Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WOW: Officials Arrests Five Goats In Osun State

Wonders will never cease to end in Nigeria. Animals are no longer free from arrest, they can now be arrested just like we humans for violations.

Residents of Dele-Yesa area of Oshogbo in Osun State were surprised when on Tuesday, 5 goats were arrested by the officials of the State Waste Management Agency OWMA.

The state coordinator of OWMA, Mr. Henry Ogunbanwo has stated that the reasons for the goats arrest were due to them violating environmental laws. The goats will be charge to court for prosecution says the coordinator.

It seems the residents had been previously warned and cautioned to monitor their domestic animals in order to avoid public disturbance.

This is just the beginning as the new administration of the state will not condone dirtiness and environmental hazards. The state coordinator also said that the officials will be on the look out for any animals violating the premises, and when they are found, they will be arrested and charge to court for prosecution.

Owners will also be charge in accordance with the provisions of the laws. So owners beware and don't say you were not told.