Thursday, 22 November 2012

13 Year Old Accused of Stabbing Her 2 Year Old Sister

13 year old Tyasha Ray(Accused) with police detectives

Delkab County, Georgia - 13 year old Tyasia Jackson has been accused of stabbing her 2 year old step sister to dealth. Investigators have reported that the accused stab teh deceased seven times in the heart region.

2 year old Sasha Ray(Deceased)

Investigation shows that the Jackson's parents were away when teh incident occured and  Tyasia was baby siting her four siblings.
The Ray's Family

Tyasia step father, Shelton Ray said, the accused call his wife that the deceased was missing and even tried to place blame on thier neighbour, claiming she thought the neighbour took the deceased with her.

Sasha was found in their backyard, they quickly rushed her to the hospital but she died n their arms at the entrance of the hospital.

The accused will be charged as an adult. This is one helluva of a case..such a pity