Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Grand Mother Braves Up To Alopecia In An Unusual Way...

Granny with her unique hair do

Ann McDonald 60 had Alopecia( Hair loss from the body, usually occur on the scalp) which resulted to her drastic hair loss three years ago. Having gotten tired of changing wigs and hats, she was inspired to create the overlapping floral design on her scalp which cost her 720 Pounds.

She wasn't used to being bald as she had once had a head full of black locks, however it was a out of the blue decision, rather Ann had done thorough investigation before having the courage to tattoo her entire scalp which she prefers to changing wigs and hats.

The entire process took over two sessions to complete; 12 hours and 3 hours sessions respectively.
Ann at aged 35

Tattoo @ completion