Friday, 22 June 2012


Sincerely, what will you as a mum do, if you came across a suicidal letter written by your 14year old son? For the ones that have high blood pressure, hmm, i pray they don't have heart attack because that is sure a risk, and you start thinking all in a second what haven't you done right? How come you didn't know how your son is feeling? Is he being bullied by his school mates? You run up to his room to check him up and you see him sleeping  peacefully and tell me what will be your next reaction?
Wesley Walker, 14, wrote a letter to his mum that he is dying. in the letter, he was grateful for all that the mum has done for him and she shouldn't cry when he is gone, requested for bright colors during his funeral  and even listed who will get his most prized possessions. no be small thing o.anyway keep reading.
Horrified mum Mrs.Vicky Walker,42, was shocked and ran straight to her son's room to check if he hasn't committed suicide only to see him sleeping so soundly and guess what? the letter happens to be a creative assignment from school.hmm that kain assignment.

The parents demanded an apology from the school as a result of the horrific assignment.hahahaha that's a good one.thumbs up.Well the school had to explained that the pupils in creative arts class were asked to imagine that they have a terminal illness and express thanks to loved ones and that they meant no harm, well guess parents should have been warned some how about it?
well peeps if you were caught off guard like Wesley folks, what will you do? expecting your comments.