Monday, 30 September 2013

Family Ordered Out Of A Restuarant As A Result Of Their Kids Noise Making

Most families normally take time out to hang out in eateries just to have fun. Some environment are children friendly that gives families the liberty and free will to dine with their family. However, not all eateries can tolerate the excess noise, but how do you treat a situation like that is a paramount thing.

Applebees franchise located in Texas experienced such a situation and their manner of approach to it was shocking. Eli Gau took his wife Lillian Maliti and their children out to eat at the “family-friendly” restaurant chain Sunday night. Gau describes three-year-old Ryan and one-year-old Ethan as “kind of active. They act like children. They’re not adults.” It seems one of the boys was up out of his seat, and Gau went to go grab him, but it was too late; the manager was already heading toward him.

The manager said that the kids were making too much noise, the family needed to leave immediately, and informed them that he already called the police. Harris County Sheriffs were waiting outside. A deputy told the family if they came back to the restaurant, they would be charged with trespassing.

Gau and Maliti described their feelings as “disrespected”, “stunned” and “heartbroken”. A spokesperson from Applebees apologized for the situation, stating that the management team was out of line and invited the family to come back and enjoy free dinner passes.
Applebees’s corporate made the following statement:
“Our franchise owner-operator has apologized to the Guest and invited the party back into their restaurant to demonstrate the standard of service each of our Guests deserve to receive during every visit. As a brand, our focus is and must always be providing the best possible experience for all of our Guests at all times. When a disruption in our restaurants affects any of our Guests, it is the manager’s responsibility to step in to resolve the situation. It is exceedingly rare that a situation requires the assistance of law enforcement, and our franchisee is using this instance as a teaching moment to better manage future disruptions in their restaurants.”
Well glad they had to come to their senses, as this would have cause led to their business sales going low.