Friday, 22 June 2012


Millie- Jo has been left scarred for life and obviously will been on several reconstructive surgery for the next couple of years due to serious bites gotten from a dog. Millie-Jo's mum Belinda Wyeth 29, a former medical secretary and her partner Neil Baker,30, left daughter Mollie-Jo, and her 11year old brother Sean with their close relatives and decided to go out for the weekend, only to get a call from their close relatives that Mollie-Jo has been nipped by their dog.

Shannon Rennie 7, was attacked by a Japanese Akita dog, Kalo while playing at a friend's home in May and she had to undergo more than 10 stitches after the attack and they are expecting more stitches according to the mum.hmm so far nothing can be done as Japanese Akita are not classified as dangerous under the Dangerous Dog Act,can you imagine?