Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kendall Jenner Speaks Out

In a new magazine shoot and interview for Harper's Bazzar Arabia, the 17 year old shares a personal revelation of her being constantly taunted about her weight and it really hurts her.

Though her lithe figure has given her a break in the modelling world, she said she has suffered considerable backlash surrounding her physique. Kendall also admitted that she used to be very shy, but modelling has helped her to overcome her shyness.

She applauded her younger sister Kylie for helping her come out of her shell as she used to be a private person, and still is.

Her big sisters, who happens to be the Kardashian sisters have a big influence on her and each of them have their way of handling things and as such goes to them for different things
 "Khloe is like my second mum, so whenever my little sister and i are fighting, or we are  fighting with our parents, we call Khloe.
 Kourtney is very realistic with things, she will tell you the cold hard truth, even if it will make you cry, so whatever you are dealing with, if you talk to her, she will be very realistic.
Then Kim is super smart and real tech-savvy too, she has been through a lot, so we can go to Kim with anything  and she will have literally the best advice".
L-RKylie,Khloe,Kim,Kourtney and Kendall
 Kendall revealed that she always have a say in what she do and as such not true with rumours spiralling that her mum pushes her to do stuff.

Kendall with mum Kris Jenner
 Kendall is looking forward to breaking from the brand "Kardashian" and also from her little sister whom she has done many projects with.

Kendall with little sis Kylie
Well, i have to confess that this lady is a true independent woman with a mind of her own.

Tentacious is wishing her success in her modelling career.*smiles*

Brandy Norwood Spotted

Brandy is one lady that have the age defying look. The 34 year old lady was spotted going about her business looking cool and cheerful.

She almost risked waldrobe malfuction with her outfit when she tried getting out of her car...Oops. Well the lady didn't let that moment of embarrassment deter her from being happy and enjoying her day.

Thumbs up!!!

Kim Kardashian!!

Kim Kardashian is not ready to let go of her skimpy outfits just yet, despite the fact that she is getting bigger by the day.

Her choice of outfit these days though cool and sexy sometimes. However,  i think with the pregnacy, some of her outfits are kinda making her look so short and round, like a round ball.

Well i guess other pregnant ladies would want to look this sexy even while pregnant.

She sure looks sexy!!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

D Kardashian Sisters Looking Glam!!!!

The Kardashian sisters apparently don't joke with fashion and they sure know to dress and look good, creating their own unique style.

Kourtney earlier mentioned that she has been struggling to lose weight after giving birth to daughter Penelope. However she still looks good irrespective of her weight.

Khloe who has a unique body structure different from her two older sisters, always knows what is good for her and leaves everyone stunned with her fashion sense.

Pregnant Kim has recently slammed rumuors that she has reached the 200lbs weight in pregnancy, and determined to prove to fans that she still got her curves and that she aint fat, Kim stepped out Tuesday morning looking her best as she heads for a TV appearance on Good morning America in New York.


They sure look good.

Britney Spears Risks Waldrobe Malfunction

The 31 year old singer stepped out in a black daring peak a boo gown. The outfit is good but it seems the singer just couldn't stop the gown from slipping.

She found herself trying to prevent the dress from slipping, by frequently pulling the dress up. A predicament she found so amusing.

Keeping up with the Double K

D Double K-Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West
Fans are being anxious as to what name will the double K give their baby. Double K- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven't decided on a name for a baby and they are in no rush to that

However speculations are going round that probably they will pick names beginning with the letter K, like that of the Kardashian's family and being that Kim and Kanye also have their names beginning with K also.

Also it has being rumoured that Kanye is thinking of naming their baby "North", just to move with the trend on board, as Nouns are being used by celebrities to name thier kids. Also rumours making round is that Kanye intends naming his new album, "I am God". hmm it is well with him.

Well Kim doesn't feel pressurised about it as they still have time and Kanye wants a unique name for their baby. Hmm now imagine their baby with name,"North West", how does that sound?

Speaking to Extra Tv Host, Maria Menounos, Kim squashed rumours that she has hit the 200lbs mark in her pregnancy. She has finally decided to embrace flat shoes, also her 36G bust size has increased to 36G size.

Meanwhile, Khloe posted a photo of Kim and she looks elegant in the photo.

Kim Kardashian

Nigerian Terrorist Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison

Henry Okah
A high court in Johannesbourg, South Africa has pronounced judgement on Nigerian terrorist, Henry Okah.

On January 21, Henry was found guilty of 13 counts of terrorism, including engaging in terrorist activities, conspiracy to engage in terrorist activities and delivering, placing and detonating an explosive device.

The charges are related to the two car bombs in Abuja, Nigeria which saw 12 people being killed and 36 people injured during the country's independence anniversary on October 1st, 2010.

The second bombing took place in Warri on March 15, 2010 at a post amnesty dialogue meeting that left one person killed and 11 seriously injured.

The court judge, Judge Neel Claassen sentenced Henry to 12 years imprisonment for each of the bombings and 13 years for the threats made to the South African government, after his arrest in October, 2010. However the 13 years will run concurrently with the 24 years.

Ceecon Oil and Gas Boss Set To Get Married


Ceecon boss, Chima Anyaso proposed to his girlfriend of six months, Adanna Nzeribe on her 25th birthday which was celebrated last night in Dubai.

Adanna is the daughter of late music legend, Harry "Moscoe" Agada, but being that the mum later got remarried to Arthur Nzeribe, she is now known as Adanna Nzeribe.

This will be Chima's third attempt at marriage. He was first married to Neya Kalu, the daughter of former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu. This didn't last as Neya walked out of the marriage after the wine carrying which was done in 2009. He went further to marry Onyeka Odiegwu in 2011, but the marriage didn't last either..

Hmm this is so serious, i wonder why he aint lucky with marriage, well its his decision. Marriage is definitely not what some one jumps into without getting to know much about your spouse. In the space of 5 years, this handsome dude has tasted a little bit of marriage and obviously both parties involved couldn't cope with their characters and personalities. I do hope this is his last bus stop for him and i pray patience should be paramount because like the saying, "No marriage is perfect".

Pistol Shoes Got Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Arrested

41 year old soialite, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson took to twitter to reveal that she was arrested after her channel pistol-like shoes were found in her luggage at Zurich airport.

The designer shoe featured a fake pistol as the heel.

D Killer shoe

The Kardashian Sisters Are Heading To Court

D Kardashian sisters-Kim Khloe and Kourtney
 The Kardashian sisters; Kourtney, Kim and Khloe has being the subject of ridiculous mshap lately, but the latest offending is not what the sisters are taking lightly rather they are in the middle of exploring legal actions.

An advertising agency working on Ford Figo's car brought out an image that showed the sisters bound and tied in the trunk of a vehicle.

Posters for the compact sedan was uploaded to the internet featuring notable pesonalities including reality tv starlet, Paris Hilton and disgraced italian politician, Silvio Berlusconi.

One of the poster showed Paris Hilton smiling with glee seeing her rivals bound, gagged and stuffed in the car's trunk.

What a sight!!
Another poster showed Silvio giving the peace sign while he spots three scantily clad ladies, bound and gagged in the trunk of a car.

The images were suppose to advertise the sedan spacious cargo area, however Ford has issued an apology and chastised the ad agency who publicised the artwork.

The drawings were developed by a young creative team at JWT India, an advertising agency owned by the WPP group.
The car causing the havoc

Monday, 25 March 2013

Kim Kardashian Rocking Maternity Outfits

The 32 year old reality star had admits to struggling with what to wear daily as she gets bigger by the day. Well so far, her maternity outfits has been cool and she is always looking elegant in them.

Karen Igho Covers Exquisite Magazines

The former Big Brother winner covers the front page of Exquisite magazine, and i must confess she looks good.

Karen shares her side of the story over the assault she recently experienced. Try to grab a copy.


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Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

For  the love of God, this lady will not cease to amaze me. At first people reacted at her blood facial, and now Kim has subjected herself to another painful beauty regime.

Is that not Painful? Kim Kardashian
Kim went through an acupunture procedure that saw her being studded with acupunture needles. She tweeted a photo of herself and from the photo her face is seen dotted with needles, she seems to be calm with the exercise despite the fact that acupunture makes one uncomfortable as a result of the pain.

Acupunture is recommended for pregnant women wishing to avoid the the use of drugs to ease symptoms such as morning sickness and stress.

Kim was recently spotted on a blog's worst dressed list, and fans and critics have been lashing at her bad dress sense, and narrowed it to be an influence from boyfriend Kanye West. With this, the fashionista decided to embark on a shopping spree from online and also at designer's shops.

Shopping spree: Kourtney, Kim and Jonathan Cheban
According to Kim, Kanye isn't responsible for the so called bad dressing style and her boyfriend had made her realised he doesn't care about what people say about him or her and he loves her no matter what she puts on. Aww that is so cool.

On the latest episode of "Kim and Kourtney Takes Miami", Kim is seen encouraging her big sister Kourtney to do a tan after she(Kourtney) complained about her flabby stomach and veiny boobs.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney who happens to be a mother of two have been body conscious and doesn't feel good in exposing herself for a bikini shoot.

However Kim came to her rescue when she suggested she go for tanning, and had to do undergo the spray tan in front of her elder sister in order to boost her confidence.

Spray me up
Well Kim was able to convince Kourtney and she had no choice than to have a spray tan and the result was fabulous.
Letting go of the fear
Now don't i look Fab?

Kim estranged husband, Kris Humphries lost to Kim brother-inlaw, Lamar Odom when they met in a basket ball match. There was lots of aggresion from Kris towards Lamar, and even few exchange of words before the march kicked off.

Khris Humphries and Lamar Odom