Monday, 11 June 2012


This is just one other story you hear and you thank God for your life because to matter how bad your case, someone somewhere would prefer to be in your condition than their present condition.
Little Liu Jiangli who is six(6) years old was born with a rare condition that saw her being covered with lots of hair all over her body when she was born and that was just the genesis, as the condition gradually grows worst.

This condition is known to affect one in a billion and this has led to her parents abandoning her at just two years old and also difficult for her in making friends as people are either scared of her or mock sorry sweery.
Liu currently lives with grandfather of one of her cousins and he has since stand as guardian for this little wa for the parents oo
Well done grand pa, God will strengthen you to take of her and Liu dear don't worry all will be well..well peeps i really want to get your comments on this little girl. Do you think her parents were fair in what they did to this child and before you throw stones try to place yourself in their position, what would you have done?