Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Awww...This Is So Sweet

The joy of having kids can't be quantified. Imagine going home to meet a surprise package awaiting you, courtesy of your lovely kids.

Omoni Oboli, the delectable Nollywood actress got home yesterday and recieved two beautiful handwritten cards from her kids.

Now you may say the cards aint beautiful, well its not the beauty that counts, it is the attitude behind it. Knowing that your kids did this for you out of love makes it so beautiful and leaves you no option than to show more motherly love and affection towards them. If i were her, i will sure frame it so that each day i am reminded of the love my kids have for me and also for me to know that the reason i am working hard is for a better future for them.

Now peeps, what have you done for your mum lately?