Friday, 17 May 2013

Is Rehab Really The Best Choice?

According to Wikipedia, Drug rehabilitation is a term for the process of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psycoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs and street drugs such as cocaine, herione or amphetamines.

Well rehab is not in Nigeria but it seems there are people that may need it. But the question is? Is rehab the best choice?

We are made to believe that rehab centre, is a place where a person's life is straightened and he/she is helped to overcome his/her addiction. However what is the success rate of it.?

I watched a movie recently where a character had to go for rehab as a result of eating disorder, but from the movie, it was revealed that you can only get straightened only when you are ready to admit that you have a problem.

You can lie your way out of rehab when you start making the therapists believe you are way to recovery, whereas you just wanna get the hell out of the place and continue your old habits.

So many celebrities have gone to these rehab programs some of which are very expensive but how many of them came out good. Lets leave statistics out of this and be sincere with ourselves.

Am not saying rehab aint good but it shouldn't be imposed on someone unless conditions are critical. From the movie i watched (Name witheld), the character lied her way out with the help of a fellow room mate who had been to three different rehab centres.

She only decided to get straightened after her room mate who told her secrets of lying died of heart failure. That was when she admittted that she did really have a problem because she didn't want to die young. 

Ninety days: The actress isn't allowed to take Adderall while at the facility
Betty Ford
Lindsay has been in different rehabs trying to get straightened and presently she has been ordered to undergo a 90-days program at Betty Ford and any attempt to leave there will result to her being jailed. However her father thinks is ridiculous as he wants her in another clinic where she will have to spend just 30 days.

Jailbreak dad: Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan is determined to come to California and send his daughter to the Lukens Institute, a treatment facility in Florida
Michael Lohan
Well obviously there is nothing he can do as Lindsay was spotted at Betty Ford on her first day. She has being assigned to a full team of carers, including, psycologist, dietician, chemical dependency technician and physician. And they have all tailored a care plan for her.

Court ordered rehab: Lindsay Lohan, pictured in New York on May 1, is currently at the Betty Ford Clinic
Lindsay Lohan
 Wish you the best dear...