Friday, 12 July 2013

Jay Z Reveals He Wants More Children With Wife Beyonce

More to love: Jay-Z says he 'absolutely' wants to have a big family with wife Beyonce
Jay Z and Beyonce
In a recent interview on New York City Radio Station, HOT97, the rapper reveals he is ready to add to his family tree. When quizzed about having more kids, the rapper replied, "God willing yeah...get a little basket ball team going"' and also quickly added, that "he could be their agent and their daddy at the same time".

According to him, his daughter Blue Ivy is very musically inclined as she is always around music all the time.

His girls: Beyonce gave birth to daughter in January 2012
His Ladies
Father figure: The native New Yorker couldn't keep from gushing about his little girl
Doting Father
They are one couple that are reluctant to bring their romance into their workplace.

'I want a whole team': The rapper joked he wants to have his children form a basketball team -- even though he recently sold his share in the Brooklyn Nets
Cute couple
Well that is a good idea to have another baby, children are gifts from God..come to think of it? Jay Z said "God willing...", I thought they said he belongs to the Illuminati? Do the illuminati believe in God? Well am just asking for clarifications.