Thursday, 8 November 2012

Educating: NigerianTeenagers Designed A Urine Powered Generator

A Urine Powered Generator has being created by four girls; Duro-Aina Adebola 14, Akindele Abiola 14, Faleke Oluwatoyin 14 and Bello Eniola 15.

The generator is on display at an exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria, where people from the tiniest villages to those from the big cities are talking about making stuffs.

Their invention ensures that 1L of urine can generate 6 hours of electricity.


1. Urine is put inside an electrolytic cell, which separates out the hydrogen.

2. The Hydrogen goes into a water filter for purification, which then gets pushed into the gas cylinder.

3. The gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of borax which is used to remove the moisture from the hydrogen gas.

4. This purified gas is pushed into the generator.

This is part of an initiative put together by "Maker Faire Movement" held in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is actually a good invention, and i pray they are encourage for a good job. Also it will really help especially with the fuel shortage we do experience regularly.

 However this is letting those that want to use it to try and be saving their urine in order for them to have good 6 hours or more of uninterrupted electricity.*winks*

Lady Gaga Donates $1 Million.....


26 year old Lady Gaga made a $1 Million Dollar donation to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

She feels indebted because to her, she won't be where she is if not for NYC. Having being raised in Manhattan Upper West side.

So Patriotic.

God Be Praised: Cojoined Twins Separated at 8 Months

Surgeons at the Children' s hospital at Philadelphia successfully separated 8 month old twin girls who were joined at the lower chest and abdomen.

The operation took seven hour to completely separate Allison Amelia Tucker. The twins are expected to live healthy and independent lives as there was no complications as a result of the operation as confirmed by th head surgeon Holly Hedrick.
Aww cute babies

This operation happens to be the 21st separation of cojoined twins operformed  at the hospital.

Facebook Again !!!!!

It has been reported that a young man killed his girlfriend because he suspected that he was cheating on him with a man she met on facebook.

Hmm this facebook stuff has seriously gone out of hand o.please ladies be very cautious and careful. But did that actually warrant the guy to kill his girlfriend? Such a man should not get married o because the wife will surely know no peace.

Susan Peters Becomes A Mother

Nollywood Actress Susan Peters who came into limelight this year has adopted a baby girl from Ogun State.

The delectable actress from Benue State started her acting career 2012, however she began modelling way back 2003, She has appeared in many advertisement, from TV to commercials and graced billboards for some notable companies.

Alessandra Ambrosio Is The New Face of London Fog

Model Alessandra Ambrosio is the new face of London Fog Winter 2012 campaign. Her daughter Anja 4, also happens to appear in the campaign.

Ambrosio told People magazine that she is proud of her daughter and having her steals the spotlight is pretty funny, but she is loving it and is really cute.

This is pretty cool, mother an ddaughter doing business together and enjoying it.

Facebook Love: Girl Drugged and Raped

Another victim has fallen for this facebook love madness. New victim claims she met a man on facebook and after a month of exchanging messages, they decided to finally meet.

The man took her out for a drink, she ordered red bull just to create a good impression,later, decided to use the rest room. The man use the opportunity to drug her red bull.

She only remebers being drowsy and some one dragging her to the car, but was half awake and sleepy when the man and other assailants raped her repeatedly. She actually lost count of the times they had thier way with her.

She however came to her senses when good samaritans found her at Umoja 2, Kenya. After the incident,  her vagina wass sore and she found it difficult to walk.

She has however cautioned girls to be wary of men they meet on facebook as majority of them do not have good intentions.

Who has ears let them hear.

Love Struck Kanye Can't Wait To B e With His Love Kim

Kanye West jets 4,000 miles from Miami to London just to be with his girl friend, Kim Kardashian, the following day after Kim and her sister Kourtney got into London to promote their new collection.

Kanye West
Kim Kardashian

D Ring of Love

It seems Kim and Kanye have been itching to be together, as Kim has been spotted having a ring on her finger with Kanye's initial on it. (KW).Obviously that keeps the singer close to her everyday thoughts.

Kim and sister Kourtney alongside Koutney's kids, Mason and baby Penelope are presently in London promoting their Kardashian Kollection.
Kim, Kourtney, Mason & Penelope in the carrier

Airlines Cancel Some Flight in Norteast Due To Approaching Storm

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled at various airports in North America in preparation for a storm approaching the Northeast.

So please travel consultants try to advise your clients on these, in order for them to re-schedule their flight.

Election Loyalty; Kenyan Mother Names Twins Barack and Mitt


A Kenyan mother,Millicent Owour, 20 who gave birth to her twins during the day of the US elections have decoded tp pay homage to the candidates of the election.

According to BBC reports, the hospital where she delivered her twins is a short distance from Obama's family hometown at Kogelo, and the residents in the village were celebrating his victory. The woman said she named the first twin Barack and the second Mitt.

She said she named her after the winning and losing US presidential candidates in order to remeber the day of the election.

Mr Obama's father was born in Kenya and his step grandmother, Sarah Obama who turns 90 this year still lives in the village of Kogelo.

Hmm how patriotic, its quite cool sha but naming kids after the winner and loser hmm. Hope it doesn't affect them psychologically especially baby Mitt.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mother Breastfeeds 1 Month Old baby To Death

Nonkonzo Thombo,32,  got drunk after declaring early festive celebration to her neighbours. In her drunken state, she decided to breastfeed her baby but she slept off in the process, only to wake up the following day with a dead baby in her arms.

She really was depressed because she didn't set out to kill her baby, she admitted that probably the milk was to much for the baby as the baby's lips had turn black and blood was oozing out of his nose.

She denied being a heavy drinker, but her neighbours said she loves alcohol.

So far Nonkonzo hasn't been arrested.

So sad.

Paul Okoye Will Be A Daddy Soon

Yep so true, Paul Okoye is expecting his own baby with long time girl friend Anita, who he has been dating for long now and currently undergoing her post graduate study at the University of Dundee in Scotland.

Congrats to you.

MW Beauty Of D Day

Loving the bright eyes and eye lashes...did i forget the red lipstick? *winks* Isn't she cute? Guess who is she peeps

Kardashian Kollection

Kim Kardashian tweet picture of Dorothy Perkins store in London where their collections will be sold.

Wow so awesome.

Unilag Student Jumps From 3rd Floor to Escape Rape

It seems this facebook is really act to kill young ladies. A 21 year old Akabugu Nkiruka,an Undergraduate of the University of Lagos, jumps from the 3rd floor of a building to escape rape from a man she met via facebook.

The linguistic student claimed she met the 26 year old man(names withheld) through the facebook social network, the man invited her to a nite club at Apapa last Wednesday, from there they now went to his family house which is at 1004  Estate, Victoria Island.

On getting to the house, she said the man tore at her clothes and tried to rape her. According  to her, the man pushed her from the building because she refused to have sex with him, even after she had already told the man she was menstruating. She had to tell him she was menstrauting prior to their meeting because he was already talking about sex.

Trying to contact the victim, the mother who was present in the house during th etime of the incidence, said she was not aware of the duo disagreement as she was already asleep. she however took the lady to the hospital but claimed that the son didn't pushed the lady from the building, rather the lady jumped on her own accord.

The Divisional Police Officer of Bar Beach, Victoria Island, CSP Fayaode Adegoke told NAN that the lady wrote in her statement that she jumped from the building to escape being rape.

Nkiruka sustained multiple injuries including pelvis fracture and had a surgery at the General Hospital, Marina, Lagos on Tuesday.

Well ladies lets all try to be extra careful when dealing with people we meet through these numerous social media network. Some are decent because some ladies claim to have met their spouse via this same social media network. In other words just be wise.

President Obama Wins Re-Election

President Obama wins re-election and it has been signed and sealed and America has him once again as president for four more years. Networks declared him winner of the election.

The president promised American that the best is yet to come and also paid tribute to his opponent, Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney urgers American unity and appreciated the fact that the nation chose another leader even though he didn't come out victorious.

Obama delivers his speec in front of Thousands of supporters

Barack Obama called for unity and presented an optimistic vision as he declared victory . H e took to the stage at his campaign headquarter in Chicago looking towards the future saying "We know in our hearts that for America, the best is yet to come".

Obama thanked the citizens who had participated in the political process
Obama tweets this picture after He was declared winner

Obama celebrates with His family
Congrats American, Congrats Barack Obama.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Governor Fashola Pictured Kissing His Wife

This is so cute,i gbadu their style.

D Kardashians Covers December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine

The beautiful trio  grace the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and in it they talked about their different figures. They absolutely looks beautiful and exudes strong body confidence.

Khloe admitted that it actually isn't easy because her weight fluctuates and like every normal girl, tends to feel insecure sometimes, She do have her weakness but mostly brush it off as she loves her body even though she isn't size zero.

As for Kim, she claims to turn to rapper Kanye West when ever she needs that confidence boost, since he always compliment ha in every way. Hmm does that mean she never had confidence before dating Kanye?

The trio however wished they had the kind of confidence their sis Kylie 16 has at their age. Kim even admitted to have sought Kylie's advice in the process of ending her second marriage. She do that because Kylie has a way of steering her in the right direction when it comes to relationship issues.

An Okada Rider Allegedly Shot By Policemen In Lagos This Morning

According to statement from an eye witness, An okada rider was shot dead due to the fact that he was disobeying the new rule set by LATSMA. He was shot in the chest this morning around Illupeju bypass in Illupeju.

The policemen from Illupeju police station was chasing the okada rider in order to seize his motorcycle and as such they had to open fire. This is pure madness.

Where they instructed to open fire on disobedient motorcyclists? Something has to be done real fast as this is going out of proportion.

Like their usual behaviour, they entered their van and fled the scene of the incidence. It was passers by that had to rush the victim to the nearest hospital.

This has resulted in motorcyclist protesting against the alleged killing . Where are we heading to for Christ' sake?

Hehehehe....Man Confesses murder on Death Bed and faces Consequences After Surviving Attack

OMG... You know that feeling that you get when you are like "have said it all do your worst", as you obviuosly know that no harm can be done to you.

James Washington almost got away with murder as he thought he was going to die. He confessed to have killed some one by beating her to death. He suffered a heart attacka and thinking he won't survive the attack decided to clear his conscience before dying.

Unfortunately for him, he survuved the attack, and have to face the consequences. He however trie dtaking back his words after survival but nothing could be done.

He has been tried and sentenced to life sentence.

Oh oh too bad. What should he have done, die with the guilt? Or did he do the right thing? He obviously didn't want to go to hell...

All In The Name of Business

People can really do all kinds of job. Its really true when they say sex sells real fast. Beautiful ladies especialy models have being known to help promote company's products. Right now almost all companies or organizations employ this tactics.

Polish casket manufacturer has published a magazine showing beautiful models posing besides his caskets. To him there is no big deal in it as he doesn't see any reason why people are scared of caskets which is like every other product people buy.

However, a spokeperson for the Catholic Church has deemed the calender inappropriate and that death should not be treated likely.

Well not every one got the message about the casket being a product, if i have to translate his picture, i would think he was trying to pass the image that beatiful ladies can send you straight into the casket.

This is pure Gaga Crazy...

Lots has really occured as a result of the Motorcycle ban. A motorcyclist yesterday stripped himself naked just to avoid arrest from the police task force.

However, the chairman of the Lagos State Task for Special offences, Bayo Sulaiman has stated that the naked victim, Mr. Sunday Udon 38, has been arrested and presently behind bars.

So far, many motocyclist has been arrested and their motorcycles seize also due to their disobedience.

Government should please provide an alternative for these cyclist. They all have responsiblities and majority of them are even graduates that have to do what they can do to support themselves since there are no jobs in the country. Something has to be done real fast so they don't get frustrated and go into robbery and other crimes.

Christiana Aguilera's Odd look.

Don't really know what she had in mind donning this hairstyle, but all the same it kinda looks good on her though.


She looks so colourful, with her bright hair, pink lipstick and heavy eye make up. Well guess she likes it that way. That has actually been her trademark.So peeps Cool or not?

Munachi Abii Marked her Bithday

Checked out Muna's photo from her birthday celebration. This is obviously , "if you have it flaunt it".

Well peeps is it swag or not? Did she impress you or not?

D Kardashian Kollection!!!

The Kardashian just concluded collaborations with UK high street staple designer, Dorothy Perkins. This i can say actually in a good time as festive season draws nigh. The sisters are presently in UK for the launch of their collection.

 The sisters has just rebranded their srore's image, this was done to bring in customers from the younger crowd, good thinking for sure.


I s much love the collection, check out the logo itself, hmm interesting.

Well am sure they won't have trouble with patronage because they have a large fan page. For those admiring them and their fashion style, just buy from their collection and you already a Kardashian.*winks*

Monday, 5 November 2012

American Celebs and Baby Bump

Sometimes it seems this people don't have work seriously. What is the crave about showing off your baby bump in public. Eventhough we Africans especially Nigerians claims we are now in the 21st century, we still try to give those of our night flying citizens wide a great distance. Not that am being archaic, but we both know the truth.

Over there, you see them post pictures of thier baby bumps on facebook, twitter instalgram etc, but we here we try to hide as we don't know who is who.

Well wish them safe delivery.

Amber rose expecting baby with fiance Wiz Khalifa
Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen

Cesc Fabregas Stole My Wife!!!!!

Seems some one is really angry here. Ex hubby of Cesc Fabregas girlfriend is letting all who cares to know that the FC Barcelona fotballer stole his pretty wife.

The hubby himself is not new to the millionaires club either, as he happens to be property tycoon Elie Taktouk. He has been seriously devastated after losing wife and mother of his two kids to the 25 year old footballer last year. Guess what? He is not looking forward to having her back. hmm then why is he lamenting if he is not looking forward to that? 

Well i guess he doesn't appreciate the fact that his kids now have the young fellow as their step dad. hmm male ego.

Seems Daniella Semaan can't be bothered about her ex-hubby utterances.

Seems Daniella Semaan can't be bothered about her ex-hubby utterances. As she can been see clearly enjoying herself.

Wow..Lady Makes 160 Pounds A Day As A "Professional Cuddler"

You know, that is why every one wants to tavel outside the country because they believe they can make it out there. But we forget that everythings is the mindset, and they are always encourage to be independent, thinking outside the box.

I haven't heard about this kinda business before, 'Professional Cuddler"? Well someone is sure making money out of it. 29 year old Jackie Samuel, invites strangers to her house to take a nap with her NOT in the context you are thinking though, however, just for them to cuddle her while they sleep, like a teddy bear. She cuddles close to 30 men in a week, the cuddling can be done anywhere in her house, but her clients seems to prefer her large double bed.
Jackie 29 is seen cudddling up to one of her client

Wow once again, i can imagine telling my parents that i want to go into that kind of business, hmm, the thunderous slap i will get ehn..i will sure need a cosmetic surgery for it.