Thursday, 6 December 2012

Forbes: World Most Powerful People

Forbes has released a list of world most powerful people, this am sure its not an easy work because they have to thoroughly search for who will fit this position and some how i think they did an excellent job.

Below are the list for the first 10.

1.  Barack Obama

Aged 51, and recently won the 2012 US election, thus given him more 4 years to push Americans forward.

2.  Angela Merkel

Aged 58 and has served as Chancellor in Germany since 2005.

3. Vladimir Putin

Aged 60 and is the President of Russia, was reelected in March for a third 6 year term as president.

4.  Bill Gates

Aged 57 and world second richest billioniare. He is a mentor to most business men and entrepreneurs.

5.  Pope Benedict XVI

Aged 85 and Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

6.  Ben Bernanke

Aged 59 and Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

7.  Abdulahh bin Abdul Aziz al Saud

Aged 88 and King of Saudi Arabia.

8.  Mario Draghi

Aged 65 and president of European Cental Bank.

9.  Xi Jinping

Aged 59 and General Secretart, Communist Party of China.

10.  David Cameron

Aged 46 and Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

A Nigerian will get there one day hopefully.