Friday, 22 June 2012


This is serious oo, A 27 year old woman Nike Fashoyinu, mother of two have been arrested after allegedly  pouring hot water over husband's manhood. according to the accused, she did it to teach her husband, Amos, a lesson as she suspects him of sleeping with another woman.  She claimed that her husband was always looking outside for sexual satisfaction, so to stop his bad behavior she has to teach him a lesson by pouring hot water over his manhood, and this has resulted to serios injuries sustained by her husband.hmm men sha,buh woman you have mind oo...come to think of it?what was the man doing when his wife is pouring the water on him?
The accused was arraigned before an  Ejigbo Magistrate Court in Lagos and she has been granted bail in the sum of #100,000 with two sureties in like sum and the case has been adjourned.


For once am happy that the christian leaders are speaking out because enough is enough honestly speaking.
Niger Delta Christian leaders have expressed disgust in the manner in which the Federal Government are handling this so called Boko Haram saga.The secretary to the Niger Delta Christian Forum, NDCLF, Bishop Eddy Bebor signed the statement and in the statement the group said it has lost its confidence in the ability of the government to protect the lives of Christians and it is now clear that the members of the militant Islamic group called Jihadists will stop at nothing until their purpose is accomplished.The statement also argued that no one is left in doubt that the "Government cannot do anything to fight this terror and the National Assembly is finding it difficult to handle this Islamic terrorists.
The group is calling on all Christians especially those in the north to rise up to the challenge by defending themselves when they come under attack.hmm ok o may God help us all Christians or do the Christians now have bombs to retaliate?its easier said than done ooo


An obese dad  from Ottawa Canada who weighs 360 pounds claims to have lost custody of his two sons after being told by his doctor that he was unfit to cater for them.He lost the year old battle to keep sons aged five and six Wednesday.shei ya. The sons were both put in foster care when the man's ex-wife was hospitalized for a mental breakdown and overdose.Although the dad sure lost 150pound during the court case, but he still wasn't giving custody of kids as it was noted that in the past he has been known to have violent outbursts and have also used  marijuana.Obese dad made court to know that he is a stress eater but he sure knows how to cater for his kids and should be given a chance to be a dad to them and though  having them would cause stress but having them taken away from him would only increase his stress.and you know what he is trying to say huh?more weight.


Wonders will never end, so as men do break gals heart,so also gals breaking their fellow gals heart?all in the name of lesbianism hmm.
A TV celebrity personal trainer jumped off Beachy Head after losing her job as well as having problems with her girlfriend.
Drugs and drinks were found in her system, a combination which is very toxic after a thorough investigation was carried out. Angie Dowds 42, who starred in ITV's The Biggest Loser with Davina Macall sent a final text to her partner in her final moments saying "My heart is broken, my spirit is broken"and also "on your head be it,i will be at peace very soon".wow.
Angie Dowds

Angie jumped from this cliff,so sad

Her GP said the deceased  had in the past experienced ongoing addictions to drugs and alcohols and had made quite a number of suicidal attempts in the past.hmm what a pity.
I am just trying to recollect one of the shows i saw her in,where she was encouraging the contestants to push through to lose their weight and to be confident,but it is so amazing that she who is the teacher couldn't be brave and confident of herself.what then do we teach people if we can't also face our demons?May your dear soul rest in peace...adieu angie


Millie- Jo has been left scarred for life and obviously will been on several reconstructive surgery for the next couple of years due to serious bites gotten from a dog. Millie-Jo's mum Belinda Wyeth 29, a former medical secretary and her partner Neil Baker,30, left daughter Mollie-Jo, and her 11year old brother Sean with their close relatives and decided to go out for the weekend, only to get a call from their close relatives that Mollie-Jo has been nipped by their dog.

Shannon Rennie 7, was attacked by a Japanese Akita dog, Kalo while playing at a friend's home in May and she had to undergo more than 10 stitches after the attack and they are expecting more stitches according to the mum.hmm so far nothing can be done as Japanese Akita are not classified as dangerous under the Dangerous Dog Act,can you imagine?


Sincerely, what will you as a mum do, if you came across a suicidal letter written by your 14year old son? For the ones that have high blood pressure, hmm, i pray they don't have heart attack because that is sure a risk, and you start thinking all in a second what haven't you done right? How come you didn't know how your son is feeling? Is he being bullied by his school mates? You run up to his room to check him up and you see him sleeping  peacefully and tell me what will be your next reaction?
Wesley Walker, 14, wrote a letter to his mum that he is dying. in the letter, he was grateful for all that the mum has done for him and she shouldn't cry when he is gone, requested for bright colors during his funeral  and even listed who will get his most prized possessions. no be small thing o.anyway keep reading.
Horrified mum Mrs.Vicky Walker,42, was shocked and ran straight to her son's room to check if he hasn't committed suicide only to see him sleeping so soundly and guess what? the letter happens to be a creative assignment from school.hmm that kain assignment.

The parents demanded an apology from the school as a result of the horrific assignment.hahahaha that's a good one.thumbs up.Well the school had to explained that the pupils in creative arts class were asked to imagine that they have a terminal illness and express thanks to loved ones and that they meant no harm, well guess parents should have been warned some how about it?
well peeps if you were caught off guard like Wesley folks, what will you do? expecting your comments.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Hmm this family always seem to amuse me and nothing sure surprises me about them, so wasn't shocked when Kim admitted her mum allowed her to be on birth control pills at age 14 as she was ready to have sex with her then boyfriend of two years and she was head over heels in love with him..hmm mama d mama.
Concerning the sex tape, she candidly agreed that the sex tape did launched her to fame and introduced to the world. hmmm. 
With respect to her failed marriage, she denied that her marriage was a hoax and claimed not to have spent enough time with her ex, Kris Humphries, before embarking on that marriage route with him, so there was no time for her to discover his negative traits but she did loved him and saw her failed marriage not as a mistake but a lesson.
Kim who is currently dating Kanye West claimed one reason she was got attracted to the rapper was his age as Kanye is older than her.oh yea.
Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians 

Kim with Oprah


I usually admire those with entrepreneurial spirit because i know it is definitely not easy to think up a project, see it to completion and ensuring it generates income for you.
Hayley Miller at age 15 was living in a homeless hostel among drug addicts and alcoholics, but instead of joining the ban gang, decided to think ways of making her life better and four years on she is a talented hand bag designer. She at age 19, founded her own shop with the help of a local business man who was impressed with her design, motivation and business acumen.

Haley Miller Designs is set to be launched soon and she said she had always loved bags and so happy to have chosen this path. Hayley has been offered a place in London College of Fashion..i do hope this story inspires our youth


I keep asking myself over and over again!! Must every woman be a mother? A British mother have been found guilty of killing her five year old daughter,Rebecca and 11months old son,Daniel in a Spanish hotel room.
Lianne Smith 45, admitted smothering her kids with a plastic nylon bag at the Miramar Hotel in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava in May 2010.
The police officers who arrested her said the accused was in a calmed state as she showed them where the dead bodies were,and the officers found the dead bodies under the sheets.
The accused claimed to have psychiatric issues and also claimed to have tried to kill herself before summoning the hotel receptionist to get the police. When asked why she murdered her kids, she said "she feared social services would claimed her kids after her partner TV Psychic Martin Smith whom she isn't married to, was arrested on child sex charges"..Such a lame excuse and the partner is nothing to write home about mtsheww.
Martin Smith, 46 was convicted of repeatedly raping Lianne Smith daughter from her previous relationship when she was a child. He later hung himself in prison last January.
Lianne Smith, 45 being arrested

11months Daniel

5year old Rebecca

Martin Smith 46