Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mr and Mrs Carter Turns Vegetarians

Mr and Mrs Carter aka Jay Z and Beyonce have embarked on a 22 days challenge to go vegan. According to Jay Z, He was inspired to go for plant based food by a close friend of his and decided to see if he can actually be a vegetarian.

Here we go! Beyonce and Jay Z were pictured at Crossroads vegan eatery in West Hollywood just days after committing to a 22 day vegan eating regime... and Beyonce wore a cow-inspired top
Mr and Mrs Carter
Beyonce is also on the contest and so far they are enjoying themselves and carrying fans along about their progress. For now no regrets and it seems the change in diet has actually helped Beyonce in shedding some calories which can be seen from the photos she posted on her tumblr page.

Well, something's working! Beyonce flashed her toned tummy in the second week of the 22-day vegan stint she's undergoing with Jay Z, sharing the evidence on her Tumblr
They will be given up animal food products till December 25. after then it will be decided if they will switch finally to it.

He added: 'It just feels right! So you can call it a spiritual and physical cleanse. I will post my progress. Any professional vegans out there that have any great food spots please help out! Please!
'I don't know what happens after Christmas. A semi-vegan, a full plant-based diet? Or just a spiritual and physical challenge? We'll see. P.S. B (Beyonce) is also joining me.'

Well goodluck to them!!!