Thursday, 6 December 2012

Convenant University Expels Over 200 Students

The Chancellor of the University, Bishope Oyedepo, last saturday authorised the expulsion of over 200 students.

This decision came as a result of indicipline, lackadiasical behaviour shown by the students when he paid a surprised visit to the school over the weekend.

He noticed that some students were not paying attention even while their vice chancellor was given a speech in the church chapel. Also some students where outside the chapel, gisting and just playing around.

The students noticing that the Bishop was around, took to their heels and ran straight to the chapel. Some of the male students were not even on tie.

After the speech, the VC instructed all students to wait behind as a search needs to be conducted in all the halls as to know the students that didn't attend the service. It was later gathered that over 200 students have been expelled due to this unruly behaviour, out of which two were caught smoking marijuana.

Why go to the school, when you can't abide by its rules? Convenant University is known for its strict rules and any student aspiring to go there must first be prepared to abide by its rules and regulations.