Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles No Longer An Item

Harry Syles
Taylor Swift
Seems the Love birds had a lovers spat that led to their break up, as lots of stuffs was said. Taylor however is trying to play cool without a care in the world about the break up. Well i do hope she maintains this disposition as she will be needing it with time to come.

Harry has been busy after the break up, however he didn't waste time getting over it because a handy sexy blonde is now in the picture.

Sexy blonde Hermoine Way, comforted Harry during the break up and they have been  together, Hermoine is not just beauty alone, rather, she is beauty and brains. She started Newspepper, which is an internet video production and also works as a video correspondent for "The Next Web". She also stars in Bravo reality show, Starts UP: Silicon Valley with her millionaire brother.

Hermoine Way
Taylor and Harry had a very short romance as they only dated for one month.
Short - lived romance