Friday, 17 August 2012

Sparkling Jordin Sparks as she dazzles in movie premier

Just as her new movie named Sparkle, Jordin was looking sparkling and elegant at the movie premier.
She showed her new body after a gainful weight loss which suit her just fine and i am loving it.
The 22 year old American idol season six winner was the belle of the night as she beats her co-stars pants down even though they wore low cut daring attires.

On her weight loss she said" there is no magical thing about losing weight...its all about diet and
 exercise and stick to it but at your own pace as every one is different.." hmm i love that

other attendees present included Jordin's co-star and on screen sister Carmen  Ejogo, 37 year old British Nigerian actress and singer and also co-star Tika Sumpter, also her parents where there to show their love and support , Philip and Jodi Sparks
Carmen Ejogo
Tika Sumpter

Jordin and her Parents, Philip and Jodi Sparks
hmm one word "beautiful"

Kim K Sexy Shoot in Hawaii

Seems some one is enjoying herself to the brim. Kim doesn't see an opportunity and let it pass her by, hell no.
Well the celeb really did explore Hawaii as she has been posting beautiful and sexy pics on twitter and i just so love the pics*winks*.

Prayer Warrior bathes 15 year old girl with hot water.

A 15year old girl was bathed with hot water by a 25 year old prayer warrior. the incident occurred in Onitsha in Anambra State. The victim, Chiemere Onuegbe was doing her laundering alongside other children in the compound where she lived with her Aunt, Mrs. Josephine Anyaegbu, when this disastrous act occurred. The girl was quickly rushed to a private  hospital where doctors are battling to save her life.

Meanwhile the self acclaimed prophetess is currently in the central police station and the Anambra state police public relations officer (PPRO), Mr. Ralph Uzoigwe, said he has not received full details of the incident, however a senior police officer (anonymous) has said they will have to take the woman to the psychatric hospital first to ascertain her mental state before further action is taken.

This is the height of holy madness. what kind of holy baptism is this? The Jesus we know happens to be a man of compassion and so i see no reason why we christains claims to be prophets and commits all such madness all in the name of fighting with the devil.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Happy Birthday to Madonna as she turns 54 today

Ever lookin young, old age is definitely not in her dictionary. the birthday girl will b celebrating her 54th birthday on August 16, 2012. She is currently on a tour in Europe supporting her MDNA album.

Ever since she came into limelight in the 80s, she has being commanding attention and age happens not to be a barrier. She is a business woman, musician, mother, style icon, film director, and actress. Always courting controversy and dealing with them stylishly. May all you desire be yours Amen.

Is Willow missing something?

New look

My very own radical willow. Willow Smith, the 11 year old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has been known to always change her hair do as it pleases her even to the extent of dyeing her hair. February saw willow snipping her hair off as she prefer the low hair do but now it seems Willow is missing her long hair locks.

Well whichever kiddo i do admire your style because all hairstyles looks good on you.

Willow with her long tresses
Willow with her buzz cut
 well peeps which syle looks best on my daughter*winks*

Kim K in Hawaii

The holiday spirit is everywhere and i am seriously feeling it also despite the fact that am working. Anyway Kim K sure knows how to spend the holiday even in the midst of chaos.

Kim tweeted pics of herself in Hawaii while on holiday with beau Kanye. Obviously she doesn't want to be disturbed about the divorce proceedings going on between herself and her Kris Humphries whom she was married to for 72 days.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Jennifer Aniston is Engaged.

Aww this is so cute, Jennifer Aniston said "yes" to Justin Theroux proposal during his birthday dinner on Friday in New york city.congrats dear, wish you the very best.

RIP Kris Jenner??

It was the turn of the Kardashain Momager to be killed before her time hahahaha....well its all a hoax as the lady is strong,  healthy and kicking...the news went round via twitter that Kris Jenner has pass on but Kim has taken to twitter to squash the rumor. Kim tweeted "the awkward moment when "RIP Kris Jenner" is trending, yet am on the phone with her! LOL ".

 LOL! Not many could laugh at their mother's death, but as Kim Kardashian confirms it was all a hoax

Khloe also tweeted, " i think my mother has abandoned me LOL, this woman has been yachting it up in Europe, no phone calls. Nada". well these are obvious facts that the Momager is very much alive..

Kirsten Stelwart DROPPED from Snow white and the Huntsman sequel

Ah this is so bad, after losing her man, now she is losing a contract, well sometimes you can't just get away with some crimes in Hollywood. and this is evidence on what cheating and adultery can do to some one. it goes round to affect all that matters to you. don't know if i should say good riddance as i really did love this girl and was so happy for her relationship but ever since this scandal was brought to limelight, mere sight of her picture turns me off, and am like why did you do this? she just doesn't look like someone that will do such.

It has just been reported that 22 year old Kirsten Stelwart won't be featuring in the sequel of Snow white and the Huntsman.the news came out just weeks after pictures of her intimate moments with Rupert Sanders, managing director of Snow white and the huntsman went round. Although she might have a role in the sequel but the movie won't centre around her. However, Rupert still has his job intact.

Sander's wife is said to have banned him from working with Kirsten,

Meanwhile Robert Pattinson, Kirsten "boyfriend" is promoting his new movie and obviously, he is trying not to be bother by the recent happenings but rather focusing on his career.

LASTMA drops charges against Yinka Johnson

Well for those that heard about the news where LASTMA were trying to play smart by accusing Yinka Johnson on killing a LASTMA official on duty while trying to escape arrest. Well eyewitnesses have rallied round her and stood for her testifying that she is not guilty rather it was a danfo bus driver that actually ran over the LASTMA official. wow, who says blackberry broadcast aint good, blackberry users did show their sympathy by rebroadcasting the message.

Yinka Johnson, a Banker who works with Stanbic IBTC Bank and accused of knocking down a LASTMA official, Mr. Hameed Balogun 33, to death has been freed of all murder charges as investigations and reports of eye witnesses had proved thatshe is innocent as her vehicle was already parked by the road side after the LASTMA officers told her to park and also she did not even see the man being knocked down , rather Mr. Hameed Balogun was knocked down by a danfo driver while trying to escape from the LASTMA officers.

However, Mrs. Yinka was charged to court on a one count charge for driving recklessly, she was granted bail and told to pay a fine. The case was adjourned till September 3rd.
hmm big thanks to all that contributed positivly to see the lady free from murder case

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Womans Kills Fiance on Wedding Day

It is so unfortunate that people do no understand the essence of courtship, what kinda hot temper or rather bad temper will make a woman kill her to be hubby? well for sure i don't have all the details just this briefing but will sure communicate with you all when i finally have all details.

 Na Cola Darcel Franklin 31, from Lehigh Valley Pennysylvania is currently facing charges for stabbing her fiance, Billy Brewster 37, in the chest during  an argument in their apartment. Police was called to the Franklin and Brewster apartment at 2:19am just 8 hours before the wedding of the accused and the deceased would have taken place. eyewitness has reported that there seems to be no problem between the couple as they are nice and peace loving, However motives of the attack hasn't been uncovered as the accused is yet to come to terms of her deceased fiance as she kept wailing that she wants to go home and wants her family back, hmm medicine after death you would definitely say.

Brewster cousin, Nakai Kali and his wife Monique Kali where in the apartment likewise four children at the time of the inccident. they actually travelled from Illinios for the wedding and as such were staying with the couple.

Monique reported that the couple decided to step out to get food and they began arguing. According to police affidavit, Franklin began swinging a knife and stabbed Brewster twice on his chest, Monique said she tackled with Franklin while her husband Nakai knocked the knife off her hand. The groom staggered out the front door to the second landing where he was met by the police.

She has so far applied for a public defender but hasn't been assigned one.hmm wish her God's grace and favor to get out of this