Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Wonder Bra

Hve you ever seen a lady with a deep plunging gown exposing her cleavage and wondering if sh eis wearing a bra and if she is how come her cleavage is full?

Inspiration: Cleavage-baring celebrities such as Holly Willoughby helped popularise navel-scraping styles
Holly Willoughby
Blake Lively
Miranda Kerr
Well majority of ladies seen in that type of outfit do wear a bra but not just any bra. Plunging styles might be all the rage on the red carpet but navel-scraping necklines aren't always the easiest to wear.

Choice: The new bra comes in a choice of black or nude

Blushes averted: Wonderbra claim their new invention will eliminate embarrassing nipple slips and side boob
Wonder Bra
Now Wonderbra has come to the rescue with its lowest bra to date which claims to offer support while minimising pitfalls such as accidental nipple slips and side-boob. The bra, which comes in a choice of black or nude, features a front that dips down as far the solar plexus so it can be worn under a cleavage-baring frock.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Kardashian Family And The Illuminati

Show-stopping: Kim is the centre of attention in the image, wearing a black gown with a keyhole cut-out to display her ample cleavage and a split all the way up one side
Kim Kardashian
Rumours have always been spiralling that some members of the Kardashian if not all belong to the Illuminati group. Illuminati is viewed as being a dreaded cult, which caters to the rich and help to make you well known, celebrated and much more richer.

The Kardashian's have brought out their Christmas card for the year and this year's edition is unique in its own way with the families all dressed in black ensemble. The card features photos of the Kardashian ladies as Robert, Lamar Odom, Kanye West, Scott Disick as well as baby North West were all absent. As expected, Kim was the centre of attraction where she poured all her assets into the sexy deep plunging gown.

The big reveal: The family revealed this year's card on Keeping Up With The Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas special
Mama mia!!!

Pulling out all the stops: Bruce Jenner is seen in a glass case, while Kris sat proudly atop a cashier and Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian lounged in the background with Kourtney's children Mason and Penelope

The Kardashian Christmas Card for 2013: (L-R) Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian with Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian with Penelope Disick, Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner.

However, what drew my attention is the background used. It didn't really portray the Christmas spirit, rather something dreadful. Also noticed by me is the Illuminati symbol.

Sister act: Kendall (R) and Kylie Jenner wore similar black dresses while stood amongst various tabloid magazines with members of the famous family on the cover
Kylie an dKendall
Can you see the Illuminati symbol behind the Jenner girls? What can you deduce from that? well it could just be a mere coincidence, i guess....

Rita Ora Looking Fly

Special effort: Rita oozed sex appeal in her fitted gown, while Kate was her usual rock chick self in the leather cocktail dress, for the ceremony held at the London Coliseum
Rita Ora
She was spotted at the 2013 British Fashion Awards which took place at the London Coliseum, she arrived in decadent fashion, channeling the Hollywood screen sirens of old in a strapless, silver sequinned gown which accentuated her every curve, while her platinum blonde hair was styled in side-parted ways,

Statement: The singer certainly looked like she wanted to make an impression at the gathering of London's fashionable elite

Taking Hold Of The Situation

How we react to things when we are face with difficulties matters a lot. Difficulties which could range from health to career and life in general.

No one promised that life will be fair and we all know that is what we seek, that we will get. What you do at that point where you feel this is the end is very crucial. Some people have made good story line through their life stories. They are eager to let people know that it wasn’t all rosy for them, they had to start from somewhere, they felt they could never come out of their situation, but eventually they did and their life has become a bestseller stories to others.

Someone said the most difficult life situation is when you are terminally ill, that is when you realise that it is actually true that health is wealth. Just maybe you are retired and instead of enjoying your retirement with your savings, you find yourself using it to take care of yourself or maybe a sick child or relative of yours.

You may think your case is worst so you should be allowed to feel depressed, but when you come across people that don’t wallow in self pity as a result of predicament, then you see yourself as not been positive but as a failure cos at that point, you have failed no one but yourself.

When you say some one is a survivor, you are painting a picture of one that didn’t look down on him or herself, didn’t ask questions rather sat down to think how to get out of this present situation and also how to help the next person to either avoid the same situation or be able to rise above his present state.

Eryca Freemantle is a Lifestyle Guru, an award-winning, celebrity and international make-up artist, industry intelligence, consultant, educator, author, corrective make-up specialist, trendsetter, keynote and motivational speaker. Working with clients such as British Vogue, Elle, BBC, Wella, Island Records, EMI, Kodak and Toni & Guy international celebrities, speaking at key events such as Professional Beauty UK, Olympia UK Glam Live, Women Shaping the World (New York), Vitality Show, Fashion Capital and Professional Beauty South Africa, contributor to Professional Beauty Magazine. 

Eryca Freemantle

Eryca's career started by sheer accident, she was involved in a major car crash causing over 200 scars to her face, loss of hair and a near amputation of her left leg; she never imagined it would be life-altering. Upon realising that her dream of becoming a model would soon be history, she sought solace in make-up artistry and fitness. This motivated her to learn about corrective make-up techniques and application to camouflage her facial scars and blemishes, she had to make and design her own make-up for herself to disguise her scarred face and attend regular fitness classes to learn to walk again. 

Her positive attitude towards life encouraged her determination to proceed and be successful. It was also her motivation that gave her the courage to embrace her beauty and at a time of such low self-esteem. Eryca has researched the make-up artistry and fitness industries intensely, travelling the globe, looking at trends and predictions. Eryca's heart is dedicated to her industry, Educating women globally about their bodies, makeup and inner beauty needs. 

You may think that this is just one out of a thousand, but this lady is an inspiration to so many ladies out there, she attended the recently concluded WOW symposium that took place at the Intercontinental hotel in Lagos. People where amazed about her tremendous courage and impact she has made in the lives of people especially women. She isn’t shy about telling people where she came from and what it took her to get to this point in her life.

Some people who have being diagnosed to have just few months or days to live do not conform to the situation, rather they take charge of their situation and live it the best way they can. Not necessarily partying hard or doing some negative stuff, but making out time to spend quality time with families and friends, rebuilding and strengthening their relationship with their maker and above all impacting lives and making sure that people they will leave behind will remember them for the wonderful times shared.

Ethan Remmel
Ethan Remmel, Ph.D., was a developmental psychologist and an associate professor at Western Washington University. He died on June 13, 2011 from incurable cancer. Before his death, He took out time to share his daily activities with readers on his blog, “Psychology Today”. His blog is an inspiration to many people especially people diagnosed with terminal and incurable disease.

He is the author of “Living While Dying”, however he didn’t paint a gory picture rather, he was actually talking about the way he goes about his duties and how he followed through his daily medications and all.

A close relative of mine was epileptic and her own case became severe due to the different places we had to take her to just because we wanted her to get well. Her mental state deteriorated and for a long part of her life, she was always indoors due to her mental state, had to stop school and was always kept in the watch. After awhile depression crept in and she later gave up the ghost. It was so painful and we just knew it is better this way so she can go and rest with her maker rather than suffer the pains and the heartache.

Having knowledge about epilepsy now made me look back and realise that we didn’t take charge of the situation in a positive way, because many people walking the streets and working are epileptic. They didn’t let epilepsies take hold of their lives and affairs.

Well I will stop here today but before that, would love for everyone to take charge of their situation, no matter how bad it is, push it towards the positive side and have faith in God and yourself that you can face life and be a better person to yourself and people around you.