Tuesday, 12 June 2012


You know some parents could be so cruel that you begin to wonder why they decided to be a mother in the first place? I believe that is why newly married ladies are expected to know what it takes to be a mother both  in good and bad times so you prepare yourself when you finally have a child whether the child is healthy or not.
The essence of pre-natal care i believe is to be able to observe pregnant women so they are in good health, likewise their baby in other that their baby is delivered hale and healthy. Also maturity must come into place when you are thinking of being a mother because without having to experience motherhood, every one knows motherhood is not a day's job and every woman should try to be prepared for it.
Darlene Armstrong

Darlene Armstrong a disabled 16 years old was rushed to a hospital in Chicago after social services received an anonymous call to come to Darlene's rescue. On careful observation, doctors were able to discovered that the patient who is suffering from cerebral palsy and could neither walk nor talk and measured just 3'10" and weighed 23lbs has been starved for a long time.
Rosetta Harris
Darlene's mother Rosetta Harris ,50 ,pleaded guilty to putting Darlene's life in danger, though Rosetta who  have no prior criminal records, was sentenced to 18 months of probation and ordered to undergo strict parental classes.
Darlene along with her younger sister, 15, have been taken into protective custody.

I know its not easy to take care of a disabled child or an adult, that is why we need to pray for God's grace because i too have cared for someone though not disabled but required the full attention of every one in my family, it was something please do not cast judgement but carefully ponder in your heart if you can do like this woman or you will do the opposite...needs your comments on this.