Monday, 8 July 2013

Updates On BBA The Chase

Nigerian Rep Melvin
It seems house mates are beginning to know the Big Brother house is real, as they are beginning to show their true selves.

The beefing now is something else, side remarks, gossip and back stabbers are all in the big brother house. House mates up for possible eviction reveals;

1.Melvin from Nigeria
2.Annabel from Kenya
3.Cleo from Zambia
4.Natasha from Malawi
5.Pokello from Zimbabwe
6.Selly from Ghana

Selly from Ghana was swapped with Elikem who was originally nominated but was saved by Oneal when Oneal swapped him for Selly. Elikem and Selly are both from Ghana, while Oneal is from Botswana. Howevr, Melvin who is head of house for the Diamond house didn't save himself, rather decides to let it be and let Africa decide his fate.

Hmm I do hope he doesn't regret his decision, as this is a game, well Nigerians please be patriotic and save Melvin.