Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wow: Harry Syles Takes A Fall On Stage!!!

The One Direction Band mates
Hehehehe..the handsome One Direction star recieve a blow to his crotch while on his band, "Take Me Home world tour.

Harry is used to recieving gifts from His fans, however, He recieve a gift that went wrong in all ramifications.

A fan threw a shoe, probably as a gift onto the stage during the concert at Glasgow Scotland, and Harry questionly asked while he has been given only one show.

Harry asking why He was given just one shoe
In an attempt to rectify the situation, the fan decided to throw the other show, only for the shoe to hit him below the belt.Ouchhhhh.

Its painful menn!!!
The 19 year old singer quickly grasped his crotch in pain before collapsing onto the stage with his band mates rushing to his aid.

Caring Band mates checking to see if he is ok
The band mates were quick to reassure the loving crowd that He(Harry) was fine after exclaiming "Man down". He was able to regain himself and continued with the show.
I am good!!!lets continue with the show
Following the incident, 14 year old Jade Anderson admitted to have threw the shoe at him but it wasn't intentional. She quickly apologised to Harry on twiiter;
"Harry Styles i am the one that threw the shoe at you, i never meant to hurt you."
Jade Anderson with her mum Angela Anderson
Well she almost face arrest as the police said she committed a criminal assault, however, Harry and one of his band mates signaled the police officers to let her be and should be allowed back in to continue with the show.

Watch Video Below;

Wow...well glad it didn't turn into a casualty.