Saturday, 10 August 2013

Khaos In The Kardashian Home

The Kardashian family are known for their everyday drama, however some dramas are definitely not what they want to be involve in.

Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick
A male model has come out to publicly declared that Kourtney's baby Mason, is his son. Michael Girgentis has filed a lawsuit against Kourtney concerning 3 year old Mason and he is demanding paternity test based on his claims.

Legal bid: Michael has launched a legal bid for a court ordered DNA test in the first steps towards a custody battle over Kourtney and Scott's son Mason
Michael Girgentis
Michael who claimed he had a brief relationship with Kourtney and had unprotected sex with the reality star in 2009 said he is ready to be a father to Mason if the paternity test reveals him as the father. According to him, He and Kourtney met at a photoshoot in August 2008 and Mason was born December 14, 2009, also he did tried contacting the reality show star which prove abortive. After Mason was born, he decided to do the calculation and arrived at the conclusion that there is a possibility that Mason is his son.

Photogenic: Kourtney and Michael met on a photo shoot in 2009, but the star's attorney says there was no further contact after that
Kourtney and Michael met at a photoshoot in August 2008
A court hearing has been scheduled for next month, however a legal representative of the Kardashians has branded the allegations as "outrageous lie".

Kourtney has been in an on and off relationship with partner Scott for seven years and it was during one of their usual "off", that she met Michael, She is yet to respond to Michael's claims

Coming to a decision: It appears Scott managed to come to a compromise with the mother of his children

Well this won't be something new to the Kardashians, they are always in the middle of one allegation or the other and do hope this is sorted out clean and good.