Monday, 11 March 2013

Kim K Got A Vampire Facial

Last Sunday's episode of Kourtney and Kim take Miami", saw Kim having a "Blood facial". It was like a scene from a horror movie.Kim is actually some one that will go for anything in order to look youthful.

Bloodied Kim Kardashian
The procedure involves using a large needle to draw out blood from the patient, usually the arm and spuun in a machine to remove the platelets and the plasma is extracted and then splattered on the patient face using nine tiny little acupunture needles.

The procedure is called Blood facial because it uses the blood of the patient. It is done to rejevunate the skin of the patient.

Kim had to apply a numbing cream on her face to ease the pain of the acupunture needle. Yet she complained about the pain all through the procedure.

Getting ready
Blood is drawn from Kim's arm
Just a tiny prick: The doctors then use small needles to reinsert the blood into the thin levels of the skin
Blood is being inserted
Kim with best friend Jonathan Cheban.
Vanity upon Vanity...the next thing we will hear is that Kim used ha excreta to enhance her figure...hehehehe!!!