Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Welcome Home Sweet...

Well Kim boyfriend, Kanye West has been in Paris for a couple of months now, however the two lovebirds were reunited in Newyork but it seems the joy of meeting your partner was one sided.

Kanye didn't look please to see the mother of his son, and if he is, he didn't show it unlike the beginning of their relationship.

Well if Kanye wasn't please to see his gal, he was sure please to his good buddy, Jay-Z. As he moved Kim to the side to bive a big bear hug to his long time pal.

Despite dressing to please her boyfriend, and even putting on shoes designed by him, Kanye didn't look impress.

Well Kanye you better give Kim attention, the babe is seriously dying for you and looking forward to tying the knot with ya..*smiles*