Friday, 19 April 2013

Terminally ill single mum gets dying wish

Elegant bride
Kayleigh Duff 23 has being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, a disease that sent had dad Keith to an early grave at age 37 in 1998.

Kayleigh was demoralised when she was told that her hereditary gene defect had developed into cancer, this news was made known to her last February and she immediately started her chemotherapy session in March. She drew up a list of things she want to do before her death.

One crucial thing she really wanted, is to get married eventhough she didn't have a partner. However, her optimistic best friend Katie Birch had to cheer her up, making her realise that an absence of a partner doesn't mean she won't get her dying wish.
Best Friends Forever: Katie Birch and Bride
Best friend Katie, who is a wedding planner made sure Kayleigh had her fairy tale wedding. Kayleigh was pampered by hair and make up artists before being whisked to Whitstable castle in Kent in a vintage Jagua and waiting for her at the castle is a dashing model, Danny Wisker booked for the day as her groom.

Bride with dashing hubby
Guests at the reception included her mother Beverly Cox 46, grand parents, Sharon 70 and Ian Day 71 and of course her two year old son Kai. Guests drank champagne while Kayleigh posed for pictures.

Bride with mum Beverly Cox
Bride with lovely son Kai

Family; Bride with son,mom and grand parents, Ian(L) and Sharon Day (far right)
 So thoughtful of her friend, may all be well with you dear Kayleigh and for your sweet friend, Unmerited favour will be her portion.