Thursday, 14 June 2012


A school girl by name Stacey Comerford 15, suffers from Klein-Levin syndrome which happens to be a rare condition. A condition that affects 1 in 1,000 world wide and leaves sufferer frequently tired and cause them to sleep for up to 20 hours or more than. She started experiencing symptoms early last year before being diagnosed in March
Stacey Comerford, 15, from Telford, Shropshire, suffers from Kleine-Levin syndrome and has recently come out of her longest episode, which lasted two months.

This condition has left Stacey to have missed exams and even her birthday. At first the mum just didn't know what to do but she usually have this deep feeling within her that something was wrong with her daughter as Stacey always feel so tired quickly. Even doctors actually termed her a 'moody depressed teenager' as brain scan could not detect any brain tumor. According to Stacey's mum, there is usually no signs for any of her episodes as her mother termed her sleeping mode due to the fact that the daughter could fall asleep anytime, anywhere and wakes up maybe 20 hours later or more and her longest and recent so far is two months and during her episode she just wake up to use the rest room or to get a drink but in a sleep like state and when she wakes up she doesn't remember anything and actually thinks she has woken up to see the following day, unknown to her that she had actually slept for hours or even weeks . hmm no be small thing oo can you beat that? 
However thorough investigations and tests were  carried out at Birmingham Children's Hospital where it was confirmed that Stacey is suffering from Klein-Levin Syndrome also known as the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.
 Stacey Comerford
 Stacey however is happy to have known about her condition and now easy for her to explain to friends instead of them just thinking she is a dull, moody teenager.
I encourage you sweery the Lord is with you and will give your mum the grace to assist you.