Zimbabwe gorgeous Hakeem, Uganda bad boy LK4 and Sierra Leone Bassey are all tripping for the South African damsel.
News: Koketso in the centre of it all
LK4, Koketso and Hakeem
In today's diary session, Bassey shares his hidden feelings for Koketso to Big Brother and also expressed his shock and the damsel behaviour, stating that'
"Koketso was classy when she got here and didn't even want to kiss anybody when we were playing the kissing game but now she sits with Hakeem on the couch with their legs locked around each other".
However, LK4 is okay with the way the damsel confides in him on how she feels about Hakeem. you see why i call LK4 the bad boy. Well as for poor Bassey, you sure can't know about ladies from that point. Ladies try to survey their new environment and look out for their target. Well for Koketso, you have to set priorities right and at the same time play the game well, don't be too trusting to a guy you are still yet to know as He might use it against you. However let the best man wins.

Ooops....What Kinda Wind Is This?

Almost all ladies have been face with a challenging situation involving the wind and your outfit. So many stuffs rush to your brain like adrenaline. You thinking of the embarrassment if your outfit decides to reveal what is hidden.

Gosh, you try all you can yo save yourself, and in the process you draw attention to yourself. I for one will quickly look for the next available option, which is to take shelter in a shop, even though am gonna do window shopping or climb the next available bike, even though the distance is short.

Now imagine the case of a pregnant woman with a short, light are definitely not thinking what am thinking. Now the pregnancy bump will do a little save my modesty justice by holding the gown for going up, however one can not be so sure.

Kim Kardashian's modesty got threatened by the wind when she stepped out to go about her daily business, and it was a situation that was funny to her, as she seems to be laughing at herself.


Waow..i sincerely don't want to be in this quirky situation....

Justin Bieber Faces Paternity Claim

Not again! Justin Bieber has been hit with yet another paternity claim as a woman has come forward claiming that the now 19-year-old is the father of her daughter
Justin Bieber
 19 year old Justin Bieber has being hit with a paternity case, as an unidentified 25 year old lady has come out to claim that the singer is the father of her daughter.

The lady has told Star magazine that she and Justin had a one night stand around four years ago when he was just 15 years old. She claimed that after one of his concerts in Miami, Florida, both of them met in TGI Friday's. The pair then headed back to his hotel room at Gansevoort South, where she claimed they slept together, nine months later, she gave birth to her daughter.

She decided not to come out ever since because she wanted to protect her daughter from the spotlight and sources have claimed that the little girl looks so much like Justin when he was her age.

This is not the first time, Justin has being hit with paternity claims. The first time was by a lady, Mariah Yeater who filed a false paerternity claim against Justin in 2011, accusing the singer of impregnating her after the two had sex backstage at one of his concerts. However, her case was thrown out of the court and the single mother quietly dismissed her paternity suit against the teenage singer.

Familiar story: Mariah Yeater filed a false paternity claim against Justin Bieber in 2011, accusing the singer of impregnating her after the two allegedly had sex backstage at one of his concerts
Mariah Yeater
 The withdrawing of her suit came after Justin said he was ready to take a DNA paternity test and he is sure going to sue her for her claims.

Well no one knows how true this new paternity claim is, guess investigations are going to be done.

...And The Award Goes To Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

CBN lamido-sanusi
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, clinched the 2013 African Central Bank Award of the year. The event took place at Taj Palace, Marrakech, Morrocco on the 29th of May, 2013.

The committee for the award said the CBN governor "has been continously singled out by many of your central banking peers, international bankers, investors, development partners as a reformist governor with integrity, candour, energy and exceptional courage".

"There is no doubt that Africa's improved reputation today is in large part owed to the achievements of leaders like you, and IC publications as well as our event partners wholeheartedly cherish your exceptional contribution to the economic development of the African continent".
Well congrats to him and Nigeria...

The Power Of Make Up

There are those that do make up and there are those that are called Make up artistes. Everyone want a unique difference when they request the service of a make up artistes.

However, we do not want to apply make up that we make us look so far from natural, and as such one has to get it right. So choose your make up artiste carefully so you don't regret not having your make up done all by yourself.

Make up and photo by Joyce Jacob Beauty

Genny Looking Glam

Genevieve Nnaji
Genny is one lady that exudes class and the photo rock..*winks*

The Smiths At The Movie Premiere Of After Earth

A family affair: All the Smiths turned out to support Will and Jaden's new film Aftre Earth in New York on Wednesday evening
The Smith: Jaden, Willow, Will, Jada and Trey
The Smiths unite to show support to Will and Jaden's new film, After Earth at New York on Wednesday night. They all looked smashing and kinda complimented each other's outfit.

Will and son Jaden starred in the movie as father and son, and the movie is a survival story about a son who must rescue his father after they crash land on a futuristic earth. Jaden portrays Kitai Raige and Will portrays his on-screen father, Cypher Raige.

Chip off the old block: Jaden looked like the splitting image of his 44-year-old father, as both the Kirate Kid and the Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air stars donned complimentary suits
Father and Son: Will and Jaden

Left off the list? The only person not to get the suit memo was clearly the matriarch of the showbiz family, Jada Pinkett Smith, who wore a floral frock
Mother and Daughter: Jada and Willow
Also friends of families were they to show their support. Kylie Jenner who happens to be Jaden's special friend and rumoured girlfriend was in attendance.

Special support: Jaden's friend, and rumoured girlfriend, Kylie Jenner who wore a futuristic - no doubt inspired by the film - midriff bearing top and jagged high low skirt
Kylie Jenner
Justin Bieber was also in attendance but he didn't make out time to walk the carpet, rather was captured making a mad dash inside the venue.

Better late than never: Justin Bieber also attended the event to support his friend but ignored the carpet and made a mad dash inside the venue
Justin Bieber makes a dash into the venue

After which he also sped off the same way he came in.

And again: The singer left the same way he came in - at speed
Sped off the same way he came in

Congrats to the smiths!!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tonto Cover Front Page Of Style House Magazine

The delectable actress and singer dazzles on the front cover of Style House Magazine. Nice one.

Video: Beyonce Got Her Bum Slapped By An Over Excited Fan

Wow Beyonce's Mrs Carter show has been dramatic from the very first day it started. The latest drama was in Copenhagen, Denmark where an over excited fan decided to pat the sensational singer on her bottom, an act that Beyonce wasn't impressed with.

From the video, Beyonce can be heard fuming," I will have you escorted out right now, alright?"

Well maybe Beyonce was looking too bootylicious, and the guy couldn't resist, however he went too far, Abusing the privileges Beyonce normally gives fans by coming so close to them when on stage.

Man Deported From Saudia Arabia, Recieves Free Mercedes As Birthday Gift

Omar Borkan al-Gala

Well some people do tend to make good use of any situations they find themselves. Omar Borkan al-Gala 23, was deported from Saudia Arabia for being too handsome as the authorities believed he will posed as a threat to their ladies by seducing them

These news got viral as social media carried the news and this resulted to women wanting to know just how cute this guy is. Omar has said that his deportation news has made him popular and he is using it to his advantage.

His acting career has soared, has recieved over 1 million likes on his facebook page. "I have recieved a Mercedes G55 for my birthday from a woman whom i do not know". Since making headlines, Omar has relocated to Canada where he is working for a woman's right group, which is one of his numerous projects.

Men d guy fine sha...gosh!!!!..*winks...buh hope he aint gay ooo*lol*

Chinese New Born Baby Rescued Alive By Fire Fighters After Being Flushed Away

Wonders will never cease to end. Sometimes one wonders why some people go to such length to do things, however no one should judge people's actions until they have being giving fair hearing.

Firefighters in Eastern China rescued an abandone baby lodged in a sewage pipe. The discovery came after residents report the sound of a baby crying. Firefighters had to remove the pipe and take it to a nearby hospital where doctors carefully cut around it to rescue the baby boy inside.

The firefighters worked quickly to dismantle the pipe and rescue the trapped youngster, who was heard wailing
Firefighter work to cut out the pipe

There are many reports in Chinese media of babies being abandoned, often shortly after birth, making this incident distressing but a common occurence
Doctors investigate the pipe
Doctors carefully cut around the sewage pipe to rescue the baby boy inside
Doctors carefully cut open sewage pipe

Unbelievably, the baby survived the ordeal, which saw him having to be cut out of a pipe
Doctors cut round pipe
Harrowing: Firefighters work to free the unwanted baby from the pipe in Pujiang, Zhejiang Province, China
Baby found to be alive
The newborn baby was rescued by firefighters after being flushed down a toilet
Baby fight for survival
Nurses treat the baby, who was believed to be only a few days old when he was flushed away
Nurses treat baby who was believed to be only few days old
So far the baby is in a stable condition and the police are looking for his parents. Baby has being name Baby No. 59 from the number on his incubator.

God surely works in mysterious ways, and when He says YES, No one can no. The baby has been destined to live and God has proven himself strong once again.

Fresh Updates On BBA The Chase

News: No Clothes Day
Following the launch of the 8th season of BBA The Chase on May 26th, a lot have started unfolding in the house. The housemates have been divided into two houses, The Diamond house and The Rubi house.

Seems there is more fun going on in the Ruby house for now and mind blowing games will be played if care is not taken.

Earlier today, the chasers in Ruby house bares their mind  as they gather in the kitchen in the earlier hours of the morning deliberating on how not to have a dull moment in the big brother house.

Open suggestions was done and Chloe the 21 year old lady from Zambia, came up with an outrageous idea, that they declare Thursday as "No Clothes Day", where by the housemates will go about their activities on that specific day without clothes on but are allowed to have their underwears on.

Chloe, The No Clothes Day Advocate
The suggestions got mixed reactions from the other housemates as majority especially the guys were not keen with the idea of having scantily clad ladies all over the house, even though at first they were shocked by the idea.

Well let's see if they will end up declaring Thursday as "No Clothes Day".

Tonto Looking Good!!


The controversial actress posted this beautiful photo of her on her instalgram page, and i have to say that she looks good.

Fake Psy On The Loose!!!!

We are aware that just maybe we have a look alike somewhere, maybe in a different continent. People tend to ignore it until they find out you are now in the public eye. That is when duplicity comes into play.

Psy obviously have a look alike and this fake Psy is using the attention to his advantage. The fake Psy duped many celebrities during the recently held Cannes Film Festival, as the Real Psy was not in attendance.

Fake Psy-Dennis Carres
The real Psy

After pulling a scam at the Cannes Film Festival, fake Psy, Dennis Carres struck again at  Monaco Grand Pix where he was in attendance over the weekend while the real Psy performed in Italy on that same day.

Amanda Holden and David Hasselholf were among those tricked by the fake Psy. They took some snapshots with him and even went as far as uploading the photo on twitter. However Amanda wasn't sure if she was with the real Psy where as David was absolutely sure he was with the fake singer.

Duped: Amanda Holden posted a picture of herself with Psy lookalike Denis Carré at the Monaco Grand Prix
Not sure: Amanda with the fake Psy at Monaco Grand Pix
Amanda tweeted the above photo with an underlying message,"Not sure if this is this guy is kosher?! Rumours circulating he was a fake? What do you think?!"

That's not him! The Hoff appeared more certain that the man was in fact NOT the real Psy
Holf with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts pose with the fake Psy

Holf tweeted this photo with an underlying message that showed he was aware that it was the fake Psy that was in with him in the photo,"Was that really Psy? I think not!!"

The fake Psy sure has guts i must say..using his fake status to party with high celebs and enjoying the privileges and numerous benefits that would have been meant for the real Psy. 

Obviously this guy is keeping tab on the real Psy, how did he know that the real Psy won't be attending these two major events that he attended? How did he even get the invite?

Scott Disick Celebrates 3oth Birthday In Grand Style

Celebration: Kourtney Kardashian joined Scott Disick as he celebrated turning 30 at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas on Sunday
Scott and Kourtney
Scott has always being known for his love for clubbing and partying hard, and his birthday was just an opportunity he couldn't miss to party hard.

He was so happy because for once his wonderful baby mama gets to join him as most times, his girlfriend and baby mama prefers staying at the house with the kids.

In full plume: The star wore a peacock inspired outfit of teal, black and green
In full plume: The star wore a peacock inspired outfit of teal, black and green

Kourtney made sure she was by her boyfriend's side all through the party time, celebrating and making sure things go well. The party took place at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Most of the the Kardashians were not there to show their love and support, however the Momager was there to represent them.

Mommy dearest: Kris Jenner showed her support while wearing a Chanel bag similar to one Kim recently carried
Kris Jenner, Scott and Kourtney

Though Kim and Khloe were absent, they celebrated with Scott via twitter by sending heart warming messages to him.

Kim posted this photo below along with this message,"Happy birthday to "letthelordbewithyou" we have come a long way my friend! i love you!

'We've come a long way': Khloe tweeted this picture along with a birthday message
Khloe and Scott
Kim also tweeted a snap of herself with Scott, Kourtney and Khloe, adding ..."OMG, I almost died when i saw this! 2006 throwback! This one is for you Scott!

'This one's for you Scott!': Kim posted this 2006 throwback snap
Scott with the Kardashian sisters
 Well congrats buddy and may you live to celebrate more years to come with your beautiful baby mama!!!