Thursday, 25 April 2013

Kim Suffers Waldrobe Malfunction

This is clearly a lady that don't allow people's opinions get to her. After Kim was blasted over choice of maternity outfit last month one could expect her to have learnt from her mistake.

Well she has been improving in her choice of maternity outfits, sometimes flattering and other times they are not just okay.

Kim stepped out on Wednesday in an outfit similar to the one she wore last month that made people question her maternity style. Although this time around the outfit was loose fitting.

Blasted for this outfit
A litter better

The outfit only succeeded in flattening her tummy, as it was too short for comfort and also revealing because you can actually see her panties through the dress.

Boyfriend Kanye helped to protect his girlfriend's modesty when the outfit became visible at night.

She also stepped out in another black outfit on the same Wednesday..